Come ride with me!

It was rather sunny today and on the verge being warm! We’re having a very long winter but the almost 70 degree weather sort of forgives the rainy weather…for today at least.

Notice my new addition to my basket?

I bought this cute squirrel basket at an antique mall a few weeks ago. I used a small strap and tied it down to my wire basket. The squirrel basket if the perfect size to hold my Diana Mini camera, my keys and phone. I was able to cruise right along and not worry about my phone or keys falling out of my pockets. And I have a squirrel on my bike! Win win win for me!

The perfect basket for the job.

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Meet Shiny.

Today I spent a few hours polishing my bike and removing rust. There’s some more rust to tackle, but I made great progress! She does need some fixin’ up…new tires, new brakes and a new thumb shifter.


Shiny happy vintage friends!


“Shiny. Let’s be bad guys.”


I named her Shiny.  Any Firefly fans out there?  Well you should be!



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Welcome home yellow bike!

I brought her home today!


She’s a lovely vintage JC Penney bike.


There’s a bit of rust I’ll have to take care of. And probably a new thumb shifter. And a new chain. I would love to change this little 3-speed into something that would be able to do hills. I think I’ll have to talk to my bike guy about that one.


So now I have three bikes. I really don’t need three bike though. I’m going to wait to see how this bike cleans up and then I might sell my red Huffy bike. I do love that bike though!


She does have a lovely brown saddle, no?

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Ride with me Kirin!

I went for a bike ride after work today. I saw my Kirin on my desk and thought..."why not." I took him along for the ride.


He fits nicely in my basket.


Go Kirin go! I think he lost some seashells along the way.




I was cleaning out my closet today and I found this in the bottom of a box. I don't remember seeing this before, but thanks for the message! I do need it at this point in life.


I went thrifting tonight and I found this great pair of blue Chucks! They fit like a glove! Thanks to the dear person who broke them in for me. Don't hate on my squirrel socks and tights. I was wearing boots today and didn't feel like changing out of them for this photo. Juniper says hi!



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Bike rides and flower spotting.

I took my red bike out for a ride tonight. I stopped by the park near our house to rest my legs and take some photos.


It was hazy today.


There's the navy base.


She's such a fun bike!


It rained and rained this morning, but the sun is shining tonight!


There are some fun flowers blooming around our house. I snapped a few photos of them tonight.






This tree is so pretty! I don't want it to lose its blossoms!

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The Devil’s Agent rides again!

Yesterday I took my red Huffy bike to Backdrop Sports in Everett. I got as far as I could with fixing up the bike and I wanted someone to give it a good look over.  Andy at Backdrop Sports was super helpful!  He showed me what he was going to do to the bike and then he showed me what he was doing as he worked on it.  He kept it overnight to check for leaks in the tires and tuned a few other things.  I’m very happy that I took my bike to Backdrop Sports!  I have found my bike guy!  If you’re in Everett, WA and you’re looking for a bike shop, or ski/snowboard shop, go visit Andy!

She's road worthy!!

All cables are tied down.

Her chain is clean and oiled.

Junie watched me while I took photos of the bike on the front porch.

Ride it!

My basket is crooked.

The bike is super fun to ride. She shifts like a dream and cruises right along.

Devil's Agent and AT-AT!

For now this will be my commuter bike. Until I find that 1975 yellow Schwinn.

And she'll be my fun bike.

It's bike love!

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Prints and bikes! Both are awesome!

My fabulous friend at Luminous Vegans  sent me these two hand-pulled screen printed posters.  Her dear partner, N, printed them.  Check out his work at Epic Problems.   I love Mission of Burma and I was super excited to get this little guy in the mail.  I can’t wait to have it framed!


I love screen printed posters!  They look so much better than glossy cheap posters.  This poster is for a show that N’s band played in.  Luminous Vegans will have a mighty good surprise coming their way!


Right now I’m reading “Bold Spirit.”  The book is about Helga Etsby and her walk across America in 1896.  Right now in the book they’re discussing the new skirts women started to wear when bikes became more popular.  Skirts were now a little shorted so women could ride their bikes in a safer manner.  I love how bikes were referred to as “the devil’s agent.”  I think that’s what I’m going to name my vintage Huffy bike.  My Giant Rincon is named AT-AT and now the Huffy will be referred to as The Devil’s Agent.



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Sneaky little basket kitten!

Juniper likes to lay in my bike basket. She hops in there all on her own. I laid a sweatshirt down for her though so she would be more comfortable.

Sometimes she gets a little spazzy and plays with my brake. She hasn't tried to chew on the brake or gear cables yet...but I don't trust that she won't try it. I keep a close eye on her.

She's sneaky!

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I love these!

I wish someone who crocheted would make one for me.  I can knit…but I do not crochet.  It makes no sense to me…I’m a knitter!

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Food and bikes!

Tonight I made some angel hair pasta and pasta sauce!

This cute postcard arrived in the mail today from Mari from Finland!

I installed the new thumb shifter and gear cable on my bike tonight. Something is not right with it though. I think I'm going to have to take it to a bike shop so someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I just want to finish the repairs on my bike!!

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