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Squirrels and butts. Squirrel butts?

I enjoy the show “2 Broke Girls.”  Kat Dennings’ adorable face is in it so that is always a plus, but I do find it to be an entertaining show.  My favorite quote of the day was from the latest episode…

Han: Max, why did you kick out the hipsters?

Max: Because I cannot be in the background of another Instagram photo!

True story!  You can’t make your boring life interesting with a filter.

Here's my new squirrel print that will be going on some women's v-neck shirts.

I have also purchased some black underwear that I was going to print something squirrel related on. I need a butt model. There isn't a less creepy way to ask so there it is. I wanted to possibly post some of these on my Etsy account. I don't want my butt on my Etsy account. If you accept this butt model position you can have your very own pair of squirrely underwears! I guess men with a feminine rump can be butt models as well. Juniper doesn't approve of this idea. Skeptical kitten.

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