You have a memorable backside.

Today was a half day for us in the print shop.  It’s been busy beyond belief for months now and since the schools and many of the sports teams are on Christmas break we’ve been able to take a little bit of a breather.  Today we left work early and had plans to go to Seattle just to get out of Everett for a few precious hours.  Before we went to Seattle I finally closed my account with Bank of America!  I’m now banking with a credit union and there are no sneaky and frivolous fees to keep my money there.

Eric and I ate some lunch at Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U-District and then went across the street to Sidecar….the vegan grocery store.  It’s not a trip to Seattle if we don’t go to a record store so off to Ballard it was!  We shopped a little bit and I went into the worst consignment store ever.  It was all of the non-fun stuff in grandma’s attic.  Never again!

Lunch from Wayward! I tried the tuna-ish salad. It's nothing like tuna really, but it was super good. The "tuna" was actually a really well done chickpea salad.

When we got back to the car I was getting ready to sit down in the seat and I looked up the street on the sidewalk.  I saw a rather tall guy who was walking away from us.  I could have sworn that it was our friend Corby.  Here I tell you about Corby…

Corby was from the same area in Pennsylvania as us.  He was friends with Eric and that’s how I met him.  We would go out for tea or Chinese or one time we got really crazy and went to Knoebel’s Amusement Restort.  Corby moved to Seattle one month before we did.  A little over a year ago he left Seattle and spent some time on the east coast before moving to Hawaii.  He’s been there ever since.  The past few weeks Corby has been traveling up and down the west coast going to Tori Amos concerts.  I saw yesterday that he posted something on Facebook saying that he was in Seattle.  I said…”How long will you be here?”  He was sadly leaving on Sunday.

Back to my original story…I said to Eric that that HAD to be Corby.  I got out of the car and yelled up the street to him.  The gentleman kept on walking.  He started to cross the street so I quickly looked up Corby’s number and started to call him.  When this tall gentleman got to the other side of the street he stopped…looked at his phone…and answered it!!

IT WAS CORBY!  Good ‘ol eagle eye me!  I guess Corby has a memorable backside.  He crossed the street again and hopped in my car and we went back to the house he was staying at and talked for about two hours.  He just went for lunch at a local Indian restaurant and was heading back to the house when I spotted him.  It was a very weird and awesome way to find him and see him here!  If we would have been just a few seconds sooner or later we would have missed him.  I’m super happy I was able to see him before he goes back to the island.  I guess in a few months I’ll have to escape the cold and damp weather here and visit him!


Eric, me and Corby!!

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