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Friday to Saturday.

Friday is my favorite day to go to the thrift store!  I guess I just like going out after work to start my weekend by sorting through old junk.


I found this little crewel gem yesterday! I kill most house plants so now I have a collection of plants that I can’t kill!


Purrito even approves!


Today we went to Seattle for major noms! We ate lunch at Wayward and then did some shopping. But then we stopped at Mighty O before heading home! I oinked it up and had two donuts! The vegetables I bought for juicing are glaring at me from the top shelf of the refrigerator.

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Wayward has a new menu!

Eric and I went to Seattle tonight for some food. Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U-District has a new menu that we wanted to try.  Eric tried the vegan version of a Big-Mac and I had a vegan meatball sub.  The new menu is great and what I had was great, but I probably wouldn’t get it again.  It was rather heavy and fatty.  There was actually a slab of vegan cheese on the bottom of the sammich.  But they had coated it in something so it was basically the texture of a mozzarella stick.  It was just a little too much for me.  Wayward is great at what they do though!

Vegan noms!

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Saturday eats.

Today Eric and I went to Wayward Vegan Cafe for some lunch!

We decided that we needed more food so we drove down to the market.

The market was super busy today! It was also super cloudy and very “Seattle” today.

And this is was the reason for going to the market…vegan cinnamon rolls. Look how big that thing is!

Outside of the market I spotted this lamp. Hang on sir!

There’s a gum wall near the market. Hey cute little raccoon!

Pretty sick, no?

When we came home this afternoon I decided to bake some chocolate chip banana bread…since I didn’t eat enough sweets today!…and I made some tea. I bought a vintage tea kettle yesterday at the thrift store. Super cute!

And the finished chocolate chip banana bread! This actually doesn’t taste very banana…y. Happy Saturday! What did you do today?

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Wayward and Wayzgoose!

Today the Seattle School of Visual Concepts was having their annual Wayzgoose letterpress and print festival! Before the festivities began we stopped by Wayward Vegan Cafe with Jeff and Jamie for some lunch!

SVC Wayzgoose!

There was also steamroller printing. What?…you say? There were teams of printmakers inking up giant prints and then printing those with a steamroller. AWESOME!!

This team wore jumpsuits and helmets.

Local letterpress artists were selling prints and you could tour the classrooms. So much typeface!

This lovely print reminded me of a paint by number.

Prints were everywhere!


More steamrollin’.

There was a competition between the steamrolling teams. The print on the left was the winner and was printed by Keegan Meegan from Portland, Oregon.

More steamrolled prints.

After the printing fun, Eric and I drove to a park that overlooks the city.

I brought home some goods from Wayzgoose. They had a press set up for visitors to print their own print to take home. This is the one I made!

I also entered the raffle they had and I was given this goofy print.

Wayzgoose announcement. Look at that paper!

I took a shot of the city with my Polaroid Land Camera.

Eric found this print of a squirrel and a bunny! It’s us!

I loved this little guy! “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

My NastyBeats bracelet arrived today! This were sold to raise money for our friend who was in a boating accident a few weeks ago. Nasty Beats is his nickname. He’s at home now and doing much better by the way!

Jamie gave me this little guy today.

It’s a squirrel windup toy that spins around and around…

And then sits up holding his nut! So cute and such a fun Saturday!!

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Tuesday afternoon in Seattle.

We went to Wayward to eat breakfast for dinner.

Waffles!! These are super good! Wayward revamped their menu a few weeks ago and they added these delightful waffles to the menu. They also came with tofu scramble, vegan bacon and vegan sausage. I'm usually not a huge fan of fake meat, but this was tolerable and the waffles get two thumbs up!

We had the same thing. Over the years Eric has been told by quite a few people that he looks like Ducky from the movie Pretty in Pink. During the movie there's a part where Ducky lip syncs and dances to an Otis Redding song. While we were eating this song came on the radio. It was rather cute.

After eating we said hi to the troll under the bridge in Fremont.

I found these glasses at a thrift store today. They have the Coulee Dam in Washington on them. Dams...not so!

Junie says hi!

