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Record Store Day, vegan goods, and the Space Needle! Fun in the sun!

After racing through Silver Platters for Record Store Day we went to Wayward Vegan Cafe for some food.

While at Wayward Eric found out that it was only $1 to go to the top of the Space Needle today! It's usually $19, but today was some sort of special day and they were apparently feeling generous. We ALSO saw today that they repainted the Space Needle to the original colors from the 1962 World's Fair! This is incredibly awesome! But sadly it's going to stay the original colors for six months. How weird. I love the "galaxy gold" Space Needle!

I found what appeared to be some yarn bombing near the Space Needle. Eric thought it was some sort of permanent installation though.

Today was a lovely Seattle spring day!

Eric took a few photos of the fountain near the Needle with his Holga camera.


Here's part of the new permanent Dale Chihuly glass museum right beside the Needle. I like the glass, but I'm not really a huge Dale Chihuly fan.

I love the Needle!

More glass. You can't really tell from this photo, but the purple glass on the left looked like raw gemstones. It was quite lovely!

Hey Monorail!

The Monorail goes through the Frank Gehry building on the other side of the Space Needle.

Parts of the Frank Gehry building are very unattractive, but this part is gorgeous. Most of this other buildings have these same metallic waves.

And the Monorail comes out of the other side of the Frank Gehry building.

There's the monorail!


We sadly didn't go to the top of the Needle today. There was at least a two hour wait. The whole area around the Needle was packed today because of festivities for the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair. There were plenty of food trucks there including Mighty O Donuts! Vegan fun!


I tried to take our photo with the Space Needle. Eric tried to steal my donut.

We drove to a park in Queen Anne that overlooks the city. This was our first time at this park and the view is incredible! Note AWESOME Mt. Rainier in the background?

This is looking south at Alki Beach.

I love our city! And our orange Space Needle.

The Fremont Bridge was up on our way back through town.

Record Store Day finds! Foster the People and Grouplove! And Juniper!

Awesome clear yellow vinyl.

Of Monsters and Men AND Fun.!

Fun. had some fun glittery gold shaped vinyl!

Today was a fantastic day in the city!  Eric wrote about his Record Store Day experience too!…click here to read it!  

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Do you know what this Saturday is?

Record Store Day AND Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Day!

What a big day!

Our plan is to go to Silver Platters in Queen Anne and then go to Wayward Vegan Cafe for breakfast.  Hopefully after that we can stop by Sidecar for some Vegan Bake Sale Day goods and THEN we’ll stop by Jive Time in Fremont.

I love Saturday’s in Seattle!

What will I be looking for on Record Store Day?

Foster the People- 7"


Fun.- 10"


Grouplove- 7"


Of Monsters and Men-10"


Jive Time is also giving out these fabulous screen printed posters with every purchase on Record Store Day! I bet we'll come home with one of these gems.

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Vegan foods and Seattle fun!

I had my morning cuddle session with miss kitten. About 30 seconds after getting out of bed today I fell down the last two steps on the staircase. Needless to say that woke me up!

Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day! I saw this guy in the front yard this morning.

Most of the snow melted overnight so today we drove down to Seattle for some food and some shopping. We stopped at Wayward Vegan cafe in the U-District. I had a fabulous "chiggen" wrap and Eric had sun's over Seattle.

Eric did a little record shopping and then I wanted to go visit the Space Needle.

We also walked over to the Experience Music Project designed by Frank Gehry.

It was an oddly sunny winter day.

We stopped by the EMP gift shop to browse and because I knew there was a penny press machine there. I saw this fun Nirvana shirt. It's a rather nice design!

Penny press machine!

I only had enough change with me though to make one pressed penny! How sad.

While in Seattle I picked up the new thumb shifter for my bike that I ordered a few weeks ago.

I made some more Thai iced tea this morning. I made some Han Solo ice cubes to put in my tea. Fancy huh? I bought this mold to make Han Solo chocolates, but for's an ice cube maker.

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A busy Saturday indeed!

Today Eric and I went to Seattle for some donuts and Christmas shopping. We also met up with a friend of Eric's at Mighty O.

A raised donut with coconut! And a gingerbread donut!

We stopped by Jive Time and the vintage store in Fremont. I saw this awesome yellow table!

This table was kind of cute as well.

Banana covers. Andy Warhol's famous banana! The sign on the box said..."Don't ask."

Bananas? Why not.

We ate lunch at Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U-District. Here's a blurry photo of what I ate. I had a Tempeh Reuben sammich.

While we ate a Santa bar crawl strolled past the restaurant.

A company called Sweet and Sara sells their vegan marshmallows at Sidecar in Seattle. Sidecar is the vegan grocery store here.

I purchased some vegan white chocolate at Sidecar. I'm trying to get fancy with my chocolate covered pretzels. More on that later...

Tonight was round two of chocolate covered pretzel making. I've successfully coated one pound of pretzels!

Eric gave Juniper a soy curl with nutritional yeast on it tonight. He wiped some of the extra nutritional yeast on the top of her paws. Best paws ever!

Holy God what happened?!

This was a minor success for vegan chocolate making.

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