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Welcome home!

A Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens arrived in the mail for me today.  I thought it was time to do a little upgrading from the kit lens that came with the T2i.  And what an upgrade it is!


This is the first lens I’ve actually purchased for my Canon. I’ve been wanting something that will take cleaner and more vibrant photos.


The shallow depth of field is wonderful!


I walked around the house tonight taking photos of things to test out the lens. I tried a recipe I found for Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars tonight. I really like them, but Eric does not. They actually do taste like cookie dough and he doesn’t like raw cookie dough. Gasp!!


I nommed away on one while Eric decided to snack on a few chips.

Check out the recipe at Oh She Glows!


Eric wasn’t the only one in the house hungry for chips. Juniper decided that merely licking the salt off of his fingers wasn’t good enough!


But she is cute!


This tiny lens is well worth the money! I can’t wait to take some portrait shots with it soon!…Did I mention that my sister is going to have a baby!?! It’s her first and I’m super excited! Babies and lenses…everyone wins!!

I bought my lens from B&H Photo.  I decided to take advantage of their free shipping.  Even with the slower shipping option it only took 4 days to get here!

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Day Trip to Frenchman Coulee and Potholes Coulee.

Yesterday Eric and I ventured to central Washington for the day! The plan was to explore Frenchman Coulee and Potholes Coulee. If you’ve followed this blog for at least a few months, you know by now that we love to geology of Washington. We actually left for the trip later than we usually do. We were out the door a little after 6am. Eric took the first shift driving since he usually does the navigating once we arrive in central WA.

The ‘ol car 66,666 miles while on I-90!

There is an old train station in Cle Elum, WA that we somehow never visited before.  I noticed a deer standing between two cabooses.  We didn’t know if it was real or not because it wasn’t moving.  Of course I thought it was weird that it was just staring at us.  It finally moved and ran after a doe standing nearby.

Check out that rack!

It’s still apple season in the Northwest.  Cle Elum is in a mountain pass so it was a very foggy and misty morning.

I’m sure the local deer are snacking on these apples.

The old train station here is actually in really great condition.  Someone took quite a bit of time and care into maintaining the building.

Cle Elum.

This is the old substation from the railroad that used to run through the area.  There are miles of rails-to-trails paths in this area too.

There was a fence around the substation or else we would have gone closer for some more exploration.

We continued on towards Frenchman Coulee.  This shot is from a rest area near Vantage, WA.  That’s the Columbia River down there!

It was around 9am when we were here and it was still incredibly foggy.

This is also at the rest stop.  You can hike up the hill to see the metal sculptures of horses if you have time.  I did a little research and this piece is apparently called “Grandfather cuts loose the ponies!”  These sculptures have been here for quite some time, but it seems as they the piece was never finished due to the lack of funding.  The horses were supposed to be running out of a huge basket that was tipped over.  That’s fun!  I love this piece as it is, but a giant basket wouldn’t hurt either.  We’ve always seen the horses when it was sunny so it was a wonderful contrast to have the fog there in the morning.

And up we went.

Out of the mist!

Some of the horses are life size and some are larger than life!

I was a crazy horse girl when I was younger.  This still excited me of course.

Giddy up!

The speech bubble on this horse cracked me up.


I needed to give this guy a hug.

We noticed after the fact that this horse had a penis spray painted on it. Too bad it was a mare!

I love the colors of the moss and lichen!

The rocks in central Washington are lovely like this.

This is looking into the valley behind the horses and away from the Columbia River.

I think we’re lucky to live in a state with thick forest and deserts like this.

In Frenchman Coulee we noticed that the small waterfall coming over the cliff was actually pumping out quite a bit of water!  This was our first trip to the desert in November.  It was much wetter than we’re used to seeing the desert.

I love the little pops of orange and green in the fall landscape.

The sage brush was mostly dead and brown, but you could still really really smell that wonderful sage smell.

Note the waterfall in the background.

Eric wanted to hoof it up the hill behind us to get a particular shot of the coulee.  I wasn’t in the mood for that so I wandered around for a bit taking photos with my Canon, Polaroid Land camera, Diana mini, Savoy  and traditional Polaroid cameras.  Eric and I went to the desert armed with a ridiculous 13 cameras.  Only one of which was digital.

