There was a guy named Joel, not too different from you or me.

Last night we went out stepping! Joel, from Mystery Science Theater 3000, was in town giving a talk about how he got his start in television.  I’ve seen him fours times now.  I do love that man!  His eyes are my favorite…mostly because they’re so sleepy.
We met up with some lovely new friends and had dinner at Bamboo Garden before the show.  Eric and I haven’t been to an event with friends in quite a long time so it felt great to socialize!


Servo is the keeper of the ticket. He’s huge.


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Donuts, more food, and walking off that food!


This chubby little thing greeted us after getting out of the car for some Saturday morning donuts at Mighty O.


One donut for each hand. I don’t mess around. Peanut butter and orange blossom! I’m on level 2 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred…I deserve donuts!


I spotted this gem after leaving the donut shop. I saw it, stopped the car and put it in reverse. There are a ton of these Little Free Libraries popping up all over Seattle AND the states! Look them up to find a Little Free Library near you!


The Little Free Libraries are free, of course, or a leave one take one deal. I’m going to start carrying some books in my car so I can trade books if I find something I like!


In Fremont there’s a vintage shop we like to check out once in a while. We usually find some interesting items, but I’m also usually too cheap. We picked up a bag of groceries and since we didn’t have enough food already, we went to Bamboo Garden for some lunch! I always seem to get their creamy corn chowder.


Mongolian beef! 100% vegan too!


After stuffing our faces we needed a walk. We ventured around Discovery Park for about an hour. I was sleepy, but I kept on truckin’.


Fort Lawton is in Discovery Park and used to be a missile base. There are some houses that are still lived in by Army personnel. That big ‘ol white thing in the background is a radar tower.


Discovery Park is huge. Five hundred thirty four acres huge! The park is in decent condition, but it could use some loving. Parts of the park are paved paths and some are just dirt. There’s a lighthouse that you can walk to which we did not do this time. I think we it gets a little sunnier and warmer we’ll take the long walk to the beach and lighthouse!


That tree wasn’t messing around!


We’re getting more sun an blue skies! I can’t wait until I don’t have to wear a jacket and socks. I hate socks.


These are old parts of the base that aren’t lived in or used any more. I wish you could walk through the buildings. I get that you can’t leave them open all the time, but having them open at certain times would be nice!


This fun building was the gymnasium!


And a church on the base was poking through the trees.


If you’re in Seattle and haven’t been to Discovery Park, you should definitely check it out! But be cautious…tiny plants grow by the inch BUT die by the foot! What a zinger!

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Magnuson Park- Seattle.

We’ve been to Magnuson Park quite a few times over the past five years living in Seattle. Magnuson Park used to be a Navy Air Station but in 1975 part of it was given to the city of Seattle. Some of the buildings and roads from the days of the Navy are still intact. The path you walk on along Lake Washington is actually the old road. The park also has a picnic area, boat launch, dog park and an art installation made out of fins from former U.S. submarines! Pretty fun, huh?


There were people kite surfing in the chilly sun. It sure was sunny, but it also was only around 45 degrees F. Yikes!


The ducks were sunning themselves next to their mates. I love to see animals hanging out with their significant other.


Remnants from the Navy Air Station.


There are the submarine fins. They look like an orca pod!


On each fin there is a plaque with the name of the submarine the fin came from.


There are 22 fins total in the installation.


A dirt path winds through the fins near Lake Washington.


More navy buildings.


Here’s a fun fact…The first park where Magnuson is currently located was established in 1900 and called Carkeek Park. In 1922 the navy began construction at the park and Carkeek Park was moved to its current location along Puget Sound. Remember Carkeek from the photos I posted a few weeks ago. Pretty fun history!

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Here comes the sun!

Soon!  Almost!  It’s just around the corner.  The sun has been poking out more and more.  Kitty naps have been had in the sun by the kitty in the house.  And kitty naps have been had by me on the couch.  I feel like I’m slowly creeping out of my winter hibernation.  I didn’t hibernate as long or hard as I have the past few winters.  I’ve been trying to juice more and run (is that what we call it?) on the elliptical machine.  I’ve been trying to stretch my lazy winter muscles as much as possible too.  It’s actually been helping my stiff neck and back.  It makes me think I should really take yoga classes.  I bet it would help more than just my still muscles.

One place Eric and I keep talking about visiting this summer the Ancient Lake area in central Washington.  We paid it a quick visit last October, but we need more!  It was our last real trip of the summer/year.  I think we went out with a bang!  Ancient Lake was way prettier than anything we were expecting to find in the coulee.


Ancient Lake, October 2012.  Polaroid Land Camera negative scan.

