Shirt shoppin’.

I usually don’t buy shirts with prints on them. I would usually prefer to print my own. I can’t shell out the money for a shirt when I know how much it actually costs to print shirts.  But this one…I might make an exception for!!

Squirrel love!

Buy your own squirrel love shirt here!

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Finally framed prints and thrifty finds!

Today I picked up two prints I had matted and framed. Framing is super expensive! I had 8 prints I was planning on having framed. The gal at the framing shop told me it would be around $800 to have everything framed. HOLY CRAP! So I picked out 3 prints and had those framed. This is going to be a slow process.


At the thrift store today I found this shirt! Dance Booby dance!


There’s my Headphone Kitty print.


I’m a fan of the hot blue mat! I tried not to pick out obnoxious colors. I was mostly successful.


I cleaned out my office today and finally hung up this vintage beauty.


I found another wall squirrel at the thrift store too! I have three of these now. My walls will one day be plastered with them. Just you wait and see.


This was also a thrift store find. I’ve been looking for a blanket like this for a sewing project I’ve had in mind.


Eric used to have a futon cover made out of this exact same fabric! I saw this at the thrift store and I had to bring it home with me! I’m not quite sure what we’ll do with it since we don’t have a futon. I’m thinking bunny butt curtains would be super cute!



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Merry Christmas Y’all!

Merry Christmas! Our friends and family sent us so many packages this year! Thank you to everyone! Juniper has so many kitten toys now AND a cat tree!

Miss Juniper keeps watch over the Christmas tree from the top of the cat tower.

Christmas kitten cuddles!

Christmas Smartz and Herc!

Herc found some vintage postcards for me!

Vegan Pie in the Sky from Ma and Pa Martz!

My mom and dad made a photo album. They put photos in it of baby me and my family from birth until my first year of college.

Krista, my sister, and I holding ducklings!

I always loved kittens! And I had to squeeze them!

Krista and little Smartz! Happy Birthday me!

Gifts for my bike from Eric's parents, my parents, my grandma and aunts, AND Herc!!

Eric's parents and Eric gave me some old letterpress blocks! The one on the left is the Nixon political cartoon block that I saw while I was in Pennsylvania in October. Eric's parents sent that to me! Eric gave me some squirrel blocks!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I bet I’ll be posting photos from Christmas food later!

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Vegan squirrely crackers.

I made an army of vegan cheese crackers. Squirrel edition.


These are fantastically good!

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Squirrels and butts. Squirrel butts?

I enjoy the show “2 Broke Girls.”  Kat Dennings’ adorable face is in it so that is always a plus, but I do find it to be an entertaining show.  My favorite quote of the day was from the latest episode…

Han: Max, why did you kick out the hipsters?

Max: Because I cannot be in the background of another Instagram photo!

True story!  You can’t make your boring life interesting with a filter.

Here's my new squirrel print that will be going on some women's v-neck shirts.

I have also purchased some black underwear that I was going to print something squirrel related on. I need a butt model. There isn't a less creepy way to ask so there it is. I wanted to possibly post some of these on my Etsy account. I don't want my butt on my Etsy account. If you accept this butt model position you can have your very own pair of squirrely underwears! I guess men with a feminine rump can be butt models as well. Juniper doesn't approve of this idea. Skeptical kitten.

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Another squirrel shirt?

It’s possible.


Clean yer face!

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New squirrel shirts!

Here's the new shirt I've been working on!

That little squirrel is up to no good! I think I'll put a few of these up in my Etsy shop very very soon! I like the brown print on green, but do you have any other suggestions for colors of shirts or prints?

A curious kitten climbed up my leg to interrupt the photo shoot. I also have a few more squirrel prints I'm working on. Exciting!





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A Saturday well spent.

I’m laying on the couch now writing to you with a sleepy kitten by my side.  Juniper has been very cuddly with me lately.  I feel like a mama cat!  She likes to sleep on my chest and by my head.  She’s spoiled at night too.  She sleeps under the blankets with us the whole night.  She stands up when Eric gets out of bed, but will crawl back under the sheets with me until I finally wake up.  What a wonderful kitten!  Although this morning she did wake me up by slapping me in the eye.  I think she just wanted to crawl back under the sheets and I didn’t know she was there.  A swift paw to the eye made it clear that she was beside me though!




After waking up abruptly today I went to the print shop.  Yes I went to work on a Saturday…BUT it was to work on some of my own art for once!  I’m going to be working on a few squirrel images.  It’s possible I’ll be selling these in my Etsy shop.  What do you think?  Do you want a squirrel shirt?!


This is the print I worked on today. I threw the shirt in my bag today so I apologize for the wrinkles.


What is that little squirrel looking at?


Would you like to take this guy home?

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Squirrel paper!

I thank Etsy for this.


Scamper up into that tree. There you are, peeping at me! Button bright eyes make you look wise. Winking and blinking at me.




"Chat, chat!" says the squirrel, "God gives me soft fur."

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Hey friendly squirrel!

This guy came to visit me the other day.

He was eating a peanut.

Nom nom nom.


In another life I was a squirrel with a badass tail.

Scritchy scratchy.

Pondering the meaning of life.

Again with the farty noises.

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