Come ride with me!

It was rather sunny today and on the verge being warm! We’re having a very long winter but the almost 70 degree weather sort of forgives the rainy weather…for today at least.

Notice my new addition to my basket?

I bought this cute squirrel basket at an antique mall a few weeks ago. I used a small strap and tied it down to my wire basket. The squirrel basket if the perfect size to hold my Diana Mini camera, my keys and phone. I was able to cruise right along and not worry about my phone or keys falling out of my pockets. And I have a squirrel on my bike! Win win win for me!

The perfect basket for the job.

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2 thoughts on “Come ride with me!

  1. I really like your bike, complete with the squirrel basket! I’ve been casually looking for a cool vintage cruiser like yours to ride around town. How much did you pay, and what is the make?

    • Thank you! I actually found this one for $15 on Cragislist! I had to put new tires, inner tubes and a new thumb shifter on the bike, but it was still a good deal. It’s so much fun to ride around town! This bike is a Huffy from the 80’s. I have this vintage JC Penney bike too… I’m actually thinking about selling the yellow bike. I have three bikes total and I just don’t need three bikes 🙂

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