Here’s some Otis and Ducky for you to dance to!

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Record Store Day, vegan goods, and the Space Needle! Fun in the sun!

After racing through Silver Platters for Record Store Day we went to Wayward Vegan Cafe for some food.

While at Wayward Eric found out that it was only $1 to go to the top of the Space Needle today! It's usually $19, but today was some sort of special day and they were apparently feeling generous. We ALSO saw today that they repainted the Space Needle to the original colors from the 1962 World's Fair! This is incredibly awesome! But sadly it's going to stay the original colors for six months. How weird. I love the "galaxy gold" Space Needle!

I found what appeared to be some yarn bombing near the Space Needle. Eric thought it was some sort of permanent installation though.

Today was a lovely Seattle spring day!

Eric took a few photos of the fountain near the Needle with his Holga camera.


Here's part of the new permanent Dale Chihuly glass museum right beside the Needle. I like the glass, but I'm not really a huge Dale Chihuly fan.

I love the Needle!

More glass. You can't really tell from this photo, but the purple glass on the left looked like raw gemstones. It was quite lovely!

Hey Monorail!

The Monorail goes through the Frank Gehry building on the other side of the Space Needle.

Parts of the Frank Gehry building are very unattractive, but this part is gorgeous. Most of this other buildings have these same metallic waves.

And the Monorail comes out of the other side of the Frank Gehry building.

There's the monorail!


We sadly didn't go to the top of the Needle today. There was at least a two hour wait. The whole area around the Needle was packed today because of festivities for the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair. There were plenty of food trucks there including Mighty O Donuts! Vegan fun!


I tried to take our photo with the Space Needle. Eric tried to steal my donut.

We drove to a park in Queen Anne that overlooks the city. This was our first time at this park and the view is incredible! Note AWESOME Mt. Rainier in the background?

This is looking south at Alki Beach.

I love our city! And our orange Space Needle.

The Fremont Bridge was up on our way back through town.

Record Store Day finds! Foster the People and Grouplove! And Juniper!

Awesome clear yellow vinyl.

Of Monsters and Men AND Fun.!

Fun. had some fun glittery gold shaped vinyl!

Today was a fantastic day in the city!  Eric wrote about his Record Store Day experience too!…click here to read it!  

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Do you know what this Saturday is?

Record Store Day AND Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Day!

What a big day!

Our plan is to go to Silver Platters in Queen Anne and then go to Wayward Vegan Cafe for breakfast.  Hopefully after that we can stop by Sidecar for some Vegan Bake Sale Day goods and THEN we’ll stop by Jive Time in Fremont.

I love Saturday’s in Seattle!

What will I be looking for on Record Store Day?

Foster the People- 7"


Fun.- 10"


Grouplove- 7"


Of Monsters and Men-10"


Jive Time is also giving out these fabulous screen printed posters with every purchase on Record Store Day! I bet we'll come home with one of these gems.

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Sunny Seattle Saturday!

Turtle enjoyed the sunshine on the way to Seattle today.

We started the day with some vegan donuts from Mighty O! I love them so much! The donut on the left is a peanut butter chocolate and the one on the right is a raised chocolate cream. OMG!


Cupcake Royale in Ballard FINALLY has a vegan cupcake.

Hey creepy french fry guy!

We stopped by Wayward Vegan Cafe for lunch. They have a new menu so I tried the Wayward Burger. I approve!

I'm making a padded insert for my camera bag. I need foam to do this. Luckily Seattle has a Friendly Foam Store! How could I not take advantage of this?! They are super friendly and they have foam. They couldn't have picked a better name for their company.

Since it was warm and sunny we went to Carkeek beach park. I miss living in Seattle. We live in such an awesome part of the country!

There were a ton of people on the beach today.

There's the Olympic Mountain range.

It was low tide when we were at the beach so we were able to spot a few shells.


Even though it was a little windy the sun was warm on our lily white faces.

A train was coming around the bend. Many people ran to the train bridge to wave hello and to take pictures. Eric is up there in the crowd.

There he is!

There was a crazy Seattleite swimming. Brr!



