Happy Tuesday!

I had this pair of frumpy jeans that didn’t fit me. They were super long and super wide. I decided to make a pair of skinny jeans out of them! I put them on and pinned them where I wanted to sew them.

The jeans were inside out when I pinned them so I sewed them on both sides and then cut off the excess material.

My trusty little Singer buzzed right through the jean material!

Annnnnd jeans that fit!! I have a hard time finding jeans that fit. I have long legs and most pants I buy are saggy below the butt and in the crotch.

I also tried that recipe I posted last night for the pumpkin spice latte. No thanks! It was rather gross. It probably needed sugar, but I’m not a fan of adding tons of sugar to beverages so I don’t think I’ll be making that again. I just settled for a cup of blackberry tea. My Calamity Jane book arrived in the mail today! She’s my favorite bad girl at the moment!

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Eat, drink AND sew!

I’ve been saving up some recipes and crafty goods for the fall months!  When the seasons change I start to crave different kinds of vegetables and warm beverages to keep my occupied!  Here’s a few of the fun and fabulous things I can’t wait to make over the next few weeks!

Raw AND vegan! Cashew stuffed peppers!

The Bear and the Blackberry has been posting some delightful raw recipes!

Pumpkin spice latte!

Pumpkin Spice Latte!  As soon as September hits everyone talks about nothing but pumpkin.  And I will talk about it too!

Find some vegan leather and make a bag!

Let’s see if I can actually follow a pattern for once and make this!  Kidding!  I’m going to make a bag similar to this, but a little bigger AND I’m going to put a strap on it!  I do have some vegan leather to use too!

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Sun sun sun! and a print

SUN! It was only about 75 degrees today but it felt much warmer! I took a blanket and my sewing project outside and had a little sun bath. Fancy blanket huh? I found that at the thrift store this week.

I’m still sewing my bag. I made quite a bit of progress this afternoon. I’m hoping that it will be finished by tomorrow!

I bought a new print this week too. Jesus with his kittens! Juniper approves. I bought this from a very nice gal named Shari.  Juniper approves!

Click here to buy your own print from Shari!

Tonight I was checking the weather report and I saw this. Oh Fabio! Those luscious blonde locks! Not really. He doesn’t age does he?

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Starting the week off right!

I found this recipe yesterday and I thought it looked delightful!

Like most recipes I really don’t follow them. I added soy curls, corn and a heaping tablespoon of cayenne powder to the original recipe.  I also used white beans instead of lentils.  And I didn’t add the onions, garlic, mushrooms or salt. The recipe called for soy sauce, which I used tamari, and that’s salty enough without adding more salt. I let the chunks of fresh pineapple marinate with the soy curls and they were delightful!

This mix is intended to be put on wheat buns, but I’m not a huge fan of bread. I’ve really only been eating it if we go to Wayward for if I’m in the mood for some toast. I made a nice bed of brown basmati rice for my sloppy joe concoction. The sweet corn and pineapple smelled awesome together! This was a success in the Smartz kitchen!

My cute pen pal from Finland, Mari, sent me some glass beads in her last letter. I put some on a simple chain yesterday! Cute! I don’t really tan during the summer. I’m pasty white and I have freckles.

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Get the seam ripper…

I’ve been working on a mostly secret project the past few days. I’m making a tote bag out of a thrifted blanket and some fabulous tooled vinyl I found!

The project has been coming along quite nicely until just a few moments ago when I realized that I’ve be sewing the straps on the bag in the wrong direction. Ahh! Hours of tedious sewing down the drain. Someone hand me the seam ripper…

Rip that seam!

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Finally framed prints and thrifty finds!

Today I picked up two prints I had matted and framed. Framing is super expensive! I had 8 prints I was planning on having framed. The gal at the framing shop told me it would be around $800 to have everything framed. HOLY CRAP! So I picked out 3 prints and had those framed. This is going to be a slow process.


At the thrift store today I found this shirt! Dance Booby dance!


There’s my Headphone Kitty print.


I’m a fan of the hot blue mat! I tried not to pick out obnoxious colors. I was mostly successful.


I cleaned out my office today and finally hung up this vintage beauty.


I found another wall squirrel at the thrift store too! I have three of these now. My walls will one day be plastered with them. Just you wait and see.


This was also a thrift store find. I’ve been looking for a blanket like this for a sewing project I’ve had in mind.


Eric used to have a futon cover made out of this exact same fabric! I saw this at the thrift store and I had to bring it home with me! I’m not quite sure what we’ll do with it since we don’t have a futon. I’m thinking bunny butt curtains would be super cute!



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Where’s my luck? And a new print.

I worked on a few more Xerox transfers tonight. This time with a watercolor wash!


You’ll get more details on this process in the next few weeks. The process must be perfected though!


The luck of that four leaf clover I found yesterday already ran out. Juniper dug out and chewed on the corners of my new Headphone Kitty print. AHHH…bad baby kitty!! She loves plastic with adhesive on it. She likes these plastic sleeves, plastic record sleeves with adhesive on them and her all time favorite, packing tape. She will chew the packing tape off of boxes we get in the mail. I’m pretty bummed about this print, but I guess if she had to chew on a print I guess it makes sense that she chewed on the kitty print. I guess that gives it character?

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New hat and Mod Podge.

Yesterday I posted a photo of jacket I saw while at the craft store.  That wasn’t the first time I was a creeper and took a photo of someone wearing something that I admired.  I like to remember the fun things I see and perhaps one day I can make or find something similar to it.  A WONDERFUL surprise arrived in the mail for me today.  Over a year ago I posted a photo of a girl I saw at Mighty O wearing and awesome hat.  My friend Ang, and owner of Yarn Owl Creations, made me the exact same hat from the photo!!  She wrote me a little note apologizing for the hat not being exactly the same since she didn’t have an exact pattern for the hat.  Holy crap Ang…..this is the same exact hat!!  You’re awesome! It’s a perfect fit too!  I love it and I can’t thank you enough!

I’m in love with my new hat.

I worked on some projects of my own tonight.  I have a 4″ wood block that I did a xerox transfer onto the wood with Mod Podge.  Get ready for some fun in the next few weeks!

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Midweek roundup.

My penpals send me adorable squirrel postcards!


I ventured out to the thrift store tonight. I found a chicken cup that was made in Japan. Bock bock!


I also stopped at the craft store to pick up some supplies tonight. I was also a creeper and took a photo of this gal’s jacket. Awesome stitching! Isn’t it beautiful?!


I came home with some Mod Podge. You’ll be seeing more of this stuff from me in the next few days.

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Sunday fun finds.

DJ kitty scratching pad!

Scratching pad.

South Dakota Dinosaur Park.

Dino Park!

Mixed media transfer with Mod Podge.

Mod Podge transfer!

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