It’s a long way down!

I do get really nervous standing near the edge.  I’m not scared of heights, but that is one big ‘ol drop!

I think this is one of our top 3 favorite places in Washington.

Eric made it to the top of hill!  Do you see him near the top center of the photo?

I’m not quite sure how he made it up there, but I was too nervous for him to watch him make his way down.

After fun and photos in Frenchman Coulee we continued on to a coulee we’ve never explored before!  Here is Potholes Coulee!

Potholes Coulee is bigger than Frenchman Coulee.

It was sadly cloudy most of the day.  It was kind of a bummer.

Lucky for use it didn’t rain when we were in the desert. It sure looked like it could though!

We decided to walk on the trail back into the coulee.  We usually have too many miles to cover in a day that we don’t give ourselves the chance to do stuff like this.

The sun started to poke through the clouds and hit the back of the coulee.

We zig zagged through the coulee and made it to Ancient Lake.  We were not expecting to see a lake like this at all!

I didn’t bring my tripod with me so I just propped my camera up on a rock to snap a photo of us.

Ancient Lake was gorgeous!  The sun came out and gave way to some blue sky!  We agree that we want to come back here in the summer!  There was a group of people camping across the lake from us.  It would be super fun to camp here in the warm weather!

A wide angle lens would be wonderful right now!

I tried to take another photo of us and mostly succeeded.  Eric and I were oddly red, white and blue yesterday.  That was NOT planned!

The rock formations in this area are fascinating.  I love how the rocks in the center of the photo look like they were jammed and squished together.

When the sun came out it was actually really warm!

We hiked about 5 miles total through the coulee.  The terrain is mostly flat so it was a super easy hike.

I love to see the layers of rocks on the tall wall to the right of the photo.

This was the biggest waterfall that we saw on our walk.  There are a few larger ones but we didn’t hike back to those.

Do you see the little rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall?

The landscape is much more stunning when the sun is out!  It looks larger and more impressive.

Potholes Coulee was surprisingly impressive! I can’t wait to come back here to explore again.

After Potholes Coulee we drove to George, Washington where we hopped back on the Interstate for the drive home.  Central Washington never disappoints us!

George, Washington is the only town/state with a Presidents full name in the states! Thanks for following! Did you go on any fabulous adventures this weekend?

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 5

I didn’t forget about the rest of the photos from our summer trip, and I hope you didn’t either! It takes a long time to post this many photos and I didn’t want to bombard you with too many photos. On our last day in Salt Lake City we took public transportation into the city to watch the Pioneer Day Parade! Pioneer Day is on the 24th of July and it celebrates the arrival of Brigham Young, along with his Mormon followers, into Salt Lake City. I like to describe Pioneer Day as “The 4th of July for Mormons.” I hope that’s not offensive. There was a celebratory atmosphere, balloons, a huge parade and fireworks at night. Kind of sounds like The 4th of July, no? This was by far the best parade I’ve ever been to! This also was the first parade I’ve been to with real floats.

Many people camp out over night for the parade. Some people even two nights! We saw mattresses, grills and hammocks. They don’t mess around when it comes to this parade!

Of course you need horses for a parade.

The motorcycle cops did a rather fantastic choreographed routine on their bikes.

This year was the 150th anniversary of Union Pacific!

The governor of Utah, Gary Herbert.

And more cops on bikes! The nicest thing I can say about police officers is if they are on motorcycles or horses…they have awesome boots! And State Troopers…have the best hats! Fashionable. That’s how I like my law enforcement!

Pioneer Day royalty.

There were a few rather large marching bands in the parade.

Flyin’ to Zion.

I love horses! I know in all honesty that as a vegan I shouldn’t like horseback riding and cowboys as much as I do, but I’ve really romanticized it. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the cowboy culture. My newest western love is Calamity Jane. What a loud dirty mouthed gal she was!

A macaw, a penny farthing and tie dye…welcome to Utah?

Lego people! The best part of the costume are the little hands!

