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Stocking up with a kitten and a new book!

After work today I made another trip to the local Asian store, Mekong, that will be closing in a few days. I’m so sad! Eric and I stocked up on rice noodles, tamari, seaweed, rice vinegar and green tea.


The green tea is organic too!


It was super cold outside today, but the sun was shining! Miss Purrito was checking out the sun and looking for the other neighborhood kitties.


She’s so curious.


Can you see her curly whisker? She has one whisker that always curls up. It looks like she used a curling iron on it. She’s always had it and it’s super cute!

A few months ago while browsing Kickstarter, I spotted a project for a vegan cookbook.  The design was lovely and the recipes sounded like food that Eric and I would love to try.  I backed the project and it was funded!  Today my cookbook arrived in the mail!  The book has huge photos with almost every recipe!  I like that.  The book also has a matte finish which I prefer over books with glossy covers.  There were also a handful of stickers and a bookmark in the package.  If you want to order your own copy of the book you can do that here!


From Germany with love.


Gorgeous photos, no?


ANNNDD…what I’m most excited about…GULAB JAMUNS! These doughy fried sweet balls are so good! I’ve had them a few times at Indian restaurants when I ate dairy. This might be the first recipe I try out of the book!


Fun stickers to stick on everything!


Oh, and there’s an acknowledgements page at the end of the book too.


And there she is!

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Sun + beaches + cameras = A Fan-Dabby-Dozy day!

Today it was sunny!  It’s a rare sight during the rainy winter months in the Northwest.  We took advantage of this and went for a drive to a few beach parks north of us.  We stopped at Kayak Point Park and a State Park on Camano Island.

The snow geese have arrived!

While driving through Stanwood, WA we spotted a kettle corn stand. We pulled over and dug through the car to find change. I’m really bad at keeping cash on me. Thank goodness for the quarter stash I found in my glove box!

Kayak Point Park.

Kayak Point wasn’t all that exciting so we quickly jetted to Camano Island. Look at that blue sky!

No one was living in this.

I love how barnacles just grow on anything and everything.

Barnacles galore!

Eric went in search of the best skipping rock.

The wind up.

And there it goes! Can you see the little rock in the air?

That’s a double skipper!

Of course since it was sunny we brought an arsenal of cameras with us! I think we both had three cameras with us. This was one of Eric’s Land Camera shots. How was your weekend?

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Eric, kitten, me.

It was super sunny today! I’m soaking in as much sun as I can before the rains begin!

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Sun sun sun! and a print

SUN! It was only about 75 degrees today but it felt much warmer! I took a blanket and my sewing project outside and had a little sun bath. Fancy blanket huh? I found that at the thrift store this week.

I’m still sewing my bag. I made quite a bit of progress this afternoon. I’m hoping that it will be finished by tomorrow!

I bought a new print this week too. Jesus with his kittens! Juniper approves. I bought this from a very nice gal named Shari.  Juniper approves!

Click here to buy your own print from Shari!

Tonight I was checking the weather report and I saw this. Oh Fabio! Those luscious blonde locks! Not really. He doesn’t age does he?

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Antiquing with a kitten.

Today we had a gorgeous sunny day.  I hopped on my red bike and went for a ride as soon as I came home from work!  Around the block from our house I noticed there was some sort of antique sale going on.  I dropped my bike off at home and grabbed my little kitten.  I thought maybe she’d like to get out in the sun for a walk…and when I say walk I mean I was going to carry her.  She does not walk on the leash.

She clung to me as we started our walk but she didn’t seem to mind it so much.  As soon as we made it to the antique sale she bellowed a deep  “MOOWWWWW.  MOOOOWWWW.”  It was rather embarrassing.  I’m really not embarrassed walking her, but her bellows were.  It sounded as if I was torturing her.  She did that 3 or 4 more times and then I decided we should head back to the house.  An old lady there said…”Maybe she doesn’t like the sun.”  Well yeah, we see the sun in Seattle 6 days out of the year so it is hard to get used to.  I walked her home and plopped her down in the grass.  She seemed happier, but she still beat cheeks to the front door.

She’s been sunning herself on the red chair most of the afternoon.  I love that little kitten!

Juniper decided to lay down on the sidewalk instead of walking on it.

