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Cat photos. Everyone likes cat photos!


Juniper and I were hanging out this afternoon. She was rolling around and just asking to be photographed!


She ignored me for the most part.


She was sleepy.


And I just love that little face!




Scratchy back.


And dirty paws.


She’s active in the afternoon when we come home from work. If it’s after 3pm…she’s zonked out on “her” chair.


Shy little girl.


Deep in thought. Not really deep…she probably just saw a fuzzy on the floor.


Close your little mouth baby kitty!


Two paws up for kitty time!

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Juniper!


Our little kitten turned two years old today! I can’t believe she’s that old already. I bought her a few toys to celebrate the day. I also bought her a new soft brush to get rid of that pesky winter fur. Juniper had this same exact toy when we adopted her. She lost it somewhere…I assume under the washing machine…but she loved it! She started playing with this right away after I took it out of the package.


She likes to play fetch with the mint toy too. She likes to play fetch with most of her toys, but this one is easy for her to carry around in her mouth.


It’s Birthday-bath time! Someone needs to vacuum up those sock fuzzies!


I also picked up this little comfort toy for her. You can warm this toy up in the microwave for 30 seconds and the beans inside the toy will be nice and warm for your cat. It’s supposed to be comforting for the cat. I plan on warming this up everyday for her and giving it to her to cuddle. I hope to have the person watching Juniper while we’re travelling this summer warm this up for her everyday so she feels comforted. I feel really bad about leaving Juniper this summer!


Miss Purrito investigates!


Happy 2nd Birthday my little rescue kitten!

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Finally Friday!


Juniper is usually more excited when a package arrives in the mail than we are. She sits beside us while we open it and as soon as its contents are taken out, she hops right in! I found her laying in the a box she turned on its side after my shower today.


I started a new batch of kombucha 10 days ago! It will soon be time for drinking! This is a really small batch but in a few days I’ll start brewing a gallon. I bought a little heat mat for the brewing because it is just so cold in our house. I think the mushroom is really loving it!


I was craving pasta and vegetables tonight for dinner. I warmed up some peas, kale and mushrooms to top the pasta.


I made a cashew cream sauce for the pasta using 1 cup of raw cashews, 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast, 1/2 cup soymilk, 1 tablespoon cayenne powder, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon paprika!


I poured the cashew sauce over 16 ounces of whole wheat pasta.


And then topped the pasta with veggies! Happy Friday! I even exercised after work and took a nap. I don’t mess around!

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Today was very much a spring day in the Pacific Northwest! The sun was shining and the skies were clear. I think it was even close to 50 degrees F! I came home from work and opened all of the curtains for Juniper to look out of. We’ve been getting more and more sun the past few weeks. Juniper has been sunning herself more often too.


Sunny little toes.


Kitten shadows.


I was getting ready to exercise after letting in some light and then I spotted Juniper taking an afternoon bath.


She had a dirty face.


Don’t forget to wash behind your ears!


Put your tongue back in!


Juniper was sleeping when I came home from work. I guess she needed a good scrubbin’ after a long nap.


Too much cute!


All done!

I’ve started to work out with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred!  I’m on day 4.  I’ve been feeling great after working out!  I wasn’t expecting to get as sweaty as I did but she honestly gives you a good workout.  Give it a try and get moving!

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It sure is a Monday.

I made a ton of food tonight after my jaunt on the elliptical machine.  I like making a bunch of food at the beginning of the week so I don’t have to slave over the stove later in the week.  I have other things I’d like to do besides cook!


Pasta with beans and peppers. Hawaiian chilli with pineapple. Jasmine rice.


I put my new copper dishes to good use.


I started to feel a little mopey tonight so forcing Juniper to have a photo shoot with me always makes me feel better.


She didn’t mind though. She had things to play with.

Cyndi Lauper can always make things right too.

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Weekend reading list.

  1.  I found and backed this Kickstart project to restore the only carousel in Wyoming AND the world’s only Cowboy and Indian carousel.
  2. And since saying “Indian” isn’t PC…here’s an article about proper and improper Native American appropriation.  I hate to say it, but I’m super guilty of loving the Native American-inspired patterns that have been littering the fashion world this year.  I can’t help it.  The patterns are gorgeous and you can’t deny that!
  3. Now today I DID find some websites that are owned and operated and made by Native Americans!  These earrings from The Soft Museum are so much fun!  I might need to buy some of these for the wedding.  Sister Sky sells body care products inspired by Native American Herbal wisdom.  They also contain NO animal products and are NOT tested on animals!  I plan on trying their products super soon!  I have my eye on the Sweet Grass Body Lotion.
  4. And on a lighter note, 20 Signs You Are a “Native American-Inspired” Hot Mess.  Number 16 and 19 are my favorite.
  5. This is probably my favorite camera information site.  Moose’s Camera Tips For Beginners is my go-to site!  Give it a browse and you’ll agree with me.
  6. I found this article that listed some right and wrong ways to juice.  Apparently kale isn’t the best veggie to be juicing.  I did not know this.  I always wondered why I see people using spinach more often than kale in juicing recipes.  The more you know, right?

I caught Juniper trying to nap and watch football at the same time a few days ago.

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Stocking up with a kitten and a new book!

