A busy Saturday indeed!

Today Eric and I went to Seattle for some donuts and Christmas shopping. We also met up with a friend of Eric's at Mighty O.

A raised donut with coconut! And a gingerbread donut!

We stopped by Jive Time and the vintage store in Fremont. I saw this awesome yellow table!

This table was kind of cute as well.

Banana covers. Andy Warhol's famous banana! The sign on the box said..."Don't ask."

Bananas? Why not.

We ate lunch at Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U-District. Here's a blurry photo of what I ate. I had a Tempeh Reuben sammich.

While we ate a Santa bar crawl strolled past the restaurant.

A company called Sweet and Sara sells their vegan marshmallows at Sidecar in Seattle. Sidecar is the vegan grocery store here.

I purchased some vegan white chocolate at Sidecar. I'm trying to get fancy with my chocolate covered pretzels. More on that later...

Tonight was round two of chocolate covered pretzel making. I've successfully coated one pound of pretzels!

Eric gave Juniper a soy curl with nutritional yeast on it tonight. He wiped some of the extra nutritional yeast on the top of her paws. Best paws ever!

Holy God what happened?!

This was a minor success for vegan chocolate making.

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2 thoughts on “A busy Saturday indeed!

  1. Smartz, you are bestest long-distance-never-met-in-person friend! This is a pretty stinkin’ awesome post. But, you already knew that. I love the donuts, the tempeh reuben, the very cute mod yellow table set, the chocolate covered pretzels and the drizzle! I just ordered some white chocolate chips from veganessentials yesterday. Made cake balls with semi-sweet chocolate. Now I need to try white chocolate. How’d you like it?

  2. The white chocolate was ok…just ok. I wasn’t super thrilled by it, but of course I’m happy that it exists!

    If we lived closer we could have so many lady dates filled with baking and vintage fun!

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