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Welcome 2013! Take your coat off and stay awhile!



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Have Love Will Travel- Day 6

I’m still not done posting photos from our Have Love Will Travel trip this past summer! These photos from the summer and the desert will get me through the cold, damp winter.


We camped for the night at a hotel that had an area for RVs and tents. The night before while walking to the shower I noticed there were two cats in that RV! They were snoozing on the dashboard. I really want to travel with Juniper! I think to do it right and make your kitty friend happy you do need something bigger than a car. They need room to roam around!


Utah is quite possibly my favorite state.


We spotted an old truck and some odd metal art. We HAD to stop!


I like when people build and gather oddities on their property AND make it public for everyone to see!


There were some objects that looked like they were supposed to be spaceships.


Do you see the cast iron pans?


Bundt pans!


Hello little guy!


s This was apparently an unmarked rest area. Fine by me!


While travelling on back roads you’ll find many old and abandoned homesteads.


We try to stop at as many scenic pull outs as possible. Eric likes to read about the history of the area. I’m more into the geology of the area. He doesn’t mind that either.


Beautiful! Too bad there’s a big ‘ol road going right through it.


One destination of the day was Goblin Valley State Park.


These formations, referred to as goblins, are made out of soft sandstone and were formed over millions of year from wind and water.  You can see the goblins from the parking lot, but we decided to hike down into the valley.  It was pretty hot this day.  And I remember sweating like crazy!  I’m not used to the heat.  The Pacific Northwest has made me weak!


Aren’t they awesome?!


We just wandered around a bit, but there are marked trails that you can follow.


Eric and I really want to come back here to camp! The nearest town is about 25 miles away which means basically no light pollution. Let’s go stargazing!!


We hiked across to the other side of the valley to climb up a small hill.


The layers of sandstone are so awesome to see.


There’s a big chunk that broke off.


Eric posed with some goblins to give you an idea of how big these were.


I’m pretty sure this was called Temple Rock. It looks similar to the Mormon temple in SLC.


On our way out of the valley we spotted a silver fox. Cute!


There was another pull out along the road that had these signs with metal tubes on them. When you look through the tube you can see where exactly certain mountains and buttes are. Rather helpful! The only probably is that some of these pipes are quite tall and that makes it hard to see when you’re 5’4″. Do I need to bring a step stool with me?


We made it a point to stop at a gas station that was built into the side of a mountain. I love it!


Five m.p.h. and twisty road for three miles ? Yes please!


The road wound along a steep cliff.


This was the view from the top! It is probably one of my favorite photos from the trip. Look at the colors of the dirt AND the curve of the earth.


West Forever. We love Utah. And we added a Hey I’m Over Here Sticker!


Don’t the rocks and the sky just make you fall in love with Utah. Tell yourself yes!


We are going to drive down that road!


And now on to Valley of the Gods!


We were on mostly dirt roads most of the day. My Yaris is a great a little workhorse on these roads.


If I were allowed to live here I bet I would. Give me some tofu and a pillow and I’ll be fine!


After a drive through the Valley of the Gods it was off to Monument Valley!


The last time we were in Monument Valley was in 2008. I don’t remember this part of Monument Valley and Eric thinks it was built sometimes in the past few years. To see the part of Monument Valley you have to pay a small fee to drive in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The road will take you back to an area which was made famous by western films. This was hands down the WORST road we’ve ever driven on. And we’ve been on questionable roads. And we’ve been off-roading in sage brush. There aren’t many photos of how bad the road actually was because we both had death grips on the inside of the car. You can pay to have someone who lives on the reservation drive you in a super tough truck down the road. Eric and I only drove about 1/4 of the road because it took forever. I think the whole tour is 17 miles. If you go to Monument Valley you must go on this road, but you should seriously pay for the tour! It would be well worth the money.


There are two rock monuments that look similar to the large one in the center of the photos. These are referred to at The Mittens!


Isn’t it gorgeous!? I love the orange earth and blue sky. Here is one of my top five favorite places on earth. Do you recognize it from any old westerns?


Some folks living on the reservation make and sell jewellery. I bought a necklace made out dried juniper berries and turquoise. Have you ever been to Southern Utah? Does this make you want to go there? It makes me want to go there again!

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 5

I didn’t forget about the rest of the photos from our summer trip, and I hope you didn’t either! It takes a long time to post this many photos and I didn’t want to bombard you with too many photos. On our last day in Salt Lake City we took public transportation into the city to watch the Pioneer Day Parade! Pioneer Day is on the 24th of July and it celebrates the arrival of Brigham Young, along with his Mormon followers, into Salt Lake City. I like to describe Pioneer Day as “The 4th of July for Mormons.” I hope that’s not offensive. There was a celebratory atmosphere, balloons, a huge parade and fireworks at night. Kind of sounds like The 4th of July, no? This was by far the best parade I’ve ever been to! This also was the first parade I’ve been to with real floats.

