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On the Mother Road :: Part 9


California. Here we come.


Route 66 always welcomes us.




I love to see the lizards in the desert! Check out that tail!


Tammy ❤ Scummy.


Beaten and broke down.


Oh Canada!


Roy’s Motel.


A very very old volcano.


Route 66.


Don’t do it!


What an awesome trailer!


Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande,CA!


The bottles are lovely, but look at that printing press!






N Roll.


I liked this miner. He made out big on his claim!


So many pretties.


No one else was at the Bottle Forest so it was nice to explore without getting the the way of other people….or them getting in the way of my photos!


I think the cacti was my favorite!




Madonna of the Trail.


Kitty sittin’.


I didn’t see much of the Hollywood sign, but I did see it! LA was not fun to drive in.


We made it to the end of the trail! I drove all…ALL…of Route 66. I thought I would cry when we made it to Santa Monica Pier, but LA sucked the life out of me, so I had no tears to shed.


Santa Monica Pier.


This pigeon boy posed for us! What a way to end the trip!

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Day trip to Central Washington- This time with Jeff and Jamie!

Yesterday we officially kicked off the travel season! And by travel season I mean…OUR travel season. I think generally our travel season lasts longer than most.  We picked up two of our friends and headed to central Washington.  Jeff and Jamie had never seen the coulees in Washington so we were super excited to show them around!


Roama was up bright and early with us!  Jeff and Jamie live in South Seattle.  I kind of like that part of town.  I think it has a small town feel with the perks of living in Seattle.  I can’t say the same about Everett.


Everyone in the car seemed to think that these windmills are in one way or another scary. Or alien-like. I always like them though! I kind of think they look happy and not scary.


The day was really cloudy and grey as you can see. We had been checking the weather all week and it was supposed to be sunny in the morning. Lies!


The first stop of the day, aside from a pee break, was at Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. We checked out some of the petrified wood strewn about and had another pee break. Pee breaks are essential!


At the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park there are some petroglyphs on display. And I only say, on display, because there used to be hundreds of these along the Columbia River…until the dam was built. These are the only ones that were saved. The rest of swimming with the fishes.


It’s really sad that most of these have essentially been destroyed.


I like the two folks at the bottom right side of the photo.


Crossing the Columbia.


We kept on driving, crossing the Columbia, and headed to Frenchman Coulee which is less than 10 minutes away from the state park.


Frenchman Coulee is littered with basalt columns. The basalt columns were formed from cooling lava.


This is always my favorite shot in Frenchman Coulee! You’ve probably seen it many times if you’ve followed me for at least the past year.


The waterfall was pushing out more water than usual! I assume it’s from snow melt. This land is a beautiful red color when the sun is out. It was still beautiful, but I do miss the red rocks.


Fantastic rock formations!


Most of the day was spent driving through various coulees, stopping to take in the view and take photos. Dry Falls was a major stop for the trip. Here we made some food and chatted with the park ranger.


Rice and Indian food was on the menu today!


And here is Dry Falls! The park ranger in the visitor center told us about a piece of wood that had recently been given to the visitor center. This piece of wood was found about 40 years ago when someone was digging, I assume with heavy machinery, into rock in the area. There was a pocket of water/mud that came out of the rock at one point. What happened was that many many years ago when lava flowed in the coulee, some lava covered an area of water creating this pocket. The piece of wood was found in the pocket of mud 40 years ago. The wood is estimated to be at least 100,000 years old. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS OLD! Holy moly! The park ranger had that piece of wood in a plastic bag. I felt weird asking him if I could photograph it because it wasn’t even in the official collection of Washington. It was kind of wonderful to see. I never thought we’d be so excited over old wood!


This little walkway hangs over the side of the coulee. Eric hates heights, but for some reason he didn’t mind this.


I love the different colors of lichen in this part of Washington.


Even though it was cloudy all day it hadn’t rained. We drove to an old section of Route 2 to pay our respects to our favorite old car.


The old section of Route 2 with Moses Coulee in the background.


Jeff and Jamie explored. Jamie returned with some animal bones she found.


Eric used the tripod to take some photos with his 1950 Kodak Duaflex II camera.


