Sunny Seattle Saturday!

Turtle enjoyed the sunshine on the way to Seattle today.

We started the day with some vegan donuts from Mighty O! I love them so much! The donut on the left is a peanut butter chocolate and the one on the right is a raised chocolate cream. OMG!


Cupcake Royale in Ballard FINALLY has a vegan cupcake.

Hey creepy french fry guy!

We stopped by Wayward Vegan Cafe for lunch. They have a new menu so I tried the Wayward Burger. I approve!

I'm making a padded insert for my camera bag. I need foam to do this. Luckily Seattle has a Friendly Foam Store! How could I not take advantage of this?! They are super friendly and they have foam. They couldn't have picked a better name for their company.

Since it was warm and sunny we went to Carkeek beach park. I miss living in Seattle. We live in such an awesome part of the country!

There were a ton of people on the beach today.

There's the Olympic Mountain range.

It was low tide when we were at the beach so we were able to spot a few shells.


Even though it was a little windy the sun was warm on our lily white faces.

A train was coming around the bend. Many people ran to the train bridge to wave hello and to take pictures. Eric is up there in the crowd.

There he is!

There was a crazy Seattleite swimming. Brr!



Eric was rather sweet at the park. We were walking across a wet and swampy part of the park. He stopped and motioned for me to hop on his back. He carried me across the marshy land. He earned major gold stars for that one!

Quack quack!

On the way home we stopped at the Root Beer Store. Eric took a photo of our haul at home. Junie needed attention as you can see.

Eric also wrote about the Root Beer Store over on his blog Little Black Star!  Click and check it out!

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4 thoughts on “Sunny Seattle Saturday!

  1. Pingback: Wine Less… Drink More Root Beer! | eric's little black star

  2. Once Again, I am green with envy. Might-o, a foam store just when you need it, beaches?? Perfect pics and day.

  3. Ryan beggar

    Carkeek is dearly missed. We spent a good deal of time there! I’ll never forget Taviri toddling along after you on the beach. He still talks about the park with Herc and Sarah. I think he thinks it’s yours.

    • littleblackstar

      Some days, it *was* ours. It was always beautiful on sunny days, but on the dreary days when no one else was there, it was like our very own private beach. It was weird. When you guys moved away, it took me a long long time to go back. It’s still nice. Just not the same.

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