I’m huge!

What do you seek? These guys had a great float! They pushed themselves around the road with their feet. They were having a great time!

Big Jesus and singin’.


After the parade we stopped back at Mandy and Earl’s house to pick up our belongings before hitting the road. Mandy and Earl had a cute conversation.
Mandy: You haven’t worn those pants in a long time!
Earl: I wore them the last time Sarah and Eric came to visit us.
Mandy: That was over a year ago. How do you remember that?!
Too cute!

Of course we found a dirt road while leaving SLC!

Trains and things.

We brake for trains. You already knew that though 🙂

I love Utah. Wonderful blue skies! If you didn’t snow so much, I’d live in you.

We knew there was another dirt road we had to travel on later in the day. Those grey clouds started to make us a little nervous that our dirt road could potentially be a mud road.

Nine Mile Canyon was our last major point of interest for the day! There are petroglyphs and pictographs in Nine Mile Canyon.

Those dark clouds decided it was finally time to rain. Right away I assume “Tornado!” But no, just heavy heavy rain and lightning.

The rain really did sit on top of our dirt road. There were no other cars on the road except for a few construction vehicles. We were both rather nervous that we may get stuck in mud, but we kept on driving. There were signs warning of flash floods which are also scary!

At the end of a very long and scary muddy road we made it to Nine Mile Canyon! Look at those red hills and that lush grass!

And there are some petroglyphs!

Aren’t they just awesome!? They date from around 950–1250 AD.

Some asshole did this. Jerk.

We like it dirty.

There are supposed to be around 10,000 images on the cliffs in this area.

The clouds cleared for a gorgeous evening driving through the canyon.

Hey little lizard friend!

The Great Hunt Panel is the biggest section of petroglyphs on the canyon.

These are so awesome to see in person!

An old homestead in Nine Mile Canyon.

Balanced Rock.

We meet many animal friends on back roads and open ranges!

Goodnight Utah and Nine Mile Canyon!

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An autumn drive through central Washington!

Two tanks of gas, 17 hours of driving and 600 miles.

We left a little before 4am for our day trip to central Washington! Eric drove the first 2 hours of the trip…and I slept for most of that 2 hours!

We planned the trip so that we would begin exploring the areas we plotted out to explore when the sun came up! Here’s Dry Coulee!

The drive through Dry Coulee was on a mostly dirt road. Actually most of the roads we were on yesterday were dirt roads. We seriously put my Toyota Yaris to the test! I’ve taken that thing off roading through sage brush, on beaches and through sandy deserts in central WA!…and we’re not done yet!

Summer Falls State Park. We were the only people there which was rather peaceful! This was actually one of my favorite spots of the day! This was our first time here and I’d love to come back for a picnic in the summer!

Fall is here! In the Seattle area you’re mostly surrounded by pine trees so you don’t really have the fun leaf colors of fall! It was nice to see some yellow and red trees.

Old homestead.

Leaning barn. My camera was pulling out some wonderful blues in the sky!

Just a small broken down town.


We were driving on this old road when a truck came up behind me rather quickly. I’ll pulled over to let him go through. The kind men in the truck stopped…”Are you trackin’, or broken down, or lost?” “Nope…just driving around!”

An old schoolhouse. There are actually quite a few old homesteads, barns and schools in this part of the state. If you’re lucky enough to not be on the interstate you’re bound to see some!

The last golden field of summer.

Down there is the Columbia River.

After driving down that fun road to the Columbia River you had to take a small ferry to get to the other side! The ferry was free and could only haul about 6 cars at a time! How fun is that?!

There were 5 cars on the ferry when we took it. They go back and forth all day transporting cars. It was actually kind of fun to be on such a small ferry.

The water was calm and the sun was shining! We were lucky and had a sunny 70 degree day.

Bo’sn stown.

Columbia River.

There were only two cars waiting to take the ferry to the other side!

We had lunch at a nearby State Park. It was a great idea for us to buy a small camp stove for our travels. It’s nice to actually eat a meal (of Indian food!!) rather than just snack on food throughout the day.

One other couple was at the park with us, but again it was a quiet place to be.