There are many shells from people who like to shoot things on the ground. We did see many cans though. Including a sardine can!


More great lichen!


I wanted a group shot of us! I set the timer and hoofed it to the group. Most of the photos were incredibly washed out, which I didn’t notice until today. Boo! And hiss!  Also…the camera focused on the car and not us.  Sorry everyone!  We are a good looking group though. I warned everyone to watch out for tetanus.


And now a fun photo!


As we left Moses Coulee the sky started to clear and the sun came out. The beautiful Cascade Mountains are in the background.


One of many beaten down homesteads we saw during the day.


Route 2, the road you see there, would take us to Blewitt Pass, which would take us to I-90, which would take us home.


We stopped by an old section of road to snap a few more photos. That wonderful red rock made an appearance when the sun finally decided to show up.


I think we all had a great day! Eric and I rarely explore with others, but it was so much fun to have Jeff and Jamie along with us. The day was a success until we hit Snoqualmie Pass on I-90. I had checked the weather conditions in the pass before we got there since it’s still winter and all. The pass was dry and open. Eric was driving and it was already dark outside. And then it started to rain. Eric doesn’t like to drive in the dark or rain. I told him I would drive if he pulled over at the next rest stop. Before we pulled over it started to snow. Goodness! We found an exit and we switched spots. The snow had already covered the roads off the interstate. I pulled back onto the interstate and probably within a minute of me driving we had whiteout conditions. Seriously whiteout. I-90 is lacking in lane marking going through the pass. There are hardly lines painted and no reflectors. This is irritating and dangerous. I could not see where I was going. Eric noticed the concrete safety barrier coming close to us and told me to turn the wheel to the left. As it turns out we were going around a bend! Later Eric told me that the spot where I was driving towards the barrier was the spot on I-90 where there’s bridge hundreds of feet over water. More holy moly. For a long time I was only driving 40 mph with the hazard lights on. Cars were passing me, but I have no clue how they saw where they were going. I had such a tight grip on the steering wheel! When we made it back to Jeff and Jamie’s house I apologised for the scariest ride of their lives. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever had to drive in as well! Note to Washington Department of Transportation…GET BETTER LANE MARKINGS ON YER ROADS! Other than that little incident it was a great little day trip!

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 6

I’m still not done posting photos from our Have Love Will Travel trip this past summer! These photos from the summer and the desert will get me through the cold, damp winter.


We camped for the night at a hotel that had an area for RVs and tents. The night before while walking to the shower I noticed there were two cats in that RV! They were snoozing on the dashboard. I really want to travel with Juniper! I think to do it right and make your kitty friend happy you do need something bigger than a car. They need room to roam around!


Utah is quite possibly my favorite state.


We spotted an old truck and some odd metal art. We HAD to stop!


I like when people build and gather oddities on their property AND make it public for everyone to see!


There were some objects that looked like they were supposed to be spaceships.


Do you see the cast iron pans?


Bundt pans!


Hello little guy!


s This was apparently an unmarked rest area. Fine by me!


While travelling on back roads you’ll find many old and abandoned homesteads.


We try to stop at as many scenic pull outs as possible. Eric likes to read about the history of the area. I’m more into the geology of the area. He doesn’t mind that either.


Beautiful! Too bad there’s a big ‘ol road going right through it.


One destination of the day was Goblin Valley State Park.


These formations, referred to as goblins, are made out of soft sandstone and were formed over millions of year from wind and water.  You can see the goblins from the parking lot, but we decided to hike down into the valley.  It was pretty hot this day.  And I remember sweating like crazy!  I’m not used to the heat.  The Pacific Northwest has made me weak!


Aren’t they awesome?!


We just wandered around a bit, but there are marked trails that you can follow.


Eric and I really want to come back here to camp! The nearest town is about 25 miles away which means basically no light pollution. Let’s go stargazing!!


We hiked across to the other side of the valley to climb up a small hill.


The layers of sandstone are so awesome to see.


There’s a big chunk that broke off.


Eric posed with some goblins to give you an idea of how big these were.


I’m pretty sure this was called Temple Rock. It looks similar to the Mormon temple in SLC.


