Merry Christmas Y’all!

Merry Christmas! Our friends and family sent us so many packages this year! Thank you to everyone! Juniper has so many kitten toys now AND a cat tree!

Miss Juniper keeps watch over the Christmas tree from the top of the cat tower.

Christmas kitten cuddles!

Christmas Smartz and Herc!

Herc found some vintage postcards for me!

Vegan Pie in the Sky from Ma and Pa Martz!

My mom and dad made a photo album. They put photos in it of baby me and my family from birth until my first year of college.

Krista, my sister, and I holding ducklings!

I always loved kittens! And I had to squeeze them!

Krista and little Smartz! Happy Birthday me!

Gifts for my bike from Eric's parents, my parents, my grandma and aunts, AND Herc!!

Eric's parents and Eric gave me some old letterpress blocks! The one on the left is the Nixon political cartoon block that I saw while I was in Pennsylvania in October. Eric's parents sent that to me! Eric gave me some squirrel blocks!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I bet I’ll be posting photos from Christmas food later!

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