There’s an overlook at the Coulee City Dam. There’s this weird structure there too.

Damn dam.

We drove through Barker Canyon to get to Banks Lake. Banks Lake exists because of the dam.

More fall leaves!

Eric with one of his many film cameras. Note Steamboat rock in the background.

Fun Barker Canyon sign!

And this is Barker Canyon!

We made a friend on the way out of the canyon.

Just munching on some prickly weeds!

That cow was mud bogging!

The desert is quite lovely this time of year! The dry grass is such a great color.

Most of the farm animals  we encounter on these backroads are on open ranges so we get very close to them because they are usually literally right on the road. They always seem to be curious of us and I’m always almost ready to dig some apples out of the snack bag for them.

If you look very closely you can see Eric standing in front of that huge rock!

Yeager rock!

Eric picked a flower for me!

We both take photos with vintage Polaroid Land cameras. Fuji makes film that works in them which is great!…but when you peal the exposed photo away from the negative you have two wet pieces of film that have to dry. This has been a problem until we figured out a solution for ourselves! We huge a line with some paper clips on it over the back seat of the car! This was out first time testing it out and it was a success!

This was probably the worst road we’ve every driven on. We were way far out in the desert when the road suddenly turned to sand. Yaris= ATV.

At the end of the road we were greeted by a better road and Moses Coulee!

You would expect this scenery in Arizona or Utah, but no, we’re in Washington!

Somewhere out there is the ghost town of Spencer. A few years ago Eric, our friend Calder, and an older gentleman that Eric is friends with, and myself hiked out there to find Spencer! We found it along with broken bottles, plates and pieces of an old stove!

And don’t think I’d forget to have at least one photo of our travel mascot!

A lovely old ad on an old barn!

We get dirty and we have a great time doing it! Happy and safe travels!

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Beach day and Olympia, WA!

Eric and I took a day trip to the beach today! It was super foggy when we drove through Seattle this morning. You can’t even see the top of the Space Needle!

You see some oddities when you’re on back roads.

There’s a power plant near Aberdeen, WA that was never a functioning power plant…but the towers, or whatever they may be called, are still there. This was our second time visiting them.

Power plant!

Our beach destination was Ocean Shores, WA. You can drive on the beach here! It was cloudy and foggy during the entire drive to the beach. You can’t even see the water!

Drivin’ on the sand!

Move it.

You could just see a few little waves rolling in. What a bad beach day! It wasn’t even windy! We only saw one kite.

Shark attack!

We saw this fun sign in Aberdeen, WA.

I took this photo with my Polaroid Land 210 camera. I’m loving the camera and the film immensely!

Kim call Tony.

Aberdeen, WA is the hometown of Kurt Cobain, the late front man of Nirvana. There’s a park near a bridge that Kurt used to hang out under. It’s called the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park. This is a concrete replica of Kurt’s guitar. When you drive into Aberdeen there’s a sign that says “Welcome to Aberdeen. Come as you are.” Get it?

K. C. park.

If you live in the Northwest I think you’re now morally obligated to like Nirvana.

Sweet air guitar!

The park is on a back street out of the way of everything. I thought it was an odd place for a park, but then Eric told me that this is where Kurt used to hang out.

There are some song lyrics on this monument. They censored a word. F***. I wonder what it says? You know…when you censor something like that it just makes it more obvious that there’s a naughty word on the monument.

Under Kurt’s bridge.

Fun Nirvana graffiti.

This is the back of the concrete guitar monument.

Just one more special message to go. And then I’m done and I can go home.

The house Kurt grew up in used to be in that empty lot.

I took a photo under Kurt’s bridge with the Land camera. It’s rather dark, eh?

Since the beach was a bust we decided to spend some time in Olympia, WA. Of course we found a record store.

And right next door was the Oly Vegan shop.

We found a vegan friendly Thai restaurant and nommed some food. Yellow curry!

Rad Nah.

Star Wars graffiti!

Thanks for the fun today Olympia!

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 2

Our first night of camping was spent in Baker City, OR. We were up bright and early for a long day of travel! Baker City has a windmill!