On our way out of the valley we spotted a silver fox. Cute!


There was another pull out along the road that had these signs with metal tubes on them. When you look through the tube you can see where exactly certain mountains and buttes are. Rather helpful! The only probably is that some of these pipes are quite tall and that makes it hard to see when you’re 5’4″. Do I need to bring a step stool with me?


We made it a point to stop at a gas station that was built into the side of a mountain. I love it!


Five m.p.h. and twisty road for three miles ? Yes please!


The road wound along a steep cliff.


This was the view from the top! It is probably one of my favorite photos from the trip. Look at the colors of the dirt AND the curve of the earth.


West Forever. We love Utah. And we added a Hey I’m Over Here Sticker!


Don’t the rocks and the sky just make you fall in love with Utah. Tell yourself yes!


We are going to drive down that road!


And now on to Valley of the Gods!


We were on mostly dirt roads most of the day. My Yaris is a great a little workhorse on these roads.


If I were allowed to live here I bet I would. Give me some tofu and a pillow and I’ll be fine!


After a drive through the Valley of the Gods it was off to Monument Valley!


The last time we were in Monument Valley was in 2008. I don’t remember this part of Monument Valley and Eric thinks it was built sometimes in the past few years. To see the part of Monument Valley you have to pay a small fee to drive in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The road will take you back to an area which was made famous by western films. This was hands down the WORST road we’ve ever driven on. And we’ve been on questionable roads. And we’ve been off-roading in sage brush. There aren’t many photos of how bad the road actually was because we both had death grips on the inside of the car. You can pay to have someone who lives on the reservation drive you in a super tough truck down the road. Eric and I only drove about 1/4 of the road because it took forever. I think the whole tour is 17 miles. If you go to Monument Valley you must go on this road, but you should seriously pay for the tour! It would be well worth the money.


There are two rock monuments that look similar to the large one in the center of the photos. These are referred to at The Mittens!


Isn’t it gorgeous!? I love the orange earth and blue sky. Here is one of my top five favorite places on earth. Do you recognize it from any old westerns?


Some folks living on the reservation make and sell jewellery. I bought a necklace made out dried juniper berries and turquoise. Have you ever been to Southern Utah? Does this make you want to go there? It makes me want to go there again!

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Day Trip to Frenchman Coulee and Potholes Coulee.

Yesterday Eric and I ventured to central Washington for the day! The plan was to explore Frenchman Coulee and Potholes Coulee. If you’ve followed this blog for at least a few months, you know by now that we love to geology of Washington. We actually left for the trip later than we usually do. We were out the door a little after 6am. Eric took the first shift driving since he usually does the navigating once we arrive in central WA.

The ‘ol car 66,666 miles while on I-90!

There is an old train station in Cle Elum, WA that we somehow never visited before.  I noticed a deer standing between two cabooses.  We didn’t know if it was real or not because it wasn’t moving.  Of course I thought it was weird that it was just staring at us.  It finally moved and ran after a doe standing nearby.

Check out that rack!

It’s still apple season in the Northwest.  Cle Elum is in a mountain pass so it was a very foggy and misty morning.

I’m sure the local deer are snacking on these apples.

The old train station here is actually in really great condition.  Someone took quite a bit of time and care into maintaining the building.

Cle Elum.

This is the old substation from the railroad that used to run through the area.  There are miles of rails-to-trails paths in this area too.

There was a fence around the substation or else we would have gone closer for some more exploration.

We continued on towards Frenchman Coulee.  This shot is from a rest area near Vantage, WA.  That’s the Columbia River down there!

It was around 9am when we were here and it was still incredibly foggy.

This is also at the rest stop.  You can hike up the hill to see the metal sculptures of horses if you have time.  I did a little research and this piece is apparently called “Grandfather cuts loose the ponies!”  These sculptures have been here for quite some time, but it seems as they the piece was never finished due to the lack of funding.  The horses were supposed to be running out of a huge basket that was tipped over.  That’s fun!  I love this piece as it is, but a giant basket wouldn’t hurt either.  We’ve always seen the horses when it was sunny so it was a wonderful contrast to have the fog there in the morning.

