Have Love Will Travel- Day 2

Our first night of camping was spent in Baker City, OR. We were up bright and early for a long day of travel! Baker City has a windmill!

They also have a Chinese cemetery.

It doesn’t seem like many people stop by to visit the cemetery.

Canon Rebel T2i.

Broken down and fun!


And Turkeys! That big old guy fluffed up his feathers and came at the car. Eric gobbled back at him and chased him off.

I want a camper! Juniper could come on trips with us if we had a camper…I will make this happen.

An old cement factory.

Don’t be sad!

Graffiti at the old cement plant.

You must be very careful when exploring old buildings like this. This building has seen many better days so we were on the watch for sink holes and loose floor boards.

This made me miss Juniper!


Tear down the wall. Or the wall is just crumbling.

This place was huge! So much fun graffiti too!

We marked our territory.

It’s been fun Oregon!…but hey there Idaho…didn’t see you standing there!

I have little arms! I love rock shops.

There’s plenty of petrified wood in the Northwest.

We traveled on quite a bit of the Oregon Trail on this trip. No dysentery though.

On back roads you find fun and odd sights and signs. This sign tells you about some Oregon Trail travelers who wrote their names on that rock in the background with wagon wheel grease. You can still see some of the names!

Names from Oregon Trail travelers.

More names.

This was a wonderful unexpected surprise! The Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho. It’s a massive gorge with some waterfalls.  This is also my 666th blog post!  How fitting!

Looking down the gorge at Devil’s Washbowl.

Do you see the “face” screaming at the water? That’s the Devil! Why is he mad at his washbowl?


Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Shoshone Falls. 

We stopped for the night in Twin Falls, ID. We ended the day two hours earlier than we had planned on. I made some food and showered while Eric worked on a blog post for our travel blog, heyimoverhere.com!

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 1

We stopped at Mighty-O before hitting the road! Donuts are a must for a trip!

We stopped at Frenchman Coulee near Vantage, WA. We’ve been here about a dozen times but we love it every time we’re there!

I put our state map on the car! We traveled through two more states together on this trip so I still have to color those in.

Here’s my Grasshopper donut from Might-O. Mint and chocolate!

We’re in Cougs country! Eastern Washington is home to Washington State University. Go Cougs!

We travel on old roads and through broken down towns.

Palouse Falls!

Buzzy bee.

Near Palouse Falls.


I love the desert wildflowers!

Looking down the gorge at Palouse Falls.


Someone made these fun metal cutouts of a Lewis and Clark camp.

We brake for trains and train stations!

Welcome to Oregon! And here’s a crappy picture!

Broken down.

We pulled over in Oregon for a stretch break and some photos with a massive dandelion.

I told him to dip me. “That’s a long dip down if I drop you.”

What a gorgeous old hotel!

The first night was spent in Baker City, OR. We brought a little cook stove along with us for this trip! Indian food was on the menu for the night.

Good night from Bakery City!

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Three Days in John Day- part 2

We woke up bright and early and a little chilly (we were tent camping!) and promptly showered and headed off towards the town of Sumpter, WA. There was an excursion train we planned on riding and Sumpter was having a huge flea market! But first we stopped at the very very small town of Granite. They had a fun sign in town.

Granite, Oregon.

Sumpter Valley Railroad.

I need another bike. You can put this on the rails and go!

We round in the cupola of the caboose! There were four seats at the very top. It was super fun to ride up there.

Across from us was a women with her nephew. She wanted to take out picture because “No one has their photo taken while they’re on vacation any more!” I can’t smile on command.

The train takes you passed all of the old dredging areas from the gold mining days. I think it’s rather an eye sore.

The train arrived in Sumpter so we decided to walk around for a few hours. The train would later take us back to the station outside of town where we parked the car.

The flea market was awesome! There was actual “old” stuff there! In Seattle “old” or “vintage” items are crap.

We found curly fries too.

This reminded me of Pennsylvania.

There were some dudes making kettle corn in an Old West town. What a great surprise though! They were super nice dudes and they make some awesome kettle corn!

Flea market goods.

Don’t stand outside…and be miserable…come inside and get fed up!

The local church was also having a sale!

Look at all of that old camera equipment we found in the church! I bought a Polaroid camera and some old expired film.

Awesome lemonade, awesome stand, awesome old man working inside that large lemon!

An old firetruck.

I had an awesome time walking around and looking at old junk! I think Eric had fun too.