They also have a Chinese cemetery.

It doesn’t seem like many people stop by to visit the cemetery.

Canon Rebel T2i.

Broken down and fun!


And Turkeys! That big old guy fluffed up his feathers and came at the car. Eric gobbled back at him and chased him off.

I want a camper! Juniper could come on trips with us if we had a camper…I will make this happen.

An old cement factory.

Don’t be sad!

Graffiti at the old cement plant.

You must be very careful when exploring old buildings like this. This building has seen many better days so we were on the watch for sink holes and loose floor boards.

This made me miss Juniper!


Tear down the wall. Or the wall is just crumbling.

This place was huge! So much fun graffiti too!

We marked our territory.

It’s been fun Oregon!…but hey there Idaho…didn’t see you standing there!

I have little arms! I love rock shops.

There’s plenty of petrified wood in the Northwest.

We traveled on quite a bit of the Oregon Trail on this trip. No dysentery though.

On back roads you find fun and odd sights and signs. This sign tells you about some Oregon Trail travelers who wrote their names on that rock in the background with wagon wheel grease. You can still see some of the names!

Names from Oregon Trail travelers.

More names.

This was a wonderful unexpected surprise! The Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho. It’s a massive gorge with some waterfalls.  This is also my 666th blog post!  How fitting!

Looking down the gorge at Devil’s Washbowl.

Do you see the “face” screaming at the water? That’s the Devil! Why is he mad at his washbowl?


Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Shoshone Falls. 

We stopped for the night in Twin Falls, ID. We ended the day two hours earlier than we had planned on. I made some food and showered while Eric worked on a blog post for our travel blog,!

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Have Love Will Travel- Day 1

We stopped at Mighty-O before hitting the road! Donuts are a must for a trip!

We stopped at Frenchman Coulee near Vantage, WA. We’ve been here about a dozen times but we love it every time we’re there!

I put our state map on the car! We traveled through two more states together on this trip so I still have to color those in.

Here’s my Grasshopper donut from Might-O. Mint and chocolate!

We’re in Cougs country! Eastern Washington is home to Washington State University. Go Cougs!

We travel on old roads and through broken down towns.

Palouse Falls!

Buzzy bee.

Near Palouse Falls.


I love the desert wildflowers!

Looking down the gorge at Palouse Falls.


Someone made these fun metal cutouts of a Lewis and Clark camp.

We brake for trains and train stations!

Welcome to Oregon! And here’s a crappy picture!

Broken down.

We pulled over in Oregon for a stretch break and some photos with a massive dandelion.

I told him to dip me. “That’s a long dip down if I drop you.”

What a gorgeous old hotel!

The first night was spent in Baker City, OR. We brought a little cook stove along with us for this trip! Indian food was on the menu for the night.

Good night from Bakery City!

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The trip so far!


Palouse Falls, WA.




Fun graffiti!


Malad gorge, ID.


Shoshone Falls, I'D.

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Boots and a bad kitten!

I was playing around with my camera this afternoon while I wore my red cowboy boots. I'm getting used to the settings and fun things on the camera. The depth of field I can get with the camera is fantastic!



My photos are finally looking how I image they should be. Bye bye point and shoot!


I took a few continuous shots and caught Juniper trying to bite my spokes. Look at her little mouth! Bad kitten!



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Seattle and camera day!

I had a ripe mango and Chia Goodness for breakfast. Best breakfast ever!

Eric had a dentist appointment in Seattle today. Our dentist is awesome and loves zombies! This is his waiting room. So swanky!

So cute!

We ate at Bamboo Garden tonight. I ate corn chowder soup.

I also had some Shanghai style rice pasta in curry sauce.

Eric ate some Szechuan lo mein.

We ended the evening with some light gelato at Fainting Goat in Wallingford.

Sweet and sweet!

My Canon Rebel arrived today! My dad's 35mm Minolta camera he gave to me also arrived today! What a fantastic day!

My dad sent this note along with the Minolta.

He also sent me this photo. He's the captain at the Point Township Fire Company in my hometown of Northumberland, PA! I have fantastic parents!

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