Many people camp out over night for the parade. Some people even two nights! We saw mattresses, grills and hammocks. They don’t mess around when it comes to this parade!

Of course you need horses for a parade.

The motorcycle cops did a rather fantastic choreographed routine on their bikes.

This year was the 150th anniversary of Union Pacific!

The governor of Utah, Gary Herbert.

And more cops on bikes! The nicest thing I can say about police officers is if they are on motorcycles or horses…they have awesome boots! And State Troopers…have the best hats! Fashionable. That’s how I like my law enforcement!

Pioneer Day royalty.

There were a few rather large marching bands in the parade.

Flyin’ to Zion.

I love horses! I know in all honesty that as a vegan I shouldn’t like horseback riding and cowboys as much as I do, but I’ve really romanticized it. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the cowboy culture. My newest western love is Calamity Jane. What a loud dirty mouthed gal she was!

A macaw, a penny farthing and tie dye…welcome to Utah?

Lego people! The best part of the costume are the little hands!

I’m huge!

What do you seek? These guys had a great float! They pushed themselves around the road with their feet. They were having a great time!

Big Jesus and singin’.


After the parade we stopped back at Mandy and Earl’s house to pick up our belongings before hitting the road. Mandy and Earl had a cute conversation.
Mandy: You haven’t worn those pants in a long time!
Earl: I wore them the last time Sarah and Eric came to visit us.
Mandy: That was over a year ago. How do you remember that?!
Too cute!

Of course we found a dirt road while leaving SLC!

Trains and things.

We brake for trains. You already knew that though 🙂

I love Utah. Wonderful blue skies! If you didn’t snow so much, I’d live in you.

We knew there was another dirt road we had to travel on later in the day. Those grey clouds started to make us a little nervous that our dirt road could potentially be a mud road.

Nine Mile Canyon was our last major point of interest for the day! There are petroglyphs and pictographs in Nine Mile Canyon.

Those dark clouds decided it was finally time to rain. Right away I assume “Tornado!” But no, just heavy heavy rain and lightning.

The rain really did sit on top of our dirt road. There were no other cars on the road except for a few construction vehicles. We were both rather nervous that we may get stuck in mud, but we kept on driving. There were signs warning of flash floods which are also scary!

At the end of a very long and scary muddy road we made it to Nine Mile Canyon! Look at those red hills and that lush grass!

And there are some petroglyphs!

Aren’t they just awesome!? They date from around 950–1250 AD.

Some asshole did this. Jerk.

We like it dirty.

There are supposed to be around 10,000 images on the cliffs in this area.

The clouds cleared for a gorgeous evening driving through the canyon.

Hey little lizard friend!

The Great Hunt Panel is the biggest section of petroglyphs on the canyon.

These are so awesome to see in person!

An old homestead in Nine Mile Canyon.

Balanced Rock.

We meet many animal friends on back roads and open ranges!

Goodnight Utah and Nine Mile Canyon!

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Diana mini- roll one from Have Love Will Travel

Today I had a roll of 35mm film developed from our trip last week. This is the most successful roll of film from my Diana mini!

Frenchman Coulee, WA.

Goodnight Baker City, OR!

Palouse Falls, WA.

Broken down concrete plant.

Accidental double exposure.

Glass along the 100 mile stretch of abandoned railroad grade.

Sunrise over VW.

Spiral Jetty.

Graveyard on a 100 mile stretch of old railroad grade.

This was right before he asked me to marry him.

Trains and things.

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 2

Our first night of camping was spent in Baker City, OR. We were up bright and early for a long day of travel! Baker City has a windmill!

They also have a Chinese cemetery.

It doesn’t seem like many people stop by to visit the cemetery.

Canon Rebel T2i.

Broken down and fun!


And Turkeys! That big old guy fluffed up his feathers and came at the car. Eric gobbled back at him and chased him off.

I want a camper! Juniper could come on trips with us if we had a camper…I will make this happen.

An old cement factory.

Don’t be sad!

Graffiti at the old cement plant.

You must be very careful when exploring old buildings like this. This building has seen many better days so we were on the watch for sink holes and loose floor boards.

This made me miss Juniper!


Tear down the wall. Or the wall is just crumbling.

This place was huge! So much fun graffiti too!

We marked our territory.

It’s been fun Oregon!…but hey there Idaho…didn’t see you standing there!

I have little arms! I love rock shops.

There’s plenty of petrified wood in the Northwest.

We traveled on quite a bit of the Oregon Trail on this trip. No dysentery though.

On back roads you find fun and odd sights and signs. This sign tells you about some Oregon Trail travelers who wrote their names on that rock in the background with wagon wheel grease. You can still see some of the names!

Names from Oregon Trail travelers.

More names.

This was a wonderful unexpected surprise! The Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho. It’s a massive gorge with some waterfalls.  This is also my 666th blog post!  How fitting!

Looking down the gorge at Devil’s Washbowl.

Do you see the “face” screaming at the water? That’s the Devil! Why is he mad at his washbowl?


Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Shoshone Falls. 

We stopped for the night in Twin Falls, ID. We ended the day two hours earlier than we had planned on. I made some food and showered while Eric worked on a blog post for our travel blog,!

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 1

We stopped at Mighty-O before hitting the road! Donuts are a must for a trip!

We stopped at Frenchman Coulee near Vantage, WA. We’ve been here about a dozen times but we love it every time we’re there!

I put our state map on the car! We traveled through two more states together on this trip so I still have to color those in.

Here’s my Grasshopper donut from Might-O. Mint and chocolate!

We’re in Cougs country! Eastern Washington is home to Washington State University. Go Cougs!

We travel on old roads and through broken down towns.

Palouse Falls!

Buzzy bee.

Near Palouse Falls.


I love the desert wildflowers!

Looking down the gorge at Palouse Falls.


Someone made these fun metal cutouts of a Lewis and Clark camp.

We brake for trains and train stations!

Welcome to Oregon! And here’s a crappy picture!

Broken down.

We pulled over in Oregon for a stretch break and some photos with a massive dandelion.

I told him to dip me. “That’s a long dip down if I drop you.”

What a gorgeous old hotel!

The first night was spent in Baker City, OR. We brought a little cook stove along with us for this trip! Indian food was on the menu for the night.

Good night from Bakery City!

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10 days, 11 states and 4,855 miles later…we’re home!

We left Rapid City, SD yesterday at 5:30 am and we made it to Everett, WA at 12:45 am today. Add an hour to that drive time because of a time zone change too!  We were going to camp for the night in Spokane, WA, but at that point we only had 5 more hours of driving so we decided to try to make it home.  We both agree that we NEVER want to drive 1,278 miles in one day again!  We took turns all day driving, but Eric did drive more miles than I did.  The last 100 miles were the worst.  We stopped about four times to stretch and use the restrooms.  Eric was a trooper and finished off the drive home for us!

You may have guessed it from the photo I posted a few days, but Eric proposed to me overlooking the Great Salt Lake at the Spiral Jetty in Utah!  I did say yes!

I’m still sorting through photos since we took about 2,000 photos.  It’s rather crazy.  I need to be pickier next time before taking the shot.  It’s just so easy to snap away and not really think about the sorting you’ll have to do at the end of the day!  I’ll slowly be posting photos from our trip so stay tuned!

Overall we had a great trip!  There were a few stressful moments during our travels, but looking back on the trip now those aren’t that parts that stick out for me.  I am super bummed that I have to go back to work tomorrow!  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I would rather be on the road than printing shirts for someone’s football team.  It’s true!  Juniper was kind of scared when we came home last night.  She was sleeping under the bed and I don’t think she was expecting someone to be in the house so early in the morning.  We had some friends come by to feed her and check on her but she mostly had the house to herself while we were away.  She had a puffy tail and was shy for a few minutes after seeing us last night.  She crawled into bed with us right away and cuddled up by my neck.  She started to purr and stayed with us the whole night!  Today she slept on my lap for an hour and a half!  I think she really missed us and I feel so bad for leaving her at home!  Have you ever traveled with a cat?  I would really love to take her on trips with us, but I just don’t know how she would like it.  Anyone have any suggestions on traveling with cats?

Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Have Love Will Travel.

“If you need loving then mm hmm I’ll travel.”

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Have Love Will Travel!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving for our summer trip!  We usually have a name for our trip.  Some names are simple like…”The Redwoods Trip.”  This trip will be called the “Have Love Will Travel,” trip.  Eric made a mix cd for you to download!  Click here to download the super fun mix!  And don’t forget to follow along with us over at Hey I’m Over Here!

While traveling I may or may not have internet access everyday to tell you about our adventures, but I have some posts ready to go so I will still be entertaining you!  I picked out a few of my favorite travel songs for you to listen to in each blog entry that posts when I away.   I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

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