And up we went.

Out of the mist!

Some of the horses are life size and some are larger than life!

I was a crazy horse girl when I was younger.  This still excited me of course.

Giddy up!

The speech bubble on this horse cracked me up.


I needed to give this guy a hug.

We noticed after the fact that this horse had a penis spray painted on it. Too bad it was a mare!

I love the colors of the moss and lichen!

The rocks in central Washington are lovely like this.

This is looking into the valley behind the horses and away from the Columbia River.

I think we’re lucky to live in a state with thick forest and deserts like this.

In Frenchman Coulee we noticed that the small waterfall coming over the cliff was actually pumping out quite a bit of water!  This was our first trip to the desert in November.  It was much wetter than we’re used to seeing the desert.

I love the little pops of orange and green in the fall landscape.

The sage brush was mostly dead and brown, but you could still really really smell that wonderful sage smell.

Note the waterfall in the background.

Eric wanted to hoof it up the hill behind us to get a particular shot of the coulee.  I wasn’t in the mood for that so I wandered around for a bit taking photos with my Canon, Polaroid Land camera, Diana mini, Savoy  and traditional Polaroid cameras.  Eric and I went to the desert armed with a ridiculous 13 cameras.  Only one of which was digital.

It’s a long way down!

I do get really nervous standing near the edge.  I’m not scared of heights, but that is one big ‘ol drop!

I think this is one of our top 3 favorite places in Washington.

Eric made it to the top of hill!  Do you see him near the top center of the photo?

I’m not quite sure how he made it up there, but I was too nervous for him to watch him make his way down.

After fun and photos in Frenchman Coulee we continued on to a coulee we’ve never explored before!  Here is Potholes Coulee!

Potholes Coulee is bigger than Frenchman Coulee.

It was sadly cloudy most of the day.  It was kind of a bummer.

Lucky for use it didn’t rain when we were in the desert. It sure looked like it could though!

We decided to walk on the trail back into the coulee.  We usually have too many miles to cover in a day that we don’t give ourselves the chance to do stuff like this.

The sun started to poke through the clouds and hit the back of the coulee.

We zig zagged through the coulee and made it to Ancient Lake.  We were not expecting to see a lake like this at all!

I didn’t bring my tripod with me so I just propped my camera up on a rock to snap a photo of us.

Ancient Lake was gorgeous!  The sun came out and gave way to some blue sky!  We agree that we want to come back here in the summer!  There was a group of people camping across the lake from us.  It would be super fun to camp here in the warm weather!

A wide angle lens would be wonderful right now!

I tried to take another photo of us and mostly succeeded.  Eric and I were oddly red, white and blue yesterday.  That was NOT planned!

The rock formations in this area are fascinating.  I love how the rocks in the center of the photo look like they were jammed and squished together.

When the sun came out it was actually really warm!

We hiked about 5 miles total through the coulee.  The terrain is mostly flat so it was a super easy hike.

I love to see the layers of rocks on the tall wall to the right of the photo.

This was the biggest waterfall that we saw on our walk.  There are a few larger ones but we didn’t hike back to those.

Do you see the little rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall?

The landscape is much more stunning when the sun is out!  It looks larger and more impressive.

Potholes Coulee was surprisingly impressive! I can’t wait to come back here to explore again.

After Potholes Coulee we drove to George, Washington where we hopped back on the Interstate for the drive home.  Central Washington never disappoints us!

George, Washington is the only town/state with a Presidents full name in the states! Thanks for following! Did you go on any fabulous adventures this weekend?

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 5

I didn’t forget about the rest of the photos from our summer trip, and I hope you didn’t either! It takes a long time to post this many photos and I didn’t want to bombard you with too many photos. On our last day in Salt Lake City we took public transportation into the city to watch the Pioneer Day Parade! Pioneer Day is on the 24th of July and it celebrates the arrival of Brigham Young, along with his Mormon followers, into Salt Lake City. I like to describe Pioneer Day as “The 4th of July for Mormons.” I hope that’s not offensive. There was a celebratory atmosphere, balloons, a huge parade and fireworks at night. Kind of sounds like The 4th of July, no? This was by far the best parade I’ve ever been to! This also was the first parade I’ve been to with real floats.

