These tired screen printin’-chocolate makin’ hands.

A Christmas gift from my German penpal arrived today! She drew me a photo of a squirrel and made me a mix cd of some of her favorite 80's songs. I'm currently listening to Lionel Richie...All. Night. Long!


Today I also started the long process of coating two pounds of pretzels in chocolate. I don't own a double case you couldn't tell.


SOO many pretzels!!


While coating the pretzels in chocolate, Juniper reminded me of the old saying, "Shuffle your feet, lose your seat."


And now for the gross part! My tired screen printer hands are falling apart! Yesterday while printing I looked down at my hand and noticed that I was gushing blood from the tip of my finger. I don't know if I cut it on something or what happened exactly. TODAY while printing I noticed that the nail on the same finger was starting to pull away from the finger. There was more blood. My nails are always mangled and I have a constant layer of ink on my hands. Such is the life of a screen printer.

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