I passed on this fantastic cookie jar. I’m kind of regretting that now.

This hotel was also in the town of Sumpter. We want to stay here the next time we’re in the area!

Here’s a massive dredge that was used for gold mining. This was actually a museum that you could walk around inside. It was huge.

We walked around and waited for our return train…and waited…and waited…and guess what? It broke down! The railroad workers had to drive us back to our car! It was kind of a bummer.

When they took us back to the train station they showed us around their train shed. There were plenty of trains to look at and discuss and plenty of spare train parts.

Awesome van!

It was a little chilly the whole time we were in Oregon!

This is the train that broke down.

This friendly volunteer was telling us about the piece that broke on the train.

East Broad Top is in Pennsylvania! They have a few hopper cars that were from East Broad Top so they repainted the cars and re-stenciled them.

After leaving Sumpter we drove to the Baker City area. We were driving on some old back roads in search of wagon wheel ruts from the Oregon Trail. Most of the back roads are open range so cows and babies were everywhere! The little guy on the left was nursing when we drove by. He stopped nursing to look at us. Mama then nudged him to get him to start nursing again. SUPER CUTE!

And we found those wagon wheel ruts from the Oregon Trail.

We made it back to the campsite before dark and we had time to lay in the tent and look at pictures. We didn’t have a fire pit which was kind of annoying, but I guess you can’t really complain when camping is only $10 a night! And that includes showers!

This was my favorite treasure I found at the flea market. A horse and a squirrel? I couldn’t just leave it there!

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Three Days in John Day- part 1

We headed out early in the morning on Friday. Heading south on I-5 we said good morning to the Space Needle.

A few hours and a car nap later we arrive in Oregon. I wanted to make a pit stop in Portland…for vegan donuts.

I waited in line at Voodoo Donuts while Eric wandered off to take some photos.

Voodoo was hoppin’!

I walked out with three donuts…a raised chocolate, oreo with peanut butter and a sprinkled donut! These were good! There’s no doubt about that, but I do like Mighty O better. Sorry Portland. We have 100% vegan and organic donuts. These donuts also seemed much more like junk food to me than Mighty O. And yes I do realize I’m talking about donuts, but there was just a ton of stuff on top of the donuts. Donut problems.

After leaving Portland, we traveled on old Route 30 along the Columbia River. Along the way we spotted the Multnomah Falls. There actually wasn’t that much water falling, but the height of the falls made it rather impressive.

Old Route 30 and an old tunnel.

Oregon is lush!

There were a few scenic overlooks along the way. This was overlooking the Columbia River.

The wildflowers are blooming all over the Pacific Northwest!

This was another wonderful scenic overlook on old Route 30.

We were camping in John Day, Oregon for the weekend. Central Oregon has plenty of ghost towns and towns that are one inhabitant away from being a ghost town.

Shaniko, Oregon is one of those towns. It’s wonderful and quirky and sad that more people don’t visit this town! Shaniko is really trying to make it! Somehow it’s surviving.

The town was not hoppin’. Most of the stores were closed. There’s an hotel for sale if you’re interested!

I had to use the little cowgirl’s room.

I also had to stick my hand in the toilet to flush it.

This is my favorite store in Shaniko! They always have a yard sale. One of the signs out fronts says “We be open 7am.”

One of the things we wanted to see this weekend were the John Day Fossil Beds. There are a few locations for the beds. This was one we passed along the way. There are some great hiking trails here that we would love to explore one day when we make it back there!

Roama was of course along for the ride.

There are also painted hills in this part of Oregon! They are gorgeous!

The weather was so so for this part of the trip, but the sun made an appearance so we could take some photos!

We didn’t make it to camp until around 8pm! Did you know that six years ago on Memorial Day weekend was the first time that Eric and I went camping? Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of our weekend trip!

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1,300 miles later we’re home!

We made it home from our long weekend trip to Oregon!  I was kind of sad to come home, but I was super happy to see my kitten!  We saw all sorts of fun stuff such as the John Day Fossil Beds, wild horses, a bear, waterfalls, Painted Hills in Oregon AND we woke up to coyotes howling Saturday morning.  More pictures of the trip will be posting in the next few days.  How was your weekend?  Did you do something fun for the long holiday weekend?


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Eric’s parents visit- Day Three of the Peninsula/Oregon trip.

Lewis and Clark monument in Seaside, OR.

Haystock rock in OR.

I'm at the beach!

I ran through the rain and the woods to get a photo of the Octopus Tree.

