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Happy 2nd Birthday, Juniper!


Our little kitten turned two years old today! I can’t believe she’s that old already. I bought her a few toys to celebrate the day. I also bought her a new soft brush to get rid of that pesky winter fur. Juniper had this same exact toy when we adopted her. She lost it somewhere…I assume under the washing machine…but she loved it! She started playing with this right away after I took it out of the package.


She likes to play fetch with the mint toy too. She likes to play fetch with most of her toys, but this one is easy for her to carry around in her mouth.


It’s Birthday-bath time! Someone needs to vacuum up those sock fuzzies!


I also picked up this little comfort toy for her. You can warm this toy up in the microwave for 30 seconds and the beans inside the toy will be nice and warm for your cat. It’s supposed to be comforting for the cat. I plan on warming this up everyday for her and giving it to her to cuddle. I hope to have the person watching Juniper while we’re travelling this summer warm this up for her everyday so she feels comforted. I feel really bad about leaving Juniper this summer!


Miss Purrito investigates!


Happy 2nd Birthday my little rescue kitten!

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