After work today I made another trip to the local Asian store, Mekong, that will be closing in a few days. I’m so sad! Eric and I stocked up on rice noodles, tamari, seaweed, rice vinegar and green tea.


The green tea is organic too!


It was super cold outside today, but the sun was shining! Miss Purrito was checking out the sun and looking for the other neighborhood kitties.


She’s so curious.


Can you see her curly whisker? She has one whisker that always curls up. It looks like she used a curling iron on it. She’s always had it and it’s super cute!

A few months ago while browsing Kickstarter, I spotted a project for a vegan cookbook.  The design was lovely and the recipes sounded like food that Eric and I would love to try.  I backed the project and it was funded!  Today my cookbook arrived in the mail!  The book has huge photos with almost every recipe!  I like that.  The book also has a matte finish which I prefer over books with glossy covers.  There were also a handful of stickers and a bookmark in the package.  If you want to order your own copy of the book you can do that here!


From Germany with love.


Gorgeous photos, no?


ANNNDD…what I’m most excited about…GULAB JAMUNS! These doughy fried sweet balls are so good! I’ve had them a few times at Indian restaurants when I ate dairy. This might be the first recipe I try out of the book!


Fun stickers to stick on everything!


Oh, and there’s an acknowledgements page at the end of the book too.


And there she is!

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Friday to Saturday.

Friday is my favorite day to go to the thrift store!  I guess I just like going out after work to start my weekend by sorting through old junk.


I found this little crewel gem yesterday! I kill most house plants so now I have a collection of plants that I can’t kill!


Purrito even approves!


Today we went to Seattle for major noms! We ate lunch at Wayward and then did some shopping. But then we stopped at Mighty O before heading home! I oinked it up and had two donuts! The vegetables I bought for juicing are glaring at me from the top shelf of the refrigerator.

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A quiet Christmas with a kitten.


We were up at 5:30 in the morning… on my day off! This is unheard of. It was Christmas though and I was excited to roll out of bed to begin the day!  Our families sent us so many packages this year.  We decided not to open any of the boxes when they arrived in the mail so it would be a real surprise.  There were plenty of Middleswarth chips too!  Juniper was the official Christmas inspector.


Christmas came to a grinding halt when Eric opened a book.


This past summer at an estate sale, Eric found this ET wrapping paper. Vintage too! He wrapped my gifts in it this year. I’ve never seen the movie ET!…(or Grease. Or Dirty Dancing. Or The Shining.)


Four years ago when we moved to Seattle I had a bowl like this. It came out here from PA with us. I lovingly referred to it as, The Cock Bowl. The Cock Bowl met its tragic end on day when Eric was washing dishes and one of his stainless steel bowls fell off the drying rack, knocking The Cock Bowl onto the floor with it. The Cock Bowl shattered into a million little pieces. I loved that bowl and Eric has been looking on Ebay for a replacement bowl for the past four years. He found some! Four to be exact. One was shattered in transit though. Another Cock Bowl bites the dust. I was so excited when I saw these! I would remind Eric from time to time about my broken bowl and he would always feel sad when I brought it up. He scored major points with this one!




Juniper even had a few gifts! She loves these little plastic spring toys. They’re easy for her to carry them around in her mouth. She goes nuts over them! We throw them down the stairs and she runs after them at full speed, mumbling little meows at she’s chasing it. I also found this toy in her food bowl today. She will do that with all of her toys. She puts them in her food bowl. I don’t know if is playing and then decides she’s hungry so she just drops the toy in the food or if she’s trying to be motherly and feed the toys? Goofy little girl!


I tried a recipe today for soft pretzels from that Natural Christmas 1978 book I bought a few weeks ago at the thrift store.


Finished pretzels!


They were lightly crispy on the outside and super soft and fluffy on the inside! I’ve tried recipes for soft pretzels before and they always just tasted like dough. There was never any real flavor. These however, DO taste like a soft pretzel!


The coarse salt really did the trick too!


We also decided to make an easy Christmas dinner today. Nachos! Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great day doing what you do to celebrate the holiday!

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Christmas is coming!

Merry Christmas Eve!  Eric and I worked a half day at work today and then we came home to finish a few things for Christmas.  I had plans to make something for Eric and I was super happy with how it turned out!  I found a chocolate mold in the shape of a record.  I thought the text on the record was super cute as well!  I used white chocolate for the text, dark chocolate for the record AND it’s filled with peppermint filling.  I also couldn’t wait to give it to him, so I ended up giving it to him after the chocolate had hardened.


I do.


We hung the Christmas cards on the mantel this year.


We also had a few handmade cards this year! I also like the cards with photos of our friend’s kids on them.


We have a leg lamp. It moved out here from Pennsylvania with us. We put it in the window tonight to take photos and to show it off a little bit. You can’t say no to electric sex!


I also put my camera on a tripod and set the timer so we could take a goofy photo of us with the leg lamp. I had the tripod in the front yard. I had to push the timer button and run to the house…up the front stairs…and through the living room to pose with Eric. We had to do this about five times until we got a few shots that actually worked. See Juniper creepin’ up on her kitty tower?


Before coming in the house for the night to wait for Santa I snapped a photo of Miss Kitten and Eric. We have a dirty front window. I love the look of shock on Juniper’s face. Merry Christmas Eve! Sleep tight and listen for those sleigh bells!

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