Today wasn’t a horrible day, but it wasn’t a good day.  I was mega-tired and cranky.  Also I realized halfway through my workday that my underwear was inside out.  Eric so kindly pointed out that my panties were literally in a bunch.  True story.  And just for the record, I don’t even like the word “panties.”

A few things managed to brighten my day though.  I elliptical-led (how do you use that word?!) 4.25 miles after work.  Sweet sweet sweat to make the cranky go away.

I’ve been hesitant to list to St. Vincent and David Byrne but I finally did it today!  I love David Byrne, but I was skeptical.  This is fabulous!  David Byrne is 61 and is as dreamy as ever!  Shake it boy.

I also made chocolate chip cookies after dinner tonight.  Suck that one bad day!


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Tonight I told Eric I was bored…

I went into the kitchen…

And then this happened…

I can’t be held responsible for my actions!! I warned him!

I also shopped for blonde Kurt Cobain wigs tonight. But that’s a story for another day now isn’t it?

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A vegan Christmas feast indeed!


I made chocolate chip cookies this morning! Don't you just like my festive sprinkles?! I've been super productive today! I couldn't sleep because it was Christmas so I was up at 6am. We opened gifts then I cleaned up and put gifts away, did a load of laundry, put dishes away, washed more dishes and made cookies all before 9am!


Today for Christmas dinner I decided to make homemade creamed corn from a recipe book our friend Ryan sent to us.


I was prepping my potatoes for mashed potatoes. Those are Yukon Gold potatoes. The BEST potatoes ever if I may add! I also began prepping my corn for creamed corn.


Juniper waited patiently for a soy curl treat.


Part of the creamed corn recipe required me to puree two cups of the whole corn kernels.


Then I added the puree back into the pot with the rest of the whole corn kernels. Yay for things that look like baby food!


Potatoes are ready for mashin'!


Here's the recipe book I used for the creamed corn recipe. We also made some Field Roast today for dinner!


Merry Christmas feast! The creamed corn is actually fantastic! It tastes better than anything I've ever had from a can. The only thing I would change would be to add less sugar than the recipe called for. It was just a tad too sweet for my taste.


Tonight I made some tea. I took my cup of tea downstairs and set it on the bottom step. I walked into Eric's office and delivered him some chocolate chip cookies. When I went back to my cup I found that Juniper was sitting by my cup AND she dropped one of her new spring toys on the rim of my cup. It was rather funny! Thanks for the cocktail Juniper Purrito!





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Squirrels and Snowflakes.

A package arrived today from Ryan Full and family. I found this little message on the side of the box. (Thank you Ryan Full and family!!)

After work I made sugar cookies to take to work tomorrow. Squirrel and snowflakes!

I used this sugar cookie recipe that I posted on my blog a few years ago.

I also made royal icing to decorate the cookies. This recipe came from the Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar book.


Stacks of squirrels and snowflakes!

So cute!

Snowflake or starfish? You decide.

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Homemade vegan Oreos!

Let's start with this. Juniper has found her new favorite spot. She just starting sitting on the record player today. You're freaking me out kitten!


I decided to try a recipe for vegan Oreos tonight.


I used the recipe from "Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar." You might be saying to yourself...Hey. She's sure been baking a lot lately. Yes I have been. And why? I made a deal with someone. If someone would print and incredibly obnoxious order for me at work I would bake him something once a week for a month. I'm keeping my promise and we're on week two!!


I started by mixing my shortening and sugar together. My trusty KitchenAid is awesome!


Mix mix mix!


And then I added my dry ingredients.


While the cookies were baking I spied on Juniper.


Here's a baked cookie. My Silpat is still fantastic!


I was waiting for more cookies to bake so I spied on Juniper and Eric again. Juniper is right at home on that record player!


I mixed up the sugary filling for the cookies.


And then I rolled out a small piece of filling with my hands.


I placed the filling on a cookie.


And then I put another cookie on top of it.


And just like that!...We have vegan Oreos. The chocolate cookie is softer than a real Oreo, but the flavor of the cookie and the filling is spot on! I'm magical!


Happy baking!!

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Wake and bake.

I successfully made chocolate chip fail cookies today.


I did make the thinnest cookies in the world though. I've used this recipe a hundred times before so I don't know what happened today. I think there might be too much sugar in them. They're hard as rocks now. Better luck next time!



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Thank you and I have cookies!

Yes, I would like to thank you for reading my blog!  Over the past few weeks I’ve had many more readers, people leaving comments, email followers and “likes.”  THANK YOU!  It’s great and exciting and I’m happy that I’m not just writing for myself now!

And…like I said…I have cookies.  I don’t need a reason to bake but today Eric was feeling a little down, so I made some chocolate chip cookies for him.  I taste tested a few as well.  I think the cookies did cheer him up a bit!  He ate them so I guess they weren’t so bad!

I am ready to bake!

Eric doesn't bake. He doesn't understand what that box under the stove does. The only rule he has when it comes to that box under the stove is..."If you have to ask if you have enough chocolate don't have enough!"

I decorated the cookies for Halloween!

I love my silpat!

Yay cookies!!

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turtles and squirrels invaded my kitchen.

i was planning on baking something this weekend. i wasn’t quite sure what i would make until eric and i stopped a baking store in ballard today. we were looking at the cookie cutters and eric was quite fond of a turtle shaped cookie cutter. i bought that little guy along with some yellow food dye and some sprinkles. i also apparently bought myself a parking ticket. who new you had to pay to park even on the weekends. we didn’t really think of checking to see if we had to pay. oh well, at least i can make turtle cookies now.

i used my usual sugar cookie recipe which seems to get better every time i use it and i used and icing recipe that came with the turtle cookie cutter. i mixed quite a few different colors to decorate the cookies and i had some sprinkles too! i forgot to put the sprinkles on the cookies, but i did make a special turtle for eric with sprinkles for a shell.

turtles and squirrels of all colors!

turtles and squirrels of all colors!

turtle loves squirrel!

turtle loves squirrel!

herc and his turtle with a shell!

herc and his turtle with a shell!

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happy squirrely valentine’s day!

i made some special squirrel yum yum and heart valentine’s day cookies today. i also found a pretty good recipe for vegan royal icing…and added some pink food coloring. yum yum! everyone loves pink cookies!

these squirrels are in love!

this year i decided to make valentine’s day cards at the last minute. i had a rubber stamp with a pretty lady on it. while browsing at a stamp store i found something that i thought would look great with it. and so pretty lady valentine’s were born!



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squirrely vegan sugar cookies!

sunday i make some vegan sugar cookies with my new squirrel cookie cutter! i was excited to try the recipe and to use the cookie cutter! i was skeptical of this recipe while i was mixing the dough. it was very very dry, but i took matters into my own hands and modified the recipe.

here’s what you’ll need for these cookies…
1 and 3/4 cup white unbleached flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2 tbsp butter softened
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp EnerG egg replacer beaten frothy with 1 tbsp water
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup soy milk

*preheat oven to 350 degrees
*this recipe makes around 2 dozen cookies

-sift flour, baking powder and salt into a medium bowl.
-in another bowl combine margarine, sugar and oil. mix well then add the egg replacer, vanilla, and soy milk and mix well once again.
-add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.
-you’ll need to roll out your dough so lighty dust your rolling surface with flour. roll the dough out until it’s about 1/4 inch thick and then use your favorite cookie cutter to cut out your cookies!
-decorate with sprinkles or a little sugar on top if you’d like.
-finally, place your cut out cookies on a baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes, or until they start to brown around the edges.

i hope you enjoy this recipe!

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