fort vancouver and some base ball.

yesterday we traveled to fort vancouver in vancouver, wa to visit the fort and to see another vintage base ball game.

before leaving the seattle area we stopped for some donuts at mighy o. mmmm fried sugar goodness!

i captured this rail fan at the vaancouver amtrak station.

welding art!

there's that same rail fan.

we need a curved staircase.

grapevines were growing over the porch at one of the buildings at the fort.

inside that building.

broken dishes were found on the fort grounds.

fort vancouver.

s for smartz.

limes were growing near the grapevines as well.

the grant house on officers row. we also need a turret!

herc and i had a picnic before the base ball game started. vegan meats and pickles were a must!


rounding first base.

this jolly fellow was entertaining. he called someone "corn pone" during the game. i'll be using that phrase more often.

they only played 6 or 7 innings due to the lack of sun.

pretty snazzy shoes huh?

the fellows in blue won this evening. it was a fun game! they seemed to enjoy playing more than they did at the last game. we heard some talk of a september game. if that happens i'm sure we'll be visiting for vancouver again!

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