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Savoy- Roll 1

My first roll of film from the Savoy was mostly a success!  There’s a light leak on the camera that will have to be taped up next time I shoot with it, but that is pretty much the extent of the badness with the camera!  The bright red marks on the photos are from the naughty light leak.


Winter with the Space Needle.


The International Fountain.


Near the Seattle Center.


The Fremont Rocket.


Waterfall at Frenchman Coulee.


Frenchman Coulee.


Old Vantage Highway in Frenchman Coulee.


Near Camano Island.


Near Camano Island II.

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We ended 2012 on a wonderful note!

The past two or three years have been quite meh for me. 2011 was the worst. Ever. 2012 made up for that and then some!  We traveled so much.  Camped more than we ever have.  Cooked more, and different, meals at home, and just had a great year together in general.  Yesterday we drove north to Bellingham, WA for a final day of photo taking and food in 2012.  Ok, so we mostly drove an hour north to get a tofu sandwich at the best co-op I’ve ever been to, but we still had fun along the way!


This little turnout is on Chuckanut Drive. The narrow road winds along the sound with fun views of the water. It was along this road that we walked to the beach where we saw the purple starfish earlier this year.


A winter day near Puget Sound.


We pulled over here to snap a photo of something across the road, but we noticed a plaque on the rock.


Dedicated to the memory of Governor Lister by the Ladies Improvement Club of Edison, Washington.


Western Washington University is located in Bellingham, WA. We were there before to check out their sculpture park. Eric found out that they also have an arboretum you can drive through. This canopy of trees greeted us as we started on the drive!


There was a parking lot at the top of the hill. There was also a tunnel and an observation tower. Both sounded like fun so even though it was cold and flurrying and went for the short hike.


I love the moss on the trees in Washington.


The tunnel was originally made for cars!


Made in 1923.


Eric is document the location of the photos he took with his Polaroid Land Camera.


And there’s our observation tower!


The view from the top wasn’t all that spectacular. It was cloudy and foggy, but I’m sure in the summer there’s a much better view!


On our way back to the car we walked through the tunnel. This was the other side. Note the clearance sign at the top of the tunnel.


There’s some of that lush moss I was talking about.


And the reason…one of the reasons…for driving to Bellingham! I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever consumed! I think we need to try to make these at home. They soak their tofu in tamari and ginger. There’s also lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and vegenaise on there. SO GOOD!


The co-op also makes these massive vegan truffles. We bought four of them so we could eat them today too! I found a pretty good recipe for truffles that I want to try very soon!


We drove around the city taking photos for a bit while the sun was out…a rare sighting this time of year! There’s an antique shop that we always stop at in Bellingham too. I found this goofy little wall hanging with a real photo background and two plastic deer with a tree. I loved it so it came home with me.


In Seattle, at midnight on New Years Eve, fireworks are set off from the Space Needle. About 8 minutes worth of fireworks are strapped to the needle and they are synchronised with music. One of the local news stations airs the fireworks so you can actually watch them from the comfort of your own couch. We popped open a bottle of sparking apple-grape cider around 7pm and we were in bed by 9pm. BUT we set our alarms for 11:50pm so we could get up and watch the fireworks. We had our kiss at midnight and promptly went back to our warm bed!

Happy New Year to you!  How did you celebrate the new year?

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Hittin’ the town.





1.  Crispy potstickers from Bamboo Garden in Seattle.  2.  #109 with curry sauce.  3.  The Space Needle and record stores are both beautiful.  4.  Thrift store finds!…A stripy sweater and printmaking supplies.  $6 haul!

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Seattle Sci-Fi and Music.

Eric and I took the day off of work today to have a fun day in Seattle! We decided to go to the Experience Music Project/Sci-Fi Museum near the Space Needle.

The was an Icons of Science Fiction exhibit at the Sci-Fi portion of the museum. There’s a Dalek from Dr. Who!

There were some interactive parts of the exhibit. This area had some little figurines on sticks and a green screen. There was also a camera that recorded the moves you made with the little figures and showed you what you were doing against a different background. Does that make sense?

I was using the shark looking figure and Eric had the fake Godzilla critter. At the end of our playtime Eric’s figurine jumped on the back of mine and rode off into the starry night sky together.

This little guy was the flying saucer in the 1959 movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

This needs no explanation!

Yoda’s necklace and cane. Eric was excited!

The Captains chair from Star Trek. Trouble With Tribbles as well.

The other exhibit at the Sci-Fi museum was the Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film exhibit.

You had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the exhibit. This was the wallpaper on the walls as you walked down. Super fun!

Jason Voorhees mask and machete from Friday the 13th.

Flying sphere from Phantasm II.

The Alien from Alien! You could see his little mouth in his big mouth too!

The design of the Lure of Horror exhibit was fantastic! There were two wall hangings that looked like this. The one was based around the movie It Conquered the World. Doesn’t it look like parts from a plastic toy that you have to put together?

