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Cat photos. Everyone likes cat photos!


Juniper and I were hanging out this afternoon. She was rolling around and just asking to be photographed!


She ignored me for the most part.


She was sleepy.


And I just love that little face!




Scratchy back.


And dirty paws.


She’s active in the afternoon when we come home from work. If it’s after 3pm…she’s zonked out on “her” chair.


Shy little girl.


Deep in thought. Not really deep…she probably just saw a fuzzy on the floor.


Close your little mouth baby kitty!


Two paws up for kitty time!

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One big and bright Birthday blanket!

A box arrived on my front porch from my sister today. Inside was a magnificent surprise! She crocheted me this awesome blanket! I actually knew that she was making the blanket because I picked out the yarn for it over a year ago.

I love obnoxious colors! She spent so much time of this blanket! I’m almost afraid to use it. Juniper was the official blanket inspector.

Juniper was walking with her toes spread apart because she was afraid to step on the holes between the flowers on the blanket. Cute baby kitty.

I don’t have the patience to complete a project like this, but I sure am glad my sister does!

Do you like my yellow headboard? I have a vintage bedroom set that is accent with those yellow panels. I love it so much! It’s incredibly heavy and awkward to move. I hope I never have to part with it.

My brother-in-law, Tim, made me this box where I can now store my jewels and gold pieces. It’s actually the perfect size for my necklaces!

And no package from Pennsylvania is complete without some Middleswarth chips and my sister’s famous salsa! Thanks again!!

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