It was a foggy day along the Oregon coast.

We stopped by the Tillamook Air Museum.

I was testing out the plane.

She is a wow!

This is an old zepplin hangar.

Herc and Smartz.

I found this outside of the air museum.

Herc found a train.

We found the salt water taffy!

Fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark's winter camp.

Awesome trashcan!

Cute little mushroom.

So sad! Please don't steal food from squirrels.

True story.

So sad.

I found this guy near the Goonie's house.

Rent-a-midget. Oh why not?

The Goonie's house!

We heard these guys barking in Astoria, OR.

Happy sleeping guy.

He's a big guy!

Dance dance!

I love these guys!



This guy was saying hello to us.


Bye Astoria!

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Portland and Vancouver: Ashley and Base Ball

 I have a ton of photos I need to sort through from my parent’s visit.  Until I do that I though I’d share my photos from this past Saturday with you.  Eric and I took a trip to Portland to see Ashley and then went to another vintage base ball game at Fort Vancouver.  

We tried to stay off of I-5 as much as possible on the way to Portland. We drove through Roy, WA.

We had vegan noms for the trip.

We drove through Tenino, WA.

In Tenino we found a swap meet. There were motorcycles, motorcycle parts and vintage bikes.

In Vader, WA we found the old jail.

I had a few postcards I had to mail out. In Vader I found a post office to do such a thing.

In Longview, WA we spotted some black smoke.

The smoke was near the wooden squirrel sculpture. Longview is famous for their squirrel bridge, squirrel sculpture and squirrel fest.


We found the fire. It was in an abandoned apartment complex.

We found out that this was a controlled fire. It seems kind of dumb to do such a thing in the middle of a city.

Ladder truck.

After some internet searching I found out that the squirrel bridge was near the fire...right about this intersection.

Nutty Narrows squirrel bridge!!

Hello Oregon! And you too Columbia River!

We ate at Vege Thai. Vegetarin fun in Portland. We shared some spring rolls with Ashley

I ate some red curry. I love red curry oh so much!

Skeptical Ashley. Miss Taylor is leaving Portland to live in Florida. She will be dearly missed. I met her about two years ago and she has become one my favorite people ever!

Ashley gave me this super cute basket! By the way...it was a gorgeous day i Portland! 93 degrees of awesome!

Portland has plenty of fun buildings and fun neon.

There was a vintage base ball game at Fort Vancouver.

Some women dressed up in period attire as well.

This guy was the hurler (pitcher). His nickname is Crazy Legs. As you can see.

The Portland Base Ball Club played the Vancouver Occidentals.


The PBBC won by one point. It was a rather fun game!

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fort vancouver and some base ball.

yesterday we traveled to fort vancouver in vancouver, wa to visit the fort and to see another vintage base ball game.

before leaving the seattle area we stopped for some donuts at mighy o. mmmm fried sugar goodness!

i captured this rail fan at the vaancouver amtrak station.

welding art!

there's that same rail fan.

we need a curved staircase.

grapevines were growing over the porch at one of the buildings at the fort.

inside that building.

broken dishes were found on the fort grounds.

fort vancouver.

s for smartz.

limes were growing near the grapevines as well.

the grant house on officers row. we also need a turret!

herc and i had a picnic before the base ball game started. vegan meats and pickles were a must!


rounding first base.

this jolly fellow was entertaining. he called someone "corn pone" during the game. i'll be using that phrase more often.

they only played 6 or 7 innings due to the lack of sun.

pretty snazzy shoes huh?

the fellows in blue won this evening. it was a fun game! they seemed to enjoy playing more than they did at the last game. we heard some talk of a september game. if that happens i'm sure we'll be visiting for vancouver again!

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pretty little day in washington and oregon: part II

cannon beach!

<img src=”https://goodstorysarah.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/p11300501.jpg?w=550&#8243; alt=”” title=”P1130050″ width=”550″ height=”366″ class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-2342″

little seagull footprints.



dad found a perfect sand dollar.

lazy birds.

herc, blue sky and sand.


nutty narrows squirrel bridge.

give it up squirrel!

waterfall near mt. st. helens.

our new travel buddy.

mt. st. helens salt and pepper shakers…before.

and after.

ma, pa and smartz at mt. st. helens.

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pretty little day in washington and oregon.

mima mounds.

herc flowers and turtle.

ma and pa.

long beach.

herc and smartz!!

fort stevens.



soo much taffy today!!

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