Happy Sunday!

I woke up bright and early this morning and started making a batch of vegan cheese. The cheese making process takes a few days. I can be rather impatient with food making so this process is making me anxious! I just want my vegan cheese now!

I found out about this recipe for vegan cheese from Luminous Vegans.  There’s a nice little write up there about the cheese making process and a link to the actual cheese recipe!

Today was the first day it was warm enough to open the windows. Juniper was bird watching and sniffing the fresh air!


*swish swish* baby kitty tail.


Pizza was on the lunch menu today!


Homemade crust and sauce too!


This afternoon we ventured out of the house for some smoothies. Eric had some sort of peach-awesomeness smoothie and I had a mango-oh-so-good smoothie!


On the way home we drove to the Everett Marina to check out a park that is there. It was a rather lame park. Sorry Everett...but you do NOT have nice parks. There's an old wooden boat at the marina though. The Equator was built in 1888!


The Equator.


The boat is in pretty bad shape though.


I found a little lady bug today too!


Hurry up and get warmer Pacific Northwest!!

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One thought on “Happy Sunday!

  1. I am also very anxious about this cashew cheese recipe. This could be a life changing event. For reals.

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