Frosty Thrifting.

It’s been cold here for the past few days.  My mornings before work have been spent with some gloves and an ice scraper.  This morning I wanted to go thrifting so I called up my gloves and scraper again!


I’m not a huge fan of snow, but if it’s going to be THIS cold…it should just snow.


I didn’t wear socks on this cold morning. I hate wearing socks. I also hate wearing shoes. Even when it’s cold I try to not wear socks in the house. I usually romp around the house for an hour or two without socks after I shower, but there is only so much cold I can handle.


Frosty shrubs.


A few times this winter season it has rained at night and then dipped down below freezing. That of course froze my car doors shut. I was somehow able to open my trunk and crawl through the back of the car to push my door open with my feet. Eww cold.


I spotted this little containers with lids and I had to scoop them up! They’re yellow! I couldn’t say no.


I saw two ceramic cats and bought them to send to the Teal Cat Project so they can make more teal kitties to sell!

I posted about the Teal Cat Project a few weeks ago.  You can actually donate ceramic cats you find at thrift stores to the TCP.  They will then paint them and sell them to raise money for their project.  I like donating money to receive a teal kitty, but I wanted to collect a few cats to send them so they have even more to sell!


And these! Copper bowls with brass handles. I’ve been looking for these for a long time. We always see them at Indian restaurants, but I can never find them online. They are the perfect size for a serving of rice. Today was a small but spectacular haul!

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