This was another interactive exhibit. There was a bright light shining against a wall that would somehow give you an alien head…or alien features…when you stepped in front of the light. This is our shadow on the wall.

And on to the Experience Music Project! This is in the same building as the Sci-Fi museum, so you only have to paid admission once to see both museums!

There was a Nirvana exhibit on display. Seattle loves their Nirvana! There’s Kurt Cobain’s sweater! I still want my Kurt Cobain hair.

There’s a hall of guitars that is great to see if you are lucky enough to go to the EMP. The Nirvana display was interesting too because there were Polaroids and other photos that were Kurt’s of him and his band while he was younger. The other exhibit currently on display was, Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket.

The black leather jacket is so iconic that we now make vegan leather jackets to satisfy and need/want of a leather jacket. Right?

Cute girls and jackets.

A few jackets were on display. It was great to see how people would personalize their jackets.

Look at them! I think they’re wonderful! So many studs.

This may have been my favorite jacket. The detail on the jacket is great! The silver studs and paint are fabulous.

And we couldn’t be at the Seattle Center and not say hello to the International Fountain and the Space Needle! Thanks for a great rainy day Seattle!

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Three Days in John Day- part 1

We headed out early in the morning on Friday. Heading south on I-5 we said good morning to the Space Needle.

A few hours and a car nap later we arrive in Oregon. I wanted to make a pit stop in Portland…for vegan donuts.

I waited in line at Voodoo Donuts while Eric wandered off to take some photos.

Voodoo was hoppin’!

I walked out with three donuts…a raised chocolate, oreo with peanut butter and a sprinkled donut! These were good! There’s no doubt about that, but I do like Mighty O better. Sorry Portland. We have 100% vegan and organic donuts. These donuts also seemed much more like junk food to me than Mighty O. And yes I do realize I’m talking about donuts, but there was just a ton of stuff on top of the donuts. Donut problems.

After leaving Portland, we traveled on old Route 30 along the Columbia River. Along the way we spotted the Multnomah Falls. There actually wasn’t that much water falling, but the height of the falls made it rather impressive.

Old Route 30 and an old tunnel.

Oregon is lush!

There were a few scenic overlooks along the way. This was overlooking the Columbia River.

The wildflowers are blooming all over the Pacific Northwest!

This was another wonderful scenic overlook on old Route 30.

We were camping in John Day, Oregon for the weekend. Central Oregon has plenty of ghost towns and towns that are one inhabitant away from being a ghost town.

Shaniko, Oregon is one of those towns. It’s wonderful and quirky and sad that more people don’t visit this town! Shaniko is really trying to make it! Somehow it’s surviving.

The town was not hoppin’. Most of the stores were closed. There’s an hotel for sale if you’re interested!

I had to use the little cowgirl’s room.

I also had to stick my hand in the toilet to flush it.

This is my favorite store in Shaniko! They always have a yard sale. One of the signs out fronts says “We be open 7am.”

One of the things we wanted to see this weekend were the John Day Fossil Beds. There are a few locations for the beds. This was one we passed along the way. There are some great hiking trails here that we would love to explore one day when we make it back there!

Roama was of course along for the ride.

There are also painted hills in this part of Oregon! They are gorgeous!

The weather was so so for this part of the trip, but the sun made an appearance so we could take some photos!

We didn’t make it to camp until around 8pm! Did you know that six years ago on Memorial Day weekend was the first time that Eric and I went camping? Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of our weekend trip!

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Record Store Day, vegan goods, and the Space Needle! Fun in the sun!

After racing through Silver Platters for Record Store Day we went to Wayward Vegan Cafe for some food.

While at Wayward Eric found out that it was only $1 to go to the top of the Space Needle today! It's usually $19, but today was some sort of special day and they were apparently feeling generous. We ALSO saw today that they repainted the Space Needle to the original colors from the 1962 World's Fair! This is incredibly awesome! But sadly it's going to stay the original colors for six months. How weird. I love the "galaxy gold" Space Needle!

I found what appeared to be some yarn bombing near the Space Needle. Eric thought it was some sort of permanent installation though.

Today was a lovely Seattle spring day!

Eric took a few photos of the fountain near the Needle with his Holga camera.


Here's part of the new permanent Dale Chihuly glass museum right beside the Needle. I like the glass, but I'm not really a huge Dale Chihuly fan.

I love the Needle!

More glass. You can't really tell from this photo, but the purple glass on the left looked like raw gemstones. It was quite lovely!

Hey Monorail!

The Monorail goes through the Frank Gehry building on the other side of the Space Needle.

Parts of the Frank Gehry building are very unattractive, but this part is gorgeous. Most of this other buildings have these same metallic waves.

And the Monorail comes out of the other side of the Frank Gehry building.

There's the monorail!


