Friday Thrifts.

Did you notice that today is Friday and this post isn’t a Fun Film Friday post?  And did you notice that there was no Fun Film Friday post last week?  I’m bad and I totally forgot about it last week!  I remembered on Saturday.  And now I’m disgruntled with Fun Film Friday.  Apparently I’m bad at 52 week projects!

Today after work I wandered on over to the thrift store.  Mega good day today!  When I finally made it home I had a card from my best friend, Aaron, waiting for me.  I put the photo in a special spot in my office, right beside a photo of Eric and Juniper.  There’s Matt, Darla and Aaron!  So cute!


I love them and cute animals!

And now on to my thrift store finds!  I love bubble lights.  Have you ever seen those during the Christmas season?  Growing up my family always had them on the Christmas tree.  Eric and I bought a set of new bubble lights last year, but we always talked about getting some vintage sets.  They’re really pricey though!  And look what I spotted today!  Two sets of bubble lights!  Now these are only replacement bulbs, but Eric thinks we can find a strand to use them in.


They were $3.99 a pack AND 50% off. Oh my mega deal!


Bubble bubble.

I saw this thing in the kitchen area and grabbed it right away.  It’s a button maker!  It’s metal and really really heavy!  I’m sure they didn’t know what it was since it was sitting with kitchen gadgets.


These go for quite a bit of money online. And I bought it for $4.99!


Did you ever see a button maker?


Badge A Matic!


Someone was playing in my fabric. Play away cute little girl!

Do you ever buy yourself a Christmas gift?  I do!  Well I actually used some Christmas money sent to me by my parents, but I did buy something for myself that I normally wouldn’t buy.  I bought a fabulous new sweater!  Eric is really not a fan of it.  He said that only redeeming quality was that it sure was Smartzy…which means it has loud obnoxious colors/patterns.  I love it!


Loud and proud!

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One thought on “Friday Thrifts.

  1. aaron

    Yay!!!!!!! love you tooo!!! and love the bubble lights also! xo

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