Today Youtube recommended a Lana Del Rey song to me.  I usually don’t listen to Youtube, but today I gave in.  I’ve seen posters for Lana’s new album plastered all over the local record store.  Sometimes I don’t listen to the music the record store advertises on their walls because quite often the poster has the face of a hipster on it.  But perhaps I don’t listen to certain things because I’m afraid that it *might* be hipster music *and* I’ll like it.  What’s wrong with that though?  Can’t we all have guilty pleasures?

But in the end I listened to Lana Del Rey today and I am girl crushing!  She is gorgeous and she can sing.  I’m the type of person who can listen to the same song on repeat for hours AND not tire of it.  I did that tonight with her song, “Ride.”  She made me want to travel!

“I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast.  I am alone in the night.”

“Every night I used to pray that I’d find my people, and finally I did on the open road.  We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art.  Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun.”

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Carkeek seek and find.

After our carousel adventure on Saturday, we drove up to Carkeek Park to do some train spotting and tidal pool watching.


It was low tide when we were at the park. Low tide is great for searching for shells. Just make sure no one is living in the shells before you take them home with you!


See the oval critter in the middle of the photo? I know sure what it is, but a few years ago I did find one of these shells washed up on shore. Do you know what the name of this little guy is?


Sea anemone!


We spotted about 20 purple star fish! They are “technically” called sea stars though.


Hang on little guy!


This guy was looking for some noms. He let me get rather close to him too.


We walked up the beach searching for shells and waiting for trains.


The tide was super low! We walked on parts of the beach that we’ve never been able to walk on because the water was too high.


Here comes the sun!


And here comes the train! Our waiting finally paid off.


It’s comin’ ’round the bend.


Whoa baby! This is the biggest shell I’ve ever found at Carkeek! I brought it home with me. I’m thinking I want to put an air plant in it. I recently killed an air plant though so I don’t know if that would be the best idea. How does one kill an air plant?

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Pier and Market Day.

It was supposed to be sunny on Saturday. If the fog and clouds weren’t hanging on I bet it would have been sunny! We do know how to make the most of a sunless day though.


I rode the Ferris Wheel this past summer when it was sunny. You could see Mt. Rainier, the Space Needle and the Cascades. I can’t imagine a Ferris Wheel ride on a cloudy day would be super fun.


Here’s the real reason for a trip to the Pier!


Under the Ferris Wheel on Pier 57 there is a wonderful carousel! I do love me some carousels. My favorite one is the Grand Carousel at Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. They have gorgeous hand-carved wooden horses, that I think are 100 years old. Even though the carousel horses in Seattle are fiberglass, they are gorgeous just the same.

I recently backed a project on Kickstarter to help restore the world’s only Cowboy and Indian Carousel.  The carousel is in Buffalo, Wyoming.  The project WAS funded!  Eric and I are planning to visit the carousel this summer on our drive back to Pennsylvania.


We watched the carousel for a bit before deciding that we should ride it too.


Giddy up!


I love how gaudy the horses always are.


There is a horse with similar armour at the Knoebel’s carousel. When I was a youngin’ I thought it looked like a seahorse. No seahorse…just some armour.


Eric’s horse.


My horse. Hello, Beautiful!


I think Eric and I were the only adults on the carousel. I have no shame!


I picked a wild horse for the ride!


It actually wasn’t too busy around the Pier so we decided to head up to the market.


And up through Post Alley.


Post Alley is famous for this.


Nasty wall.


The market was oddly not busy. We were able to snap some film shots too! And…no people were in the shots. Sometimes you just want a humanless shot.


I like the naked Trick or Treat kitty ladies.


Market time.


Cinnamon Works sells massive vegan cookies. Look how big they are! They also sell vegan muffins aaaaaannnd vegan cinnamon rolls! We couldn’t say no to a cinnamon roll.


On the way back to the car, look who we saw walking down the tracks.


Oh my goodness look at that cute little guy! You usually don’t see raccoons out during the day, but he really seemed like he knew what he was doing. He quickly and safely crossed the road and hopped in the water. I have a feeling he comes out during the day because he gets many sweets and goods from tourists. Pier and Market success for everyone!

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Out in the city.

Today was an exploration day in Seattle!  I took so many photos today.  I’m going to split the day up into a few blog posts because I know you don’t want to sit through a million photos in one post!

We had brunch at Wayward to start our day of fun!  I had my Diana Mini with me today for some black and white film experiments.  The Diana has not been functioning properly for a long time.  Eric examined it last night because I thought a part on the inside was broken or stuck.  No it was was not broken or stuck, but he thinks that I haven’t been advancing the film properly.  Sigh Diana, sigh.  I’m giving it one more shot!  Treat me well, Diana!

