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Friday to Saturday.

Friday is my favorite day to go to the thrift store!  I guess I just like going out after work to start my weekend by sorting through old junk.


I found this little crewel gem yesterday! I kill most house plants so now I have a collection of plants that I can’t kill!


Purrito even approves!


Today we went to Seattle for major noms! We ate lunch at Wayward and then did some shopping. But then we stopped at Mighty O before heading home! I oinked it up and had two donuts! The vegetables I bought for juicing are glaring at me from the top shelf of the refrigerator.

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A quick Monday find!

One thing led to another today and I ended up at the thrift store. I picked up this crewel wall hanging of a cat in the posies. Duh, it’s awesome! I’ve been eyeing this piece for a few months. Today seemed like a good time to bring it home. I really don’t like the frame. It’s rather awful. I’m planning on taking apart the frame and locking the canvas down in an embroidery hoop. The stitching is only where you see it inside the mat sooo it will fit nicely in an embroidery hoop.

The official vintage fabric inspector came by to inspect my vintage fabric.

Wonderful stitching!

How was your Monday?  I hope your week got off to a good start!

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Finally framed prints and thrifty finds!

Today I picked up two prints I had matted and framed. Framing is super expensive! I had 8 prints I was planning on having framed. The gal at the framing shop told me it would be around $800 to have everything framed. HOLY CRAP! So I picked out 3 prints and had those framed. This is going to be a slow process.


At the thrift store today I found this shirt! Dance Booby dance!


There’s my Headphone Kitty print.


I’m a fan of the hot blue mat! I tried not to pick out obnoxious colors. I was mostly successful.


I cleaned out my office today and finally hung up this vintage beauty.


I found another wall squirrel at the thrift store too! I have three of these now. My walls will one day be plastered with them. Just you wait and see.


This was also a thrift store find. I’ve been looking for a blanket like this for a sewing project I’ve had in mind.


Eric used to have a futon cover made out of this exact same fabric! I saw this at the thrift store and I had to bring it home with me! I’m not quite sure what we’ll do with it since we don’t have a futon. I’m thinking bunny butt curtains would be super cute!



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