Eric was rather sweet at the park. We were walking across a wet and swampy part of the park. He stopped and motioned for me to hop on his back. He carried me across the marshy land. He earned major gold stars for that one!

Quack quack!

On the way home we stopped at the Root Beer Store. Eric took a photo of our haul at home. Junie needed attention as you can see.

Eric also wrote about the Root Beer Store over on his blog Little Black Star!  Click and check it out!

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Vegan foods and Seattle fun!

I had my morning cuddle session with miss kitten. About 30 seconds after getting out of bed today I fell down the last two steps on the staircase. Needless to say that woke me up!

Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day! I saw this guy in the front yard this morning.

Most of the snow melted overnight so today we drove down to Seattle for some food and some shopping. We stopped at Wayward Vegan cafe in the U-District. I had a fabulous "chiggen" wrap and Eric had sun's over Seattle.

Eric did a little record shopping and then I wanted to go visit the Space Needle.

We also walked over to the Experience Music Project designed by Frank Gehry.

It was an oddly sunny winter day.

We stopped by the EMP gift shop to browse and because I knew there was a penny press machine there. I saw this fun Nirvana shirt. It's a rather nice design!

Penny press machine!

I only had enough change with me though to make one pressed penny! How sad.

While in Seattle I picked up the new thumb shifter for my bike that I ordered a few weeks ago.

I made some more Thai iced tea this morning. I made some Han Solo ice cubes to put in my tea. Fancy huh? I bought this mold to make Han Solo chocolates, but for's an ice cube maker.

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You have a memorable backside.

Today was a half day for us in the print shop.  It’s been busy beyond belief for months now and since the schools and many of the sports teams are on Christmas break we’ve been able to take a little bit of a breather.  Today we left work early and had plans to go to Seattle just to get out of Everett for a few precious hours.  Before we went to Seattle I finally closed my account with Bank of America!  I’m now banking with a credit union and there are no sneaky and frivolous fees to keep my money there.

Eric and I ate some lunch at Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U-District and then went across the street to Sidecar….the vegan grocery store.  It’s not a trip to Seattle if we don’t go to a record store so off to Ballard it was!  We shopped a little bit and I went into the worst consignment store ever.  It was all of the non-fun stuff in grandma’s attic.  Never again!

Lunch from Wayward! I tried the tuna-ish salad. It's nothing like tuna really, but it was super good. The "tuna" was actually a really well done chickpea salad.

When we got back to the car I was getting ready to sit down in the seat and I looked up the street on the sidewalk.  I saw a rather tall guy who was walking away from us.  I could have sworn that it was our friend Corby.  Here I tell you about Corby…

Corby was from the same area in Pennsylvania as us.  He was friends with Eric and that’s how I met him.  We would go out for tea or Chinese or one time we got really crazy and went to Knoebel’s Amusement Restort.  Corby moved to Seattle one month before we did.  A little over a year ago he left Seattle and spent some time on the east coast before moving to Hawaii.  He’s been there ever since.  The past few weeks Corby has been traveling up and down the west coast going to Tori Amos concerts.  I saw yesterday that he posted something on Facebook saying that he was in Seattle.  I said…”How long will you be here?”  He was sadly leaving on Sunday.

Back to my original story…I said to Eric that that HAD to be Corby.  I got out of the car and yelled up the street to him.  The gentleman kept on walking.  He started to cross the street so I quickly looked up Corby’s number and started to call him.  When this tall gentleman got to the other side of the street he stopped…looked at his phone…and answered it!!

IT WAS CORBY!  Good ‘ol eagle eye me!  I guess Corby has a memorable backside.  He crossed the street again and hopped in my car and we went back to the house he was staying at and talked for about two hours.  He just went for lunch at a local Indian restaurant and was heading back to the house when I spotted him.  It was a very weird and awesome way to find him and see him here!  If we would have been just a few seconds sooner or later we would have missed him.  I’m super happy I was able to see him before he goes back to the island.  I guess in a few months I’ll have to escape the cold and damp weather here and visit him!


Eric, me and Corby!!

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