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Did you see the eclipse today?

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Sunbathing and mail surprises!

Sorry I haven’t posted the second part of our day trip from this past weekend!  The weather here in Seattle has been beautiful this week so I’ve been outside laying in the sun.  I haven’t made myself sit down and write that post yet.  I have a slight sunburn from the wonderful 70 degree temps. we’ve been having.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a vegan swap.  You were given the name and address of another vegan blogger and you were to send them a package with your favorite vegan goods.  The package from my vegan swapper arrived today!  I will do a full post about this in a few days, but I was super excited to see the box on my front porch today!

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Day trip to Frenchman Coulee and Taunton- part 2

After some fun at the gem shop we finally made it to Frenchman Coulee! We found this waterfall which you can also see from the other side of the coulee.

And this is the view we had of the coulee!

Our jackalope mascot, Roama (also known as Timber Rattler), ventured to the coulee with us.

More lovely desert flowers.

So dainty!

Wonderful yellows!

And look at those deep purples!

These might be my favorite desert flowers.

When traveling you should always take a roll of toilet paper with you! I discovered a sad porta-potty without toilet paper and I was super happy to have this guy with me!

There are sand dunes in the coulee. You can see them in the distance. The hike back to the sand dunes was roughly one mile. We gathered up our cameras and water and got walkin'!

There was a rough path going to the sand dunes and trails leading to places where climbers like to go.

More dainty flowers.

Flowers and sage brush.

These are rather pretty.

Sage brush as far as you can see!

This was looking back towards the car. You can see a tiny speck in the distance that is the car.

Happy hikers!

And there are the sand dunes!

That is much steeper than it looks!

The sand dunes are way bigger than they appear from the road. Eric went hiking towards two other dunes in the area.

I brought my Polaroid camera with me to take some desert shots.

We had gorgeous weather for this trip!

I decided to hike to the top of the dune.

It was a steep hike! I was huffing and sweating when I made it to the top.

Steep! Get movin' legs!

View from the top!

I sat down for a rest on the top of the sand dune.

Sandy ripples.

We noticed this line of greyish dirt along the trail. Can you guess what it is?

It's Mt. St. Helen's ash!!

After leaving the coulee we ventured to the town of Taunton.

We traveled on a very small back road with open ranges. We didn't pass another car the whole time, but we did pass a mama cow and her baby!

Baby stood up and stretched.

Baby was also kind of suspicious of us. Little baby decided to hide behind mama.

And this is Taunton! There was never a town here, but there was a substation for the railroad.

Here's the substation.

It's been abandoned for quite some time.

The substation is in rather bad condition.

It's pretty trashed inside.

Eric and I love investigating old buildings!

Why not?

Chop shop?

These stairs lead to the lower level of the substation. That stuff along the wall is bird droppings! It was rather smelly and dirty so we opted to not go downstairs.

Best wishes to you substation!

People had carved their names into the side of the hill behind the substation. I used a pocket knife and did the same!

Thanks for following along with us! We had a great trip with great weather and photos! We're already planning for our next day trip! See you on the road!

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16.5 hours of travel today!

I’m just checking in to say hi today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fantastic post for you! Eric and I traveled through central Washington today. We saw desert flowers, coulees, some nice cows and I even have a little sunburn! See you tomorrow!

Sun and fun!

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We took advantage of the warm sun today!

Today is was sunny AND warm. I was in short sleeves all day today!

After a quick stop at the record store we went to Bamboo Gardens for some vegan noms! My bowl was literally bubbling when they brought it out to me.

We had to purchase a few goods from Uwajimaya, a fantastic store, in the International District. This sign was in my way so I just decided to include it. Get out of my way sign!

These dragons keep watch over the International District.

From Uwajimaya we walked to the King Street Station to watch for trains.

No train things yet.

We waited and waited.

Hurry up train!

Goodness! Adorable.

We were about to give up on the train watching.

There we are!

But then!!

She's coming round the bend.




It was a short train, but it was a train.


We had a mini photo shoot when we came home. It's kitten love!...too bad the photo was so washed out.


I was feeling a little bit like Lori from The Walking Dead today.

See Lori here!

Juniper loves coming outside with us.

Sleepy baby.

Until next time!

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