Have Love Will Travel- Day 1

We stopped at Mighty-O before hitting the road! Donuts are a must for a trip!

We stopped at Frenchman Coulee near Vantage, WA. We’ve been here about a dozen times but we love it every time we’re there!

I put our state map on the car! We traveled through two more states together on this trip so I still have to color those in.

Here’s my Grasshopper donut from Might-O. Mint and chocolate!

We’re in Cougs country! Eastern Washington is home to Washington State University. Go Cougs!

We travel on old roads and through broken down towns.

Palouse Falls!

Buzzy bee.

Near Palouse Falls.


I love the desert wildflowers!

Looking down the gorge at Palouse Falls.


Someone made these fun metal cutouts of a Lewis and Clark camp.

We brake for trains and train stations!

Welcome to Oregon! And here’s a crappy picture!

Broken down.

We pulled over in Oregon for a stretch break and some photos with a massive dandelion.

I told him to dip me. “That’s a long dip down if I drop you.”

What a gorgeous old hotel!

The first night was spent in Baker City, OR. We brought a little cook stove along with us for this trip! Indian food was on the menu for the night.

Good night from Bakery City!

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