A quiet Christmas with a kitten.


We were up at 5:30 in the morning… on my day off! This is unheard of. It was Christmas though and I was excited to roll out of bed to begin the day!  Our families sent us so many packages this year.  We decided not to open any of the boxes when they arrived in the mail so it would be a real surprise.  There were plenty of Middleswarth chips too!  Juniper was the official Christmas inspector.


Christmas came to a grinding halt when Eric opened a book.


This past summer at an estate sale, Eric found this ET wrapping paper. Vintage too! He wrapped my gifts in it this year. I’ve never seen the movie ET!…(or Grease. Or Dirty Dancing. Or The Shining.)


Four years ago when we moved to Seattle I had a bowl like this. It came out here from PA with us. I lovingly referred to it as, The Cock Bowl. The Cock Bowl met its tragic end on day when Eric was washing dishes and one of his stainless steel bowls fell off the drying rack, knocking The Cock Bowl onto the floor with it. The Cock Bowl shattered into a million little pieces. I loved that bowl and Eric has been looking on Ebay for a replacement bowl for the past four years. He found some! Four to be exact. One was shattered in transit though. Another Cock Bowl bites the dust. I was so excited when I saw these! I would remind Eric from time to time about my broken bowl and he would always feel sad when I brought it up. He scored major points with this one!




Juniper even had a few gifts! She loves these little plastic spring toys. They’re easy for her to carry them around in her mouth. She goes nuts over them! We throw them down the stairs and she runs after them at full speed, mumbling little meows at she’s chasing it. I also found this toy in her food bowl today. She will do that with all of her toys. She puts them in her food bowl. I don’t know if is playing and then decides she’s hungry so she just drops the toy in the food or if she’s trying to be motherly and feed the toys? Goofy little girl!


I tried a recipe today for soft pretzels from that Natural Christmas 1978 book I bought a few weeks ago at the thrift store.


Finished pretzels!


They were lightly crispy on the outside and super soft and fluffy on the inside! I’ve tried recipes for soft pretzels before and they always just tasted like dough. There was never any real flavor. These however, DO taste like a soft pretzel!


The coarse salt really did the trick too!


We also decided to make an easy Christmas dinner today. Nachos! Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great day doing what you do to celebrate the holiday!

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One thought on “A quiet Christmas with a kitten.

  1. Jim Allen

    The very best to you and Eric, on this Merry Christmas. From our family to yours. I hope you had an enjoyable time with your kitty and Eric. The bowls look great. Vegan doughnuts sound good right now.

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