Chocolaty goodness

Peppermint patties!

Today was a rather fun day!  I only left the house today to buy some vegan butter and spaghetti noodles at the co-op.  I updated my blog and that makes me super happy!  Before I was just “meh” with it, but now it feels more like me and it’s not so dark.  It always seemed too dark to me.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope it’s easy to navigate!

Today I also made a batch of vegan peppermint patties.

Chocolate makin'!

I had Eric take some rare shots of me in action.

I'm surrounded by spices and dishes!

I used most of my chocolate molds today. We have Han Solo shapes, Dia de los Muertos skulls, pumpkins and turtles. Don't hate!

Oh Han Solo!

Nom nom!

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Valentine’s Day- There’s nothing I regret.

I love my kitten.


Chocolate cookies with peanut butter inside of them are love.


We find ourselves in cars quite often. I love it and him.


I find myself being rather inappropriate from time to time. More often than you know perhaps. This was a card I gave to Eric for Valentine's Day. I once read on a blog that the author would determine what she could and could not write about on her blog by only writing about things she could talk to her sister about. I don't think ya'll want to hear what I talk to my sister about. That might be a little more than you bargained for. But this?...They're just bears with nipples. We all have nipples.



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A busy Saturday indeed!

Today Eric and I went to Seattle for some donuts and Christmas shopping. We also met up with a friend of Eric's at Mighty O.

A raised donut with coconut! And a gingerbread donut!

We stopped by Jive Time and the vintage store in Fremont. I saw this awesome yellow table!

This table was kind of cute as well.

Banana covers. Andy Warhol's famous banana! The sign on the box said..."Don't ask."

Bananas? Why not.

We ate lunch at Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U-District. Here's a blurry photo of what I ate. I had a Tempeh Reuben sammich.

While we ate a Santa bar crawl strolled past the restaurant.

A company called Sweet and Sara sells their vegan marshmallows at Sidecar in Seattle. Sidecar is the vegan grocery store here.

I purchased some vegan white chocolate at Sidecar. I'm trying to get fancy with my chocolate covered pretzels. More on that later...

Tonight was round two of chocolate covered pretzel making. I've successfully coated one pound of pretzels!

Eric gave Juniper a soy curl with nutritional yeast on it tonight. He wiped some of the extra nutritional yeast on the top of her paws. Best paws ever!

Holy God what happened?!

This was a minor success for vegan chocolate making.

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These tired screen printin’-chocolate makin’ hands.

A Christmas gift from my German penpal arrived today! She drew me a photo of a squirrel and made me a mix cd of some of her favorite 80's songs. I'm currently listening to Lionel Richie...All. Night. Long!


Today I also started the long process of coating two pounds of pretzels in chocolate. I don't own a double case you couldn't tell.


SOO many pretzels!!


While coating the pretzels in chocolate, Juniper reminded me of the old saying, "Shuffle your feet, lose your seat."


And now for the gross part! My tired screen printer hands are falling apart! Yesterday while printing I looked down at my hand and noticed that I was gushing blood from the tip of my finger. I don't know if I cut it on something or what happened exactly. TODAY while printing I noticed that the nail on the same finger was starting to pull away from the finger. There was more blood. My nails are always mangled and I have a constant layer of ink on my hands. Such is the life of a screen printer.

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I traded chocolate covered pretzels for printing numbers.

I hate to print numbers at work.  It makes me die a little inside when I have to print them.  I told a co-worker that if he printed a massive order of numbers a month ago that I would bake him or make him something once a week for a month.  He agreed!  This week is the last week of making him some sweets.  I decided to make him some chocolate covered pretzels.  This past month I also made him peanut butter rice crispy treats, homemade vegan Oreos, and peanut butter chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies.

Melt that chocolate!

Add the pretzels.

Mix mix mix!

Shake off the extra chocolate.

I have to deal with a kitten climbing up my leg while I work in the kitchen!

Here's the final product!

I gave myself a haircut today. I bet you can't tell because there's still 26 inches of hair. I'm also skeptical of my crappy webcam.

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