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Hello Monday.

Nothing really happened today except for working a long day and wrapping some Christmas gifts. I did see this at work though. Some teams will print back names of their garments. Apparently we have some Duran Duran fans in Everett!


My German penpal, Sandra, sent me a package last week. She included some of her favorite tea. I tried a cup of it tonight and it's fantastic! I can't read the packet, but I think it's black tea with orange. I approve!


Cuddling with my two favorite c(K)ats is one of my favorite times of the day!

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Squirrels and butts. Squirrel butts?

I enjoy the show “2 Broke Girls.”  Kat Dennings’ adorable face is in it so that is always a plus, but I do find it to be an entertaining show.  My favorite quote of the day was from the latest episode…

Han: Max, why did you kick out the hipsters?

Max: Because I cannot be in the background of another Instagram photo!

True story!  You can’t make your boring life interesting with a filter.

Here's my new squirrel print that will be going on some women's v-neck shirts.

I have also purchased some black underwear that I was going to print something squirrel related on. I need a butt model. There isn't a less creepy way to ask so there it is. I wanted to possibly post some of these on my Etsy account. I don't want my butt on my Etsy account. If you accept this butt model position you can have your very own pair of squirrely underwears! I guess men with a feminine rump can be butt models as well. Juniper doesn't approve of this idea. Skeptical kitten.

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Not the Chatty Kathy.

I haven’t felt like saying to much in blogland the past few days.  I’m kind of worn out from work.  Usually we have rushes.  Rushes are right when different sports seasons start.  For the most part these last about three weeks and then taper off.  I swear this rush has been rushing since May.  The whole summer and fall have basically been a blur.  And I’m tired!  I’ve also been busy with various Christmas related activities.  I REALLY need to finish up with some Christmas shopping and gift making.  I’m slow this year!

Also…my girl crush on Kat Dennings has been growing.




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