Many people camp out over night for the parade. Some people even two nights! We saw mattresses, grills and hammocks. They don’t mess around when it comes to this parade!

Of course you need horses for a parade.

The motorcycle cops did a rather fantastic choreographed routine on their bikes.

This year was the 150th anniversary of Union Pacific!

The governor of Utah, Gary Herbert.

And more cops on bikes! The nicest thing I can say about police officers is if they are on motorcycles or horses…they have awesome boots! And State Troopers…have the best hats! Fashionable. That’s how I like my law enforcement!

Pioneer Day royalty.

There were a few rather large marching bands in the parade.

Flyin’ to Zion.

I love horses! I know in all honesty that as a vegan I shouldn’t like horseback riding and cowboys as much as I do, but I’ve really romanticized it. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the cowboy culture. My newest western love is Calamity Jane. What a loud dirty mouthed gal she was!

A macaw, a penny farthing and tie dye…welcome to Utah?

Lego people! The best part of the costume are the little hands!

I’m huge!

What do you seek? These guys had a great float! They pushed themselves around the road with their feet. They were having a great time!

Big Jesus and singin’.


After the parade we stopped back at Mandy and Earl’s house to pick up our belongings before hitting the road. Mandy and Earl had a cute conversation.
Mandy: You haven’t worn those pants in a long time!
Earl: I wore them the last time Sarah and Eric came to visit us.
Mandy: That was over a year ago. How do you remember that?!
Too cute!

Of course we found a dirt road while leaving SLC!

Trains and things.

We brake for trains. You already knew that though 🙂

I love Utah. Wonderful blue skies! If you didn’t snow so much, I’d live in you.

We knew there was another dirt road we had to travel on later in the day. Those grey clouds started to make us a little nervous that our dirt road could potentially be a mud road.

Nine Mile Canyon was our last major point of interest for the day! There are petroglyphs and pictographs in Nine Mile Canyon.

Those dark clouds decided it was finally time to rain. Right away I assume “Tornado!” But no, just heavy heavy rain and lightning.

The rain really did sit on top of our dirt road. There were no other cars on the road except for a few construction vehicles. We were both rather nervous that we may get stuck in mud, but we kept on driving. There were signs warning of flash floods which are also scary!

At the end of a very long and scary muddy road we made it to Nine Mile Canyon! Look at those red hills and that lush grass!

And there are some petroglyphs!

Aren’t they just awesome!? They date from around 950–1250 AD.

Some asshole did this. Jerk.

We like it dirty.

There are supposed to be around 10,000 images on the cliffs in this area.

The clouds cleared for a gorgeous evening driving through the canyon.

Hey little lizard friend!

The Great Hunt Panel is the biggest section of petroglyphs on the canyon.

These are so awesome to see in person!

An old homestead in Nine Mile Canyon.

Balanced Rock.

We meet many animal friends on back roads and open ranges!

Goodnight Utah and Nine Mile Canyon!

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An autumn drive through central Washington!

Two tanks of gas, 17 hours of driving and 600 miles.

We left a little before 4am for our day trip to central Washington! Eric drove the first 2 hours of the trip…and I slept for most of that 2 hours!

We planned the trip so that we would begin exploring the areas we plotted out to explore when the sun came up! Here’s Dry Coulee!

The drive through Dry Coulee was on a mostly dirt road. Actually most of the roads we were on yesterday were dirt roads. We seriously put my Toyota Yaris to the test! I’ve taken that thing off roading through sage brush, on beaches and through sandy deserts in central WA!…and we’re not done yet!

Summer Falls State Park. We were the only people there which was rather peaceful! This was actually one of my favorite spots of the day! This was our first time here and I’d love to come back for a picnic in the summer!

Fall is here! In the Seattle area you’re mostly surrounded by pine trees so you don’t really have the fun leaf colors of fall! It was nice to see some yellow and red trees.

Old homestead.

Leaning barn. My camera was pulling out some wonderful blues in the sky!

Just a small broken down town.