We sadly didn't go to the top of the Needle today. There was at least a two hour wait. The whole area around the Needle was packed today because of festivities for the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair. There were plenty of food trucks there including Mighty O Donuts! Vegan fun!


I tried to take our photo with the Space Needle. Eric tried to steal my donut.

We drove to a park in Queen Anne that overlooks the city. This was our first time at this park and the view is incredible! Note AWESOME Mt. Rainier in the background?

This is looking south at Alki Beach.

I love our city! And our orange Space Needle.

The Fremont Bridge was up on our way back through town.

Record Store Day finds! Foster the People and Grouplove! And Juniper!

Awesome clear yellow vinyl.

Of Monsters and Men AND Fun.!

Fun. had some fun glittery gold shaped vinyl!

Today was a fantastic day in the city!  Eric wrote about his Record Store Day experience too!…click here to read it!  

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Not so sunny Seattle on a Friday.

It was a stereotypical rainy day in Seattle. We went to visit the Space Needle though. Even if it is raining it's still fun to see! I took a few more test photos with my Polaroid camera.


There are still a few kinks to work out, but here are my shots from today!


After visiting with the Space Needle we went to Bamboo Gardens for some vegan Chinese foods! Those are crispy pot stickers. Delightful!


I ate some spicy Udon noodles in Szechwan sauce.


Eric tried the thin lo mein noodles. Both were fantastic. Bamboo Garden can do no wrong.


I found this at a record store tonight. I had the urge to purchase this since I'm a Pennsylvania...but alas I'm stingy.


I did pick up this Andrew Bird 7" though. The B side is a Handsome Family cover. I love the Handsome Family so that's the only reason I bought this. It really doesn't compare to the original...but good try Bird.


I've seen the Handsome Family play twice at the Tractor in Seattle. They are two lovely folks! I have a few print from Rennie, the gal in the band, as well.


I bought some chocolate tonight! Eric like the chocolate with the crispies in it. He bought me dinner tonight so I bought him chocolate. I wanted to try the Nirvana bar on the right. OMG awesome! If you let it melt in your mouth you can really taste the hard caramel pieces and the little specks of sea salt. It was a fabulous purchase!

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Vegan foods and Seattle fun!

I had my morning cuddle session with miss kitten. About 30 seconds after getting out of bed today I fell down the last two steps on the staircase. Needless to say that woke me up!

Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day! I saw this guy in the front yard this morning.

Most of the snow melted overnight so today we drove down to Seattle for some food and some shopping. We stopped at Wayward Vegan cafe in the U-District. I had a fabulous "chiggen" wrap and Eric had sun's over Seattle.

Eric did a little record shopping and then I wanted to go visit the Space Needle.

We also walked over to the Experience Music Project designed by Frank Gehry.

It was an oddly sunny winter day.

We stopped by the EMP gift shop to browse and because I knew there was a penny press machine there. I saw this fun Nirvana shirt. It's a rather nice design!

Penny press machine!

I only had enough change with me though to make one pressed penny! How sad.

While in Seattle I picked up the new thumb shifter for my bike that I ordered a few weeks ago.

I made some more Thai iced tea this morning. I made some Han Solo ice cubes to put in my tea. Fancy huh? I bought this mold to make Han Solo chocolates, but for's an ice cube maker.

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Bamboo Garden and the first snow of the season!

Today after work Eric and I went to Bamboo Garden in Seattle for some vegan Chinese goodness!


I had some corn chowder. I always thought it was weird that Bamboo Garden served corn chowder but I allow it because it's the best soup I've ever had!


We ordered some pot stickers. They came with duck sauce and some super super spicy mustard.


Pot stickers!


Herc approves of pot stickers.


My food! It is Shanghai style rice pasta. The round things are thick rice noodles. It's my new favorite dish at Bamboo Garden!


They serve fancy carrots here. There's a butterfly and a shrimp!


Eric had a sizzling plate. That made him rather excited!


Sizzle sizzle!!


After we ate we stopped by the record store and then went to visit the Space Needle!


Next year the Space Needle will be 50 years old! It would be awesome if they would paint the Needle orange like the original color. I bet they won't though.


It was actually snowing on the way home! Gross. I'm not ready for winter.

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merry christmas from seattle!

last night eric and i spent christmas eve driving around to some of our favorite spots in seattle to take some photos. we went to carkeek park first to watch the sunset and then headed down to gasworks park by lake union to see the city at night and to see the christmas tree on the top of the space needle!

we haven’t been to carkeek park since august i think so it was nice to get back there. it was so cold though! it was a chilly day and then you had the wind coming off of the sound so it was brr cold! we didn’t stay there too long, but just long enough to find some seashells and say hi to the seagulls.

it was pretty dark by the time we got to gasworks, but you could see the city pretty well with all of the lights. we went there mainly because i wanted to see the tree on the top of the needle. i seem to forget that we live in a major city until we actually see the downtown. it’s pretty amazing!

merry christmas and happy christmas number two for us in seattle!

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