Finally framed prints and thrifty finds!

Today I picked up two prints I had matted and framed. Framing is super expensive! I had 8 prints I was planning on having framed. The gal at the framing shop told me it would be around $800 to have everything framed. HOLY CRAP! So I picked out 3 prints and had those framed. This is going to be a slow process.


At the thrift store today I found this shirt! Dance Booby dance!


There’s my Headphone Kitty print.


I’m a fan of the hot blue mat! I tried not to pick out obnoxious colors. I was mostly successful.


I cleaned out my office today and finally hung up this vintage beauty.


I found another wall squirrel at the thrift store too! I have three of these now. My walls will one day be plastered with them. Just you wait and see.


This was also a thrift store find. I’ve been looking for a blanket like this for a sewing project I’ve had in mind.


Eric used to have a futon cover made out of this exact same fabric! I saw this at the thrift store and I had to bring it home with me! I’m not quite sure what we’ll do with it since we don’t have a futon. I’m thinking bunny butt curtains would be super cute!



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3 thoughts on “Finally framed prints and thrifty finds!

  1. I love your prints! I always frame things myself, the crazy cost of having them professionally done makes me oddly accepting of the less than perfect job I would do. lol 🙂

  2. That blue footed booby t-shirt – I want it… any idea where we can get it from without with massive luck you seem to be blessed with?!

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