Christmas is coming!

Merry Christmas Eve!  Eric and I worked a half day at work today and then we came home to finish a few things for Christmas.  I had plans to make something for Eric and I was super happy with how it turned out!  I found a chocolate mold in the shape of a record.  I thought the text on the record was super cute as well!  I used white chocolate for the text, dark chocolate for the record AND it’s filled with peppermint filling.  I also couldn’t wait to give it to him, so I ended up giving it to him after the chocolate had hardened.


I do.


We hung the Christmas cards on the mantel this year.


We also had a few handmade cards this year! I also like the cards with photos of our friend’s kids on them.


We have a leg lamp. It moved out here from Pennsylvania with us. We put it in the window tonight to take photos and to show it off a little bit. You can’t say no to electric sex!


I also put my camera on a tripod and set the timer so we could take a goofy photo of us with the leg lamp. I had the tripod in the front yard. I had to push the timer button and run to the house…up the front stairs…and through the living room to pose with Eric. We had to do this about five times until we got a few shots that actually worked. See Juniper creepin’ up on her kitty tower?


Before coming in the house for the night to wait for Santa I snapped a photo of Miss Kitten and Eric. We have a dirty front window. I love the look of shock on Juniper’s face. Merry Christmas Eve! Sleep tight and listen for those sleigh bells!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. Great leg lamp, where does a guy buy such a thing anyway? What sort of camera are you using, the clarity is great?

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