Shameless Self-Promotion.

There are 48 hours left to donate to our Kickstarter project!  Get in on that if it tickles your fancy!

I saw a preview for a new show coming soon on the Discovery Channel.  “North America” premieres May 19th.  Shows like this make me want to travel forever.  I hope you can check it out too!

This past weekend there was a community yard sale in West Seattle.  It was a last-minute decision, but we decided to hit the streets and find some deals.  The first yard sale we went to had “camera equipment,” in their listing.  We went and found cameras!  Eric walked away with one camera, but it was only $1!  Score!


At the first yard sale I found a letterpress drawer!  I’ve been lusting after them for a long time now.  They’re usually really really expensive if you can find them for sale online.  I found this guy for $5.  Win win win!  We went to about 30 yard sales, but the only things we bought were at the first house we stopped at.  We should have just stopped then and ate vegan donuts!


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My thrift list.

I have a few things on my mental thrift list.  I’m always looking for these things when I’m out thrifting.  Last week I was able to cross one item off my list!

Here she is…


A lovely vintage silver vanity plateau mirror.


I’m storing some of my necklaces on it.


I’ve only recently added this to my want list, but it always feels great to cross something off a list.


Next to my mirror is my brass turtle jewelry box. I found him about three years ago.


He’s so lovely and handy too!

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Frosty Thrifting.

It’s been cold here for the past few days.  My mornings before work have been spent with some gloves and an ice scraper.  This morning I wanted to go thrifting so I called up my gloves and scraper again!


I’m not a huge fan of snow, but if it’s going to be THIS cold…it should just snow.


I didn’t wear socks on this cold morning. I hate wearing socks. I also hate wearing shoes. Even when it’s cold I try to not wear socks in the house. I usually romp around the house for an hour or two without socks after I shower, but there is only so much cold I can handle.


Frosty shrubs.


A few times this winter season it has rained at night and then dipped down below freezing. That of course froze my car doors shut. I was somehow able to open my trunk and crawl through the back of the car to push my door open with my feet. Eww cold.


I spotted this little containers with lids and I had to scoop them up! They’re yellow! I couldn’t say no.


I saw two ceramic cats and bought them to send to the Teal Cat Project so they can make more teal kitties to sell!

I posted about the Teal Cat Project a few weeks ago.  You can actually donate ceramic cats you find at thrift stores to the TCP.  They will then paint them and sell them to raise money for their project.  I like donating money to receive a teal kitty, but I wanted to collect a few cats to send them so they have even more to sell!


And these! Copper bowls with brass handles. I’ve been looking for these for a long time. We always see them at Indian restaurants, but I can never find them online. They are the perfect size for a serving of rice. Today was a small but spectacular haul!

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Friday to Saturday.

Friday is my favorite day to go to the thrift store!  I guess I just like going out after work to start my weekend by sorting through old junk.


I found this little crewel gem yesterday! I kill most house plants so now I have a collection of plants that I can’t kill!


Purrito even approves!


Today we went to Seattle for major noms! We ate lunch at Wayward and then did some shopping. But then we stopped at Mighty O before heading home! I oinked it up and had two donuts! The vegetables I bought for juicing are glaring at me from the top shelf of the refrigerator.

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Friday Thrifts.

Did you notice that today is Friday and this post isn’t a Fun Film Friday post?  And did you notice that there was no Fun Film Friday post last week?  I’m bad and I totally forgot about it last week!  I remembered on Saturday.  And now I’m disgruntled with Fun Film Friday.  Apparently I’m bad at 52 week projects!

Today after work I wandered on over to the thrift store.  Mega good day today!  When I finally made it home I had a card from my best friend, Aaron, waiting for me.  I put the photo in a special spot in my office, right beside a photo of Eric and Juniper.  There’s Matt, Darla and Aaron!  So cute!


I love them and cute animals!

And now on to my thrift store finds!  I love bubble lights.  Have you ever seen those during the Christmas season?  Growing up my family always had them on the Christmas tree.  Eric and I bought a set of new bubble lights last year, but we always talked about getting some vintage sets.  They’re really pricey though!  And look what I spotted today!  Two sets of bubble lights!  Now these are only replacement bulbs, but Eric thinks we can find a strand to use them in.


They were $3.99 a pack AND 50% off. Oh my mega deal!


Bubble bubble.

I saw this thing in the kitchen area and grabbed it right away.  It’s a button maker!  It’s metal and really really heavy!  I’m sure they didn’t know what it was since it was sitting with kitchen gadgets.


These go for quite a bit of money online. And I bought it for $4.99!


Did you ever see a button maker?


Badge A Matic!


Someone was playing in my fabric. Play away cute little girl!

Do you ever buy yourself a Christmas gift?  I do!  Well I actually used some Christmas money sent to me by my parents, but I did buy something for myself that I normally wouldn’t buy.  I bought a fabulous new sweater!  Eric is really not a fan of it.  He said that only redeeming quality was that it sure was Smartzy…which means it has loud obnoxious colors/patterns.  I love it!