Other stops today included Pier 57, the carousel!, Post Alley, Pike Market and Carkeek Park.


The new Ferris Wheel near Pier 57.


Cinnamon Works at Pike Market sells cookies as big as dinner plates and huge cinnamon buns. We of course couldn’t say no to a cinnamon bun!


This is the biggest shell I’ve ever found at Carkeek Park! No one was living in it so I brought it home with me. I think I might put a small plant in it. Good finds and a good day!

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Bits and bites.


I finished reading “There’s a Seal in my Sleeping Bag,” and I started reading “Is Everyone Hanging out Without me?” this week. I loved Mindy Kaling before I started to read her book and I love her even more now!


I’ve been making peanut butter, banana and almond milk smoothies this week. I used to make fun of the powdered peanut stuff I’ve seen popping up in the grocery stores lately. “Who the hell would buy this stuff?!” I would. I would buy this stuff!


I found a little brown jackalope that matches my little blue jackalope in the background.


The co-op near our house started carrying these veggie burgers. We gave them a try this weekend and had mixed results. Eric really liked them. He said they might be the best veggie burgers he’s ever had. I didn’t like them as much though. They are kind of grainy and that was a deal breaker for me.


Yesterday we make our usual trip to Seattle. Bamboo Garden was of course on the menu, as were the pot stickers!


Curry with rice! The waiters at the restaurant always get excited when I try something new. They also like to say “You eat everything. Good job!”

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Frosty Thrifting.

It’s been cold here for the past few days.  My mornings before work have been spent with some gloves and an ice scraper.  This morning I wanted to go thrifting so I called up my gloves and scraper again!


I’m not a huge fan of snow, but if it’s going to be THIS cold…it should just snow.


I didn’t wear socks on this cold morning. I hate wearing socks. I also hate wearing shoes. Even when it’s cold I try to not wear socks in the house. I usually romp around the house for an hour or two without socks after I shower, but there is only so much cold I can handle.


Frosty shrubs.


A few times this winter season it has rained at night and then dipped down below freezing. That of course froze my car doors shut. I was somehow able to open my trunk and crawl through the back of the car to push my door open with my feet. Eww cold.


I spotted this little containers with lids and I had to scoop them up! They’re yellow! I couldn’t say no.


I saw two ceramic cats and bought them to send to the Teal Cat Project so they can make more teal kitties to sell!

I posted about the Teal Cat Project a few weeks ago.  You can actually donate ceramic cats you find at thrift stores to the TCP.  They will then paint them and sell them to raise money for their project.  I like donating money to receive a teal kitty, but I wanted to collect a few cats to send them so they have even more to sell!


And these! Copper bowls with brass handles. I’ve been looking for these for a long time. We always see them at Indian restaurants, but I can never find them online. They are the perfect size for a serving of rice. Today was a small but spectacular haul!

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Friday night. As told by my cell phone.

Last night was a Seattle night!  I didn’t feel like hauling around my cameras though.  My cell phone will tell the tale of the evening!

I had a dentist appointment last night.  I really don’t mind going to the dentist, but I was nervous this time!  I woke up early in the morning on Friday and I was thinking about going.  I’m always kind of paranoid that the dentist is going to tell me that he needs to pull all of my teeth or something scary like that.  I had my very first cavity last year and now I’m freaked out!  When I get to the dentist though I’m completely fine.  Last time I was there for a cleaning I started to fall asleep.  The dentist had to tap me and tell me to open my mouth.  ZZZZZZZZ.

I go to Creation Dentistry in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle.  I highly recommend my dentist!  He’s super gentle and knows what he’s doing.  He complimented me on my teeth yesterday and said I take such good care of them!  Yay for not having to have all of my teeth pulled!  He even gave me a discount since I was so easy to work on.  Brush and floss them teeth!!


This made in the USA toothbrush was my reward for having clean teeth!


Eric and I have a ritual of going to Bamboo Garden after dentist appointments. I had some corn chowder.


Shanghai style rice pasta. #109.


After our vegan noms we went to Easy Street Music and Silver Platters for some record shopping. Easy Street has two stores in Seattle and they are closing the location we went to at the end of the month. That was probably the last time we’ll ever be there. Kind of sad. Silver Platters also sells new and used books. I was looking through the travel books and I found two gems. A book by David Byrne from Talking Heads and a book by John Muir!


I found some organic and Fair Trade chocolate at the grocery store. I was in need of chocolate. Theo is a Seattle-based company too.


We spotted the Space Needle poking up behind Silver Platters. The 12th Man flag was flying atop the needle. The Seahawks play tomorrow so Seattleites seem to be excited. Good Friday in Seattle!

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