Portland and Vancouver: Ashley and Base Ball

 I have a ton of photos I need to sort through from my parent’s visit.  Until I do that I though I’d share my photos from this past Saturday with you.  Eric and I took a trip to Portland to see Ashley and then went to another vintage base ball game at Fort Vancouver.  

We tried to stay off of I-5 as much as possible on the way to Portland. We drove through Roy, WA.

We had vegan noms for the trip.

We drove through Tenino, WA.

In Tenino we found a swap meet. There were motorcycles, motorcycle parts and vintage bikes.

In Vader, WA we found the old jail.

I had a few postcards I had to mail out. In Vader I found a post office to do such a thing.

In Longview, WA we spotted some black smoke.

The smoke was near the wooden squirrel sculpture. Longview is famous for their squirrel bridge, squirrel sculpture and squirrel fest.


We found the fire. It was in an abandoned apartment complex.

We found out that this was a controlled fire. It seems kind of dumb to do such a thing in the middle of a city.

Ladder truck.

After some internet searching I found out that the squirrel bridge was near the fire...right about this intersection.

Nutty Narrows squirrel bridge!!

Hello Oregon! And you too Columbia River!

We ate at Vege Thai. Vegetarin fun in Portland. We shared some spring rolls with Ashley

I ate some red curry. I love red curry oh so much!

Skeptical Ashley. Miss Taylor is leaving Portland to live in Florida. She will be dearly missed. I met her about two years ago and she has become one my favorite people ever!

Ashley gave me this super cute basket! By the way...it was a gorgeous day i Portland! 93 degrees of awesome!

Portland has plenty of fun buildings and fun neon.

There was a vintage base ball game at Fort Vancouver.

Some women dressed up in period attire as well.

This guy was the hurler (pitcher). His nickname is Crazy Legs. As you can see.

The Portland Base Ball Club played the Vancouver Occidentals.


The PBBC won by one point. It was a rather fun game!

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