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Merry Christmas, Me!


Along with many fun things I received for Christmas, there were some gift cards. One was for Etsy. I knew exactly what I would buy with it! A faux longhorn cow skull. Maybe it doesn’t seem very vegan of me, but I’ve been wanting one. The crazy horse lover and romanticised cowboy lover in me has been wanting one for a very long time. And since I’m a fan of obnoxious colors…metallic silver is was.

I bought my skull from this Etsy shop.  She was super helpful and even used a custom color for me at no extra charge!


I used to collect Breyer horses when I was a kid. This is a horse that my Grandma gave me.


Sometimes the crazy horse girl side of me comes back and then I make purchases like this at the thrift store. It needed a home!


The skull is actually make out of a lightweight resin. Yee haw!


I’m making a little altar with my horse and cow tchotchkes. An altar worshipping what?…you got me…I just don’t know really what else to call it!


While I was hammering away this afternoon I heard some rustling behind me.


Surprise! It was my little American Tourister!

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Squirrels and chipmunks.

I found this bag on Etsy a few days ago. It’s yellow and it has a squirrel on it. I knew it had to come and live with me! Long story short…the bag arrived today and I noticed it had a hand printed tag sewn into the bag. I was curious so I searched the name on the tag. A shop on Etsy came up with that same name. I looked at the shop and that gal was selling this squirrel bag along with other printed bags. How shitty is that? Someone on Etsy was reselling her handmade bag as “vintage.” That’s the horrible thing with Etsy…people say things are vintage when they are clearly not. People also say things are handmade when they just cut off the Old Navy tags and try to resell it. Be truthful and make handmade goods!!  Also…isn’t Juniper just too cute!?

My friend Jill in Philly send this little chipmunk to me. This little guy arrived in the mail today too!

Say hi to Jill over here!!

She told me that this little guy would always smile for me.

But he’s missing his tail! I think I need to make him a tail.

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Summer travel bag or leave it for the hipsters?

I’ve been want a bag like this for quite some time.  I do have many bags, but this one is different.  This one sits nicely on your hips and you don’t have to have a bag in hand or strapped across yourself.  My only worry about this bag is if it’s too close to being a hipster item to wear it.  This isn’t your normal fanny pack though, right?  I would totally look like I should be a space cowgirl on Firefly if I had this.  When we are traveling I usually take my bag with me when we get out of the car.  And I also carry my water bottle with me.  With this bag I could strap it around my hips AND wear my CamelBak water backpack without one interfering with the other.  Then my camera would be the only thing around my neck instead of a bag and a camera strap.

I’m really trying to talk myself into this.  Thoughts?

We’re planning a really fun trip this summer!  You’ll get more info. on that when more exact locations and dates are in place, but we’re super excited about it already!  We’ll be heading to Utah once again this year.  All of me really loves Utah, part of me wants to live there and part of me wishes it were closer to a coast.

Where are you going this summer?  Seattle?  Come visit us!

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Recent record finds!

I found these guys a few weeks ago at Silver Platters in Seattle. Professor Herman F. Schnitzel was a must!


This was at Silver Platters as well. I’m from Pennsylvania so I couldn’t say no! I haven’t given this a listen, but I’m sure it was well worth my cash money.


And look at these awesome Seattle World’s Fair postcard records! They’re fairly warped but 100% awesome! I found these at the Fremont Vintage Mall in Seattle.


Records, see?


This was a super find on Etsy! This is a record from the Roy Rogers & Dale Evan Museum. AND it plays “Happy Trails.” It sound perfect too!

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Etsy favorites for a Sunday night.

Western Belt -Buckle-Hip Belt–  This reminds me of something from the show Firefly.  With this I could be a Space Cowboy.

Short Space Skirt–   Well this is cute, but I think the Hipsters have already claimed this fabric as their own.

Sterling Silver and Resin Earrings–   I have a pair of earrings from this seller and they are fantastic.  These are quite adorable too.

Vintage Tortoise Sunglasses–  I might need these for traveling this summer.

Juice Pitcher–   It’s a little lop sided.

Summer Shawl Pattern–   If I knew how to crochet I would perhaps try something like this!

Embroidered Handmade Card– Te amo muito!  I love you!

Vintage-Styled Swimsuit–  Super cute!  And yellow!

 Cat Toy–   I’m tempted to buy a few of these for Juniper.  She’s spoiled.


Handprinted Clutch –  Fun fun fun!

Chevron Hat–  Lovely hats!

Do you shop on Etsy?  What have you purchased from the site?

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New Smartz shoes!

I found these on Etsy.  They are cute AND vegan.  Win win!

I don’t really wear heels.  I’m never really around super tall people so I stay closer to the ground.  I felt like elevating myself though.

Let’s see how long it takes for me to break an ankle!


Green legs.


Purple legs.


With that heel I'm now a staggering 5'7"!



Juniper started to be weird.


She continued to freak out.


And then the mirror birthed her.



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New squirrel shirts!

Here's the new shirt I've been working on!

That little squirrel is up to no good! I think I'll put a few of these up in my Etsy shop very very soon! I like the brown print on green, but do you have any other suggestions for colors of shirts or prints?

A curious kitten climbed up my leg to interrupt the photo shoot. I also have a few more squirrel prints I'm working on. Exciting!





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Squirrel paper!

I thank Etsy for this.


Scamper up into that tree. There you are, peeping at me! Button bright eyes make you look wise. Winking and blinking at me.




"Chat, chat!" says the squirrel, "God gives me soft fur."

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