We were driving on this old road when a truck came up behind me rather quickly. I’ll pulled over to let him go through. The kind men in the truck stopped…”Are you trackin’, or broken down, or lost?” “Nope…just driving around!”

An old schoolhouse. There are actually quite a few old homesteads, barns and schools in this part of the state. If you’re lucky enough to not be on the interstate you’re bound to see some!

The last golden field of summer.

Down there is the Columbia River.

After driving down that fun road to the Columbia River you had to take a small ferry to get to the other side! The ferry was free and could only haul about 6 cars at a time! How fun is that?!

There were 5 cars on the ferry when we took it. They go back and forth all day transporting cars. It was actually kind of fun to be on such a small ferry.

The water was calm and the sun was shining! We were lucky and had a sunny 70 degree day.

Bo’sn stown.

Columbia River.

There were only two cars waiting to take the ferry to the other side!

We had lunch at a nearby State Park. It was a great idea for us to buy a small camp stove for our travels. It’s nice to actually eat a meal (of Indian food!!) rather than just snack on food throughout the day.

One other couple was at the park with us, but again it was a quiet place to be.

There’s an overlook at the Coulee City Dam. There’s this weird structure there too.

Damn dam.

We drove through Barker Canyon to get to Banks Lake. Banks Lake exists because of the dam.

More fall leaves!

Eric with one of his many film cameras. Note Steamboat rock in the background.

Fun Barker Canyon sign!

And this is Barker Canyon!

We made a friend on the way out of the canyon.

Just munching on some prickly weeds!

That cow was mud bogging!

The desert is quite lovely this time of year! The dry grass is such a great color.

Most of the farm animals  we encounter on these backroads are on open ranges so we get very close to them because they are usually literally right on the road. They always seem to be curious of us and I’m always almost ready to dig some apples out of the snack bag for them.

If you look very closely you can see Eric standing in front of that huge rock!

Yeager rock!

Eric picked a flower for me!

We both take photos with vintage Polaroid Land cameras. Fuji makes film that works in them which is great!…but when you peal the exposed photo away from the negative you have two wet pieces of film that have to dry. This has been a problem until we figured out a solution for ourselves! We huge a line with some paper clips on it over the back seat of the car! This was out first time testing it out and it was a success!

This was probably the worst road we’ve every driven on. We were way far out in the desert when the road suddenly turned to sand. Yaris= ATV.

At the end of the road we were greeted by a better road and Moses Coulee!

You would expect this scenery in Arizona or Utah, but no, we’re in Washington!

Somewhere out there is the ghost town of Spencer. A few years ago Eric, our friend Calder, and an older gentleman that Eric is friends with, and myself hiked out there to find Spencer! We found it along with broken bottles, plates and pieces of an old stove!

And don’t think I’d forget to have at least one photo of our travel mascot!

A lovely old ad on an old barn!

We get dirty and we have a great time doing it! Happy and safe travels!

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Weekend trippin’.

It’s early to bed tonight!  Tomorrow Eric and I plan to be on the road at 4am… yes AM!!…to drive to central Washington for the day.  You might remember that we attempted this a few weeks ago, but had to return home because of wildfires.  They seem to be under control now so we should have a sunny 70 degree day!
We’re armed with a slew of film cameras and my trusty Canon!  This might be the last big sunny trip of the year.  BOO!!  I can’t wait to share the day with you when we return!
Happy weekend to you!  Any big plans?

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Wonderful weekend! – Friends, Volcanoes and Trains

My lovely friend Nicki and her husband Ryan were in Seattle Friday night!  They live in Delaware and have been on the west coast for their honeymoon!   We went to Bamboo Garden for some dinner. We ended up sitting there and talking for four and a half hours! We then stood in the parking lot at their hotel for another hour and a half. It was so good to see Nicki again! It’s been at least four years since I had last seen her. Meeting Ryan was great too! I was happy to finally meet him after hearing Nicki talk about him for many years! They’re so cute together!

Saturday morning Eric and I left around 8am for a trip to Mt. St. Helens. Juniper was trying to be extra cute so we would stay at home and play with her.

We picked up some Mighty O donuts for the trip.

