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Shameless Self-Promotion.

There are 48 hours left to donate to our Kickstarter project!  Get in on that if it tickles your fancy!

I saw a preview for a new show coming soon on the Discovery Channel.  “North America” premieres May 19th.  Shows like this make me want to travel forever.  I hope you can check it out too!

This past weekend there was a community yard sale in West Seattle.  It was a last-minute decision, but we decided to hit the streets and find some deals.  The first yard sale we went to had “camera equipment,” in their listing.  We went and found cameras!  Eric walked away with one camera, but it was only $1!  Score!


At the first yard sale I found a letterpress drawer!  I’ve been lusting after them for a long time now.  They’re usually really really expensive if you can find them for sale online.  I found this guy for $5.  Win win win!  We went to about 30 yard sales, but the only things we bought were at the first house we stopped at.  We should have just stopped then and ate vegan donuts!


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Kick it!

Eric and I posted our Kickstarter project a few days ago!  I get wordy and confusing so here’s how Eric described the project on Hey I’m Over Here

“Following our June wedding on the east coast, Sarah and I will be embarking on a honeymoon trip along Route 66. For three weeks, we’ll be photographing the Road and the oddities along it with vintage Polaroid cameras.

Unlike many Kickstarter photography projects, our end goal isn’t a book – it’s the photos themselves. We want to travel Route 66, take photos with vintage Polaroids and send them to people – friends, family, even strangers. Each photo will necessarily be a one of a kind, you will have the only copy in existence. We won’t even have one! . Each will be taken along Route 66 and will in some way capture the essence of the old road. And to be clear, regardless of whether the project is funded, we’ll be traveling Route 66 this summer. The support you give will allow us to purchase film, additional cameras and needed supplies for shipping the photos. Rest assured you will not be funding our vacation.” 

In less than two days we actually reached our funding goal!  We were so surprised and thankful that people wanted our photos!  You can still support the project and we’ll send you photos from the road if you’re interested.  Head on over to our Kickstarter page to check it out!

This post needs a cat photo. 


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Stocking up with a kitten and a new book!

After work today I made another trip to the local Asian store, Mekong, that will be closing in a few days. I’m so sad! Eric and I stocked up on rice noodles, tamari, seaweed, rice vinegar and green tea.


The green tea is organic too!


It was super cold outside today, but the sun was shining! Miss Purrito was checking out the sun and looking for the other neighborhood kitties.


She’s so curious.


Can you see her curly whisker? She has one whisker that always curls up. It looks like she used a curling iron on it. She’s always had it and it’s super cute!

A few months ago while browsing Kickstarter, I spotted a project for a vegan cookbook.  The design was lovely and the recipes sounded like food that Eric and I would love to try.  I backed the project and it was funded!  Today my cookbook arrived in the mail!  The book has huge photos with almost every recipe!  I like that.  The book also has a matte finish which I prefer over books with glossy covers.  There were also a handful of stickers and a bookmark in the package.  If you want to order your own copy of the book you can do that here!


From Germany with love.


Gorgeous photos, no?


ANNNDD…what I’m most excited about…GULAB JAMUNS! These doughy fried sweet balls are so good! I’ve had them a few times at Indian restaurants when I ate dairy. This might be the first recipe I try out of the book!


Fun stickers to stick on everything!


Oh, and there’s an acknowledgements page at the end of the book too.


And there she is!

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