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Shirt shoppin’.

I usually don’t buy shirts with prints on them. I would usually prefer to print my own. I can’t shell out the money for a shirt when I know how much it actually costs to print shirts.  But this one…I might make an exception for!!

Squirrel love!

Buy your own squirrel love shirt here!

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New print designs.

I’m working on some new shirt designs.  I found some vintage embroidery patterns that I want to put on shirts.  I have 100 images to work with.  I have 50 state birds and 50 state flower patterns I have to scan and tweak before we do some test printing!  I think these old patterns are just delightful!

Washington stencil.

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Fremont Solstice Parade and Street Fair.

We ate a mound of french fries.

Fremont was packed today! We got there right after the naked bike parade ended. I don’t think we’ll ever go there on parade day again! Too many people.

Pirate ship van!  There is an Art Car show every year at the fair.

Spiderman in a gorilla mask was dancing.

This was the front of Spideman-Gorilla’s van.

Squirrel car!

I guess this will have to be my next car.

I made a few purchases at the Fremont Fair! I bought this awesome shirt with a squirrel riding a scooter on it!

I also bought this Headphone Kitty print! Hand printed by my new vegan friends!

Cheryl and her fiance own Stuff You’ll Love.  You might remember me posting about her here a few weeks ago.

Today I also finally had the chance to pick up my vase I made at my glass blowing class at the beginning of June. Juniper was very curious to see what I had.

We were both so interested to see what was inside! I think Juniper was a little more excited though.

Did you have a good weekend?  What fun things did you do?!

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Happy National Screen Printing Day and new glasses!

Today is National Screen Printing Day! We made shirts to celebrate the day. I love screen printing and I love this squeegee. She’s my favorite squeegee in the world! No on else in the print shop likes her and that’s fine by me. We spend many hours together everyday. She’s made by Riley Hopkins in case you’re wondering where you buy such a fabulous ergonomic squeegee.

Beautiful squeegee.

The shirt was designed by Janis Klavins. Ryonet, a screen printing supply company, had a shirt design contest for NSPD and this was one of the winning designs. Fabulous!

NSPD success!

Remember those glasses I told you that I ordered last week? Well they arrived today. They are HUGE! Too big. I’m returning them for a slightly smaller pair. Too much glasses for my face! Excuse the Farrah Fawcett hair. It was one of those hair days.

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Noms, bad baby kitten and squirrels!

I made some more Mushroom Hot Pot tonight! I added basil...did NOT add more salt and I made quinoa!

Juniper was wraslin' with me tonight.

Oh so sweet...

but crazy!!

So so crazy.

I remixed my squirrel shirts on some v-necks today.

I wish I could print nothing but squirrel shirts!

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Today and tonight.

I printed myself a new squirrel today. That naughty squirrel is up to no good!

I also romped around the house in Eric's glasses for a bit.

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Prints and bikes! Both are awesome!

My fabulous friend at Luminous Vegans  sent me these two hand-pulled screen printed posters.  Her dear partner, N, printed them.  Check out his work at Epic Problems.   I love Mission of Burma and I was super excited to get this little guy in the mail.  I can’t wait to have it framed!


I love screen printed posters!  They look so much better than glossy cheap posters.  This poster is for a show that N’s band played in.  Luminous Vegans will have a mighty good surprise coming their way!


Right now I’m reading “Bold Spirit.”  The book is about Helga Etsby and her walk across America in 1896.  Right now in the book they’re discussing the new skirts women started to wear when bikes became more popular.  Skirts were now a little shorted so women could ride their bikes in a safer manner.  I love how bikes were referred to as “the devil’s agent.”  I think that’s what I’m going to name my vintage Huffy bike.  My Giant Rincon is named AT-AT and now the Huffy will be referred to as The Devil’s Agent.



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Reprint Saturday.

Today was reprint Saturday at the print shop.


18 orders...


41 screens...


one inky knee...


And 4.5 hours later…reprint Saturday ended!  I spent some quality alone time with my press and cranked out all of the reprints the salesmen could ever want!

I made a big purchase tonight!  I finally bought the Canon Rebel T2i digital SLR camera I’ve been lusting after.  My dad offered to send me his 35mm camera that he doesn’t really use.  I’m pretty sure he bought that camera in the 80’s, but he has a few lenses for it so I’m going to buy an adapter for my camera so I can use his lenses on the Canon Rebel.  Super!  I pulled a Tom and Donna tonight and I am super happy!


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The wall of shame!

I have a wall of shame at work.  Sometimes the salesmen leave me fun notes that I save.  I also work with someone who cannot for the life of him spell my name properly.


I did bail a friend out and print some reprints for him.


Suede additive to be mix whith colors. This note is from my co-worker who can't spell my name. Tell me how he spelled "suede" and "additive" correctly and didn't get "with."


Sarah...not "Shrah."


"That guy."


Saria see Lindsy. It should be "Sarah see Lindsay."


Sarah...not "Sara."


The old guy I work with is fiesty and decided to label a piece of artwork. He also signed it so we know who labeled that piece of artwork. He's awesome!

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Recovery is a hoot.


The treatment my doctor prescribed to me seems to be working!  I’m not 100% and I don’t expect to be there for a few days, but I DO well soo much better than I did yesterday!

I made this cute shirt for myself today at work!  Hoot hoot ya’ll!


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