Our mascot kept watch while we drove through Mt. Rainier National Park on the way to Mt. St. Helens.


Behind that cloud in the center of the photo is Mt. Rainier.

The fog clung to the mountains near Mt. Rainier.

We accidentally missed our road and drive 20 miles before figuring it out. We had to turn around and backtrack, but we did have this view!

There’s Mt. St. Helens with a little cloud cover!

We were going to see Mt. St. Helens via Windy Ridge. On the drive to Windy Ridge you can see more of the destruction and blast zone than you can going to Mt. St. Helens on the other side. The destructive power of nature is impressive, no?

There is only one road to Windy Ridge and it JUST opened two days ago! Much time is spent fixing the roads after harsh winters in the area.

This car (barely) survived the eruption of St. Helens. This was 9 miles away from St. Helens.

It’s the end of September and the wild flowers are still blooming!

Those light colored rocks are actually pieces of pumice from the explosion at St. Helens.

Weird little stump creepin’ down the hill.

The pumice is really light! They almost feel like you’re holding a handful of marshmallows.

Today was a rare day that I actually needed sunglasses!

That giant rock is called a hummock and it was actually part of the top of Mt. St. Helens that was blasted into the sky during the eruption.

Eric was busy taking photos on his vintage cameras!

And there’s Spirit Lake! The lake now sits 200 feet higher than it did before the eruption! Crazy!

The weather was beautiful for our trip!

There are hundreds (thousands?) of logs floating in Spirit Lake from the eruption. The force of the eruption pushed the water 800 ft. up the nearby hillside taking out thousands of trees along the way before it settled down…200 feet higher than before!

Yesterday was Nation Public Lands Day!

At Windy Ridge you can walk up roughly 3 millions steps…well…361 to be exact…to have a beautiful view of Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake. My legs are hurting today! While I was standing by my car after the walk down I could seriously see my legs shaking. I felt like a little baby deer!

Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake!

On the way back home we took a small road that is literally falling to pieces. It won’t be there for many more years! The ground from the blast just continues to settle.

You can see where the blast zone stops. There are lush pine trees just outside of the blast zone line.

We hit 65,000 miles while on that rickety back road!

And any trip isn’t complete without at least one train sighting right?! This is the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad.

Fall is really here, huh?!

Good night and safe travels!

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Skirting Seattle.

Yesterday Eric and I drove around on the outskirts of Seattle to find some weird things that we hadn’t seen before. We found this cow. Moo!

We made a stop at Snoqualmie Falls. We’ve been here many many times before, but it’s always nice to stop back here and say hello!

In the town of Snoqualmie we stopped at their railroad museum. We poked around here a bit and then listened to the older gentleman in the gift shop tell us some of his best jokes.

Dining car.

If you haven’t noticed…we stop to take pictures of trains on almost every trip we take! I told Eric it’s time for us to get a bumper sticker that says “I brake for trains.” I don’t think he’s ready for that commitment just yet.

We finally made to it Jimi Hendrix grave as well!

He has so many lipstick kisses!

There’s a sewage treatment facility south of Seattle that has this grotto type structure open to the public.

All of the ponds around the little walkway were drained…or they had some nice green slime on the water.

I like rock art!

We were the only people at the grotto so we took a sneaky photo!

I found these white berries near the grotto. I bet they’re not edible.

A giant cowboy hat and pair of boots!! I love some nice cowboy boots!

This are at a park and the boots used to be male and female restrooms.

Trying them on for size.

The park is near the airport so there was a lot of air traffic overhead in the few minutes we were there.


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“The farther west we drove the more Pop everything looked on the highways.”

Eric and I are hitting the road again this weekend!  We’ll only be camping one night in central Washington, but we’re excited to explore and soak in some on the last rays of summer!  We’ll be seeing some things we’ve seen before and some things that are new to us!  My car needs some new front tires, but she’ll be more than road worthy by the weekend.  She’s itchin’ to drive and show off her new shoes.  Since she’s getting some new kicks I wonder if that means I can buy a new pair of boots?

Do ya’ll love Andy Warhol as much as I do?! I used to be rather obsessed with him and I’m rediscovering that obsession.
“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.”

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