Pennsylvania fun!

On my way to Seatac for a late night flight I passed the Space Needle. I love the city at night.

I'm ready!


Approaching Washington Dulles Airport.

Bump bump as we land.

While waiting for my connecting flight to Harrisburg, PA I saw this. It was on one of the pilot's bags.

Being above the clouds is so very awesome!

It was raining in D.C. and in Harrisburg. But not up here!

I stopped by my sister's place of employment to say hi. I of course had to pee. I found this in the bathroom. Who is Kin?

This is Kin!!

My sister does a little screen printing where she works too!

Fun thin frames.

Pudder! This is my first baby kitty. She was a kitten and lost in the winter. She slept by the chimney and eventually made her way to live on the back porch. And then she started to live in the house. My dad always said "no cats in the house." She showed him!

This is JJ. "JJ pretty boy. *whistle whistle*"

I found some chestnuts.

That's one cute raccoon!

Shoo fly pie.

The birch beer flows in Pennsylvania.

Here's Scooter!

She was rescued from the recent flood in Pennsylvania.

Just look at that cuteness!

She nibbled on my fingers!

Tickling her made me super happy!


Someone gots a nut!

And I held Tazer the skunk!

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