Wayward and Wayzgoose!

Today the Seattle School of Visual Concepts was having their annual Wayzgoose letterpress and print festival! Before the festivities began we stopped by Wayward Vegan Cafe with Jeff and Jamie for some lunch!

SVC Wayzgoose!

There was also steamroller printing. What?…you say? There were teams of printmakers inking up giant prints and then printing those with a steamroller. AWESOME!!

This team wore jumpsuits and helmets.

Local letterpress artists were selling prints and you could tour the classrooms. So much typeface!

This lovely print reminded me of a paint by number.

Prints were everywhere!


More steamrollin’.

There was a competition between the steamrolling teams. The print on the left was the winner and was printed by Keegan Meegan from Portland, Oregon.

More steamrolled prints.

After the printing fun, Eric and I drove to a park that overlooks the city.

I brought home some goods from Wayzgoose. They had a press set up for visitors to print their own print to take home. This is the one I made!

I also entered the raffle they had and I was given this goofy print.

Wayzgoose announcement. Look at that paper!

I took a shot of the city with my Polaroid Land Camera.

Eric found this print of a squirrel and a bunny! It’s us!

I loved this little guy! “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

My NastyBeats bracelet arrived today! This were sold to raise money for our friend who was in a boating accident a few weeks ago. Nasty Beats is his nickname. He’s at home now and doing much better by the way!

Jamie gave me this little guy today.

It’s a squirrel windup toy that spins around and around…

And then sits up holding his nut! So cute and such a fun Saturday!!

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One thought on “Wayward and Wayzgoose!

  1. ryanbeggar

    Wow print fest! So jealous. Hat is exactly the kind of thing that makes me miss Seattle. We actually had a few things to do this weekend… But nothing that included a steamroller.

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