Squirrels and chipmunks.

I found this bag on Etsy a few days ago. It’s yellow and it has a squirrel on it. I knew it had to come and live with me! Long story short…the bag arrived today and I noticed it had a hand printed tag sewn into the bag. I was curious so I searched the name on the tag. A shop on Etsy came up with that same name. I looked at the shop and that gal was selling this squirrel bag along with other printed bags. How shitty is that? Someone on Etsy was reselling her handmade bag as “vintage.” That’s the horrible thing with Etsy…people say things are vintage when they are clearly not. People also say things are handmade when they just cut off the Old Navy tags and try to resell it. Be truthful and make handmade goods!!  Also…isn’t Juniper just too cute!?

My friend Jill in Philly send this little chipmunk to me. This little guy arrived in the mail today too!

Say hi to Jill over here!!

She told me that this little guy would always smile for me.

But he’s missing his tail! I think I need to make him a tail.

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One thought on “Squirrels and chipmunks.

  1. Too funny! This looks like your style 🙂

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