Loud and proud!

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Thrifting, vegan noms and a tree.

I had a super productive day today! And I even slept in! I had time to go to the thrift store, make awesome baked pasta, exercise, shower, put up the Christmas tree, make another French Silk pie AND nap!


I picked up these books at the thrift store. I’m excited to read both of them!

I used this recipe a few days ago to make some lasagna.  The recipe called for no-boil pasta noodles.  I used them but they sucked in all of my butternut squash filling.  I decided to try it again today but with large cooked pasta shells.  As you should know I always stray from recipes.  I used the original recipe as a loose guide.  Here’s how I made my pasta:

{Make a butternut squash puree.}
-1 large butternut squash
– 2 teaspoons olive oil
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
– 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

I cut my squash in half.  Preheat your oven to 475 degrees F.  Put about an inch of water in a large oven safe pan.  Place the halves of the squash cut side down in the water.  Bake them for about 20 minutes or until tender.  When they’re done I run cold water over the skin of the squash.  I think this makes it easier to peel the skin off of it.  I used a blender to make the puree, but I think a food processor would work best for this.  In a blender slowly add the squash until it is evenly blended.  Add the oil and spices and set aside.

{Make a pecan topping}
-1/2 cup pecans
-1/4 cup nutritional yeast
–1 teaspoon lemon juice

In a blender chop up the pecans.  Add the nutritional yeast and lemon.  Set aside.

{Make a basil cream sauce}
-2 tablespoons vegan butter
-2 tablespoons flour
-2cups almond milk
-1 cup fresh basil leaves ( I use a whole pack of fresh basil leaves that you can buy at the grocery store-check out the photos if you don’t know what I mean)
-1/4 teaspoon thyme
– 1 teaspoon arrowroot powder
-1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

***I also added 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne to my basil sauce.  I love cayenne!

In a pan melt the butter on medium heat.  Add the flour and with a whisk mix to combine it with the butter.  Slowly add the almond milk constantly whisking.  Add your basil and spices.  Carefully blend that mixture in your blender.  Set aside.

Now it’s time to put everything together.  I used a whole box of large past shells for this recipe.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F.  Pour half of the basil cream sauce in a large glass pan.  Fill your shells with the butternut puree.  Fill them up!  Don’t be shy.  I also threw a bunch of mushrooms in with the pasta.  Use other vegetables if that tickles your fancy.  I drizzled the rest of the basil cream sauce over the finished pasta.  Finally sprinkle the pecan mixture over the top…cover with tin foil and bake for 30 minutes!


Butternut squash.


Whisk your butter, flour and almond milk.


I used the whole pack of basil.


Stir in those spices!


I love butternut squash.


Butternut squash, pecan mix, basil sauce.




Basil sauce with some mushrooms.


I wasn’t being stingy when I filled my pasta shells.


Drizzle the rest of the basil sauce over the pasta.


Pecan topping.


And the finished awesome product! So good! This is in my top three favorite things I’ve ever made.


After an afternoon nap, it was time to set up and decorate the Christmas tree. The supervisor was observing from her perch.


Do you like our tree topper? Last year we had a toy Godzilla up there. This year I thought it would be fun to put my Diana mini in the tree.


And now the Christmas season begins! Happy Saturday! I hope you had a great Saturday too!

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Hittin’ the town.





1.  Crispy potstickers from Bamboo Garden in Seattle.  2.  #109 with curry sauce.  3.  The Space Needle and record stores are both beautiful.  4.  Thrift store finds!…A stripy sweater and printmaking supplies.  $6 haul!

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Loafin’ around.

I found this fabulous pair of shoes at the thrift store on Friday.  Brand new and vegan!  Now I’m trotting around in fancy loafers.


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Thrifted Friday.

I found this wonderful Seattle World’s Fair plate today! This is the second Seattle World’s Fair plate in my collection.

There were quite a few kitchen goods there with mushrooms on them. This was the only one that came home with me though.


Orange glasses! I found a set of four of these. Let’s have orange juice!

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Squirrels and chipmunks.

I found this bag on Etsy a few days ago. It’s yellow and it has a squirrel on it. I knew it had to come and live with me! Long story short…the bag arrived today and I noticed it had a hand printed tag sewn into the bag. I was curious so I searched the name on the tag. A shop on Etsy came up with that same name. I looked at the shop and that gal was selling this squirrel bag along with other printed bags. How shitty is that? Someone on Etsy was reselling her handmade bag as “vintage.” That’s the horrible thing with Etsy…people say things are vintage when they are clearly not. People also say things are handmade when they just cut off the Old Navy tags and try to resell it. Be truthful and make handmade goods!!  Also…isn’t Juniper just too cute!?

My friend Jill in Philly send this little chipmunk to me. This little guy arrived in the mail today too!

Say hi to Jill over here!!

She told me that this little guy would always smile for me.

But he’s missing his tail! I think I need to make him a tail.

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