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To Chicago! And the beginning of Route 66.


War Correspondents Memorial.


You are here. At the Battle of South Mountain.


The Burnside Bridge. It’s a famous Civil War era bridge on the Antietam Battle Ground.


Walking towards Fort Ligonier.


Inside the fort.


The buildings were rather well maintained.


The raw wood beams are lovely!


I kind of want old glass windows in our house.


We took a short walk to see the place where General Braddock was buried.


And this is where he’s buried now…just a short distance up the hill from the other plaque.


One of a few Madonna’s of the Trail we saw on the trip.


Welcome to West Virginia!


In Moundsville, WV we stayed with friends for two nights. Moundsville is famous for the Grave Creek Mound.


And there’s the mound. It’s an Native American burial mound. The mound used to be higher, but humans are rude and sometimes don’t have respect for the dead.


The former West Virginia State Penitentiary. We actually toured the penitentiary but I’ll save that for a different post!


Be progressive!


National Road West.


There’s our travel buddy!


Don’t you want to play some corn-hole games?


I never really find the drive from Pennsylvania to Chicago all that interesting, but sometimes you come across things like this! And that makes the drive bearable.


Hey Indiana!


The Illinois and Indiana state border.


Welcome to Chicago.


I love Millennium Park in Chicago! You’ll see more of that soon.


A fancy lion in front of the Art Institute.


More Millennium Park! Water pours out from these fountains. The faces on the fountains also change every few minutes. AND the faces on the fountains are of Chicago residents.


The Bean!! It’s my favorite thing in Chicago! I did my art history research paper on the Bean during my senior year in college.


Seagulls on the Bean.


Can you see us in the reflection?


There we are!


The last time we were here was in 2008 and we saw someone buffing and shining the Bean.


Jay Pritzker Pavilion.


Clarence F. Buckingham Memorial Fountain. Chicago has really nice parks and architecture.


Vomiting seahorses!


The beginning of historic Route 66! And the fun begins.

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In PA.


Pennsylvania welcomes you!


This is incredibly obnoxious. Silly Jesus! You can’t balance a plane on your head.


It was a super humid and hazy day in PA. We stopped by the Flight 93 memorial. It’s a really somber place. Flight 93 was the plane that crashed into a field in western PA on September 11, 2001. There’s a long walkway with some signage along the way. To the left is where the debris field from the plane is.


Names of those who died in the plane crash.


It’s a big ‘ol coffee pot.


An abandoned section of Pennsylvania Turnpike. This was used as a filming location for the movie “The Road.” Does it look familiar?


It was a little creepy in the tunnel.


Burt Reynold pleasure cave. Don’t mind if I don’t!




In Gettysburg I spotted a cat lounging on a wooden fence. Super cute! I actually made Eric turn around so I could take a photo with my telephoto lens.


In Gettysburg we spent some time driving around the Battlefield. This is one of Eric’s favorite places.


Morning overlooking Gettysburg.


Eric went on a Battlefield tour while I drove around and found this creepy stuff.


Cannons with the Pennsylvania Monument in the background.


It’s the Distelfink ya dingus!


Back in my hometown of Northumberland, Pennsylvania! My dad took me out for a ride in his new(ish) boat. I say new(ish) because he’s had it for a while, but this was my first time in it. He even trusted me enough to let me drive it. My mom hung on terrified in the back. Kidding! I wasn’t that bad.


Cupcakes for the wedding! Homemade in my childhood home.


Eric and I spent time at my parent’s house, his parent’s and my sister’s. We cooked some veggie dogs one night at Eric’s parent’s house.


Eric’s hometown of New Berlin, PA was having a parade and carnival while we were there!


This is where we’re from.


Someone has a nice bus.


He’s missing his chaps!


The kids watching the parade around us loved the fire trucks. They also loved the candy the firemen were throwing.


The carnival was small, but they had a carousel. You can’t go wrong with a carousel!


The wheel of doom! I’m not sure what it was actually called…I’m just telling you what it SHOULD be called.


My best friend, Aaron, is a pastry chef and he so kindly helped me decorate the cupcakes for the wedding. He brought massive pastry bags and piping tips for the icing. He even gave me the tips to bring home with me!


The night before the wedding we went to a local amusement park called Knoebels with some out of town friends. Fun, food and fantasy! Our friends Ryan and Jaime have two adorable kids. Arkaedi and Taviri were enjoying going around in circles most of the night.


All of us road the little train. In front of me is Jason, Aaron, Matt and DJ. Jason has some fantastic tattoos!…and he’s vegan!


And behind us are Arkaedi, Taviri, Ryan and Jaime!


I think we all had a fun night together! My friends!


And here’s a peak at our wedding day! And my very pregnant sister. She’s so cute! She had that baby five days after the wedding! I’m flying back to PA in September to