Have Love Will Travel- Day 2

Our first night of camping was spent in Baker City, OR. We were up bright and early for a long day of travel! Baker City has a windmill!

They also have a Chinese cemetery.

It doesn’t seem like many people stop by to visit the cemetery.

Canon Rebel T2i.

Broken down and fun!


And Turkeys! That big old guy fluffed up his feathers and came at the car. Eric gobbled back at him and chased him off.

I want a camper! Juniper could come on trips with us if we had a camper…I will make this happen.

An old cement factory.

Don’t be sad!

Graffiti at the old cement plant.

You must be very careful when exploring old buildings like this. This building has seen many better days so we were on the watch for sink holes and loose floor boards.

This made me miss Juniper!


Tear down the wall. Or the wall is just crumbling.

This place was huge! So much fun graffiti too!

We marked our territory.

It’s been fun Oregon!…but hey there Idaho…didn’t see you standing there!

I have little arms! I love rock shops.

There’s plenty of petrified wood in the Northwest.

We traveled on quite a bit of the Oregon Trail on this trip. No dysentery though.

On back roads you find fun and odd sights and signs. This sign tells you about some Oregon Trail travelers who wrote their names on that rock in the background with wagon wheel grease. You can still see some of the names!

Names from Oregon Trail travelers.

More names.

This was a wonderful unexpected surprise! The Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho. It’s a massive gorge with some waterfalls.  This is also my 666th blog post!  How fitting!

Looking down the gorge at Devil’s Washbowl.

Do you see the “face” screaming at the water? That’s the Devil! Why is he mad at his washbowl?


Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Shoshone Falls. 

We stopped for the night in Twin Falls, ID. We ended the day two hours earlier than we had planned on. I made some food and showered while Eric worked on a blog post for our travel blog, heyimoverhere.com!

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6 thoughts on “Have Love Will Travel- Day 2

  1. Sarah, Eric, what great pictures. It reminds me of my trip 3 years ago through the same area. I look forward to all your posts.

  2. I like that you marked your territory. Cover the world in stickers!

  3. Luke Schadler

    Hello there,

    I have been meaning to comment on this page for quite some time. In fact I thought that I already had done so about a year and a half ago, but as I was revisiting some old links in my bookmarks and stumbled back here I found that I never actually did get around to posting a reply as previously intended. Read on:

    So, I too was at that abandoned concrete plant at the tail end of July in 2013. Anyway, as I was scouring the net for pictures that others, much like myself, had taken of the place I came across this very page of yours. The thing that astounded me is we were literally there 2 or 3 days apart and we both snapped a nearly identical picture. I loaded mine into an album on my FB profile following my road trip from Austin, TX to the Olympic Peninsula in WA . Check this out and tell me it doesn’t make you wonder the odds of this random occurrence in such a short time span!

    The link to my picture I took just a couple days before you is as follows:

    -Luke S.

  4. Luke Schadler

    Oops…I meant to list the date I was there as “the tail end of July in 2012,” not 2013.

  5. Luke Schadler

    Oh wow…the link I posted above was the initial pic I took of the debris. After that shot I moved the rubble around for aesthetic purposes and took THIS one which is what I meant for you to check out to ponder on how eerily identical it is to yours that was taken just a matter of days later. Tell me what you think…here is the correct link:

    -Luke S.

  6. Luke Schadler

    One last thing….I promise!

    Here’s a link to the entire album for your viewing pleasure if you care to take a peek. In order to allow you access to the photo I actually had to go back to my FB album just now and upload the picture that was similar to yours there out of my entire photo stockpile from that day. Since both the photos I took contain the same subject matter I picked my favorite and decided to edit and post the initial shot I took (as I had originally found things prior to me shifting them around) over the other I had staged in the end that bares a near perfect resemblance to yours.

    Lime, OR Album:

    -Luke S.

    *Whew* Ok, I am done! Hope you enjoy and find this whole matter as interesting as I do. Guess we must have a similar eye pertaining to our photography!

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