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Happy National Screen Printing Day and new glasses!

Today is National Screen Printing Day! We made shirts to celebrate the day. I love screen printing and I love this squeegee. She’s my favorite squeegee in the world! No on else in the print shop likes her and that’s fine by me. We spend many hours together everyday. She’s made by Riley Hopkins in case you’re wondering where you buy such a fabulous ergonomic squeegee.

Beautiful squeegee.

The shirt was designed by Janis Klavins. Ryonet, a screen printing supply company, had a shirt design contest for NSPD and this was one of the winning designs. Fabulous!

NSPD success!

Remember those glasses I told you that I ordered last week? Well they arrived today. They are HUGE! Too big. I’m returning them for a slightly smaller pair. Too much glasses for my face! Excuse the Farrah Fawcett hair. It was one of those hair days.

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New squirrel shirts!

Here's the new shirt I've been working on!

That little squirrel is up to no good! I think I'll put a few of these up in my Etsy shop very very soon! I like the brown print on green, but do you have any other suggestions for colors of shirts or prints?

A curious kitten climbed up my leg to interrupt the photo shoot. I also have a few more squirrel prints I'm working on. Exciting!





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A Saturday well spent.

I’m laying on the couch now writing to you with a sleepy kitten by my side.  Juniper has been very cuddly with me lately.  I feel like a mama cat!  She likes to sleep on my chest and by my head.  She’s spoiled at night too.  She sleeps under the blankets with us the whole night.  She stands up when Eric gets out of bed, but will crawl back under the sheets with me until I finally wake up.  What a wonderful kitten!  Although this morning she did wake me up by slapping me in the eye.  I think she just wanted to crawl back under the sheets and I didn’t know she was there.  A swift paw to the eye made it clear that she was beside me though!




After waking up abruptly today I went to the print shop.  Yes I went to work on a Saturday…BUT it was to work on some of my own art for once!  I’m going to be working on a few squirrel images.  It’s possible I’ll be selling these in my Etsy shop.  What do you think?  Do you want a squirrel shirt?!


This is the print I worked on today. I threw the shirt in my bag today so I apologize for the wrinkles.


What is that little squirrel looking at?


Would you like to take this guy home?

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Today was a rough day in the print shop.

Today was a long day at work with many tedious and painful orders. It was kind of bad. How bad? I came home from work and took off my jeans to get a shower and I had ink smeared all over the inside of my thigh. I don't know what I did to get it there and I don't think I want to know.

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