A rainy Friday in Pennsylvania.

I started out my Friday by going to Lewisburg, Pa with my dad and sister. The rain followed me.

We went to Cherry Alley for some coffee and tea beverages.

Cherry Alley has expanded their vegan options. Yay for you Cherry Alley!

See? Vegan baked goods.

I found this awesome teapot by a Michael Jackson glove at The Street of Shops in Lewisburg. Why did I not buy that teapot?! It was gone when I went back on Tuesday.

The Street of Shops is near the Susquehanna River. During the recent floods The Street of Shops lost 90% of their merchandise. You can see the flood line on the white wall here.

Obama Smartz! Here's your hope.

I found this fantastic block to a printing press. Again...why did I not buy it?

Nixon see?

Here's the Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library in Northumberland, PA. That's the town I grew up in. And this is the library I went to as a child. This was built in 1820 and lived in by Joseph Priestley. He discovered oxygen they say.

My sister and I went for a rainy drive north.

Kitten sammich! That's Spook in the middle and my sister on the right!

We made vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

Goodnight Northumberland!

This is ASA. This is where I used to work. They are the largest youth football print shop in the country.


I went to an art opening called "Cover of a Cover," with my sister in Bloomsburg on Friday night. Artists took and album cover and made their own version of it. My friend Brock and drawing professor Jason Godeke had pieces in the show.

Covers of covers.

This is Professor Godeke's piece.

Brock's piece is on the left.


Another piece by Brock.

I took a few close up shots for you so you could see some of the detail.


The art show was right beside my old apartment. The two windows above the two windows with the lights on were in my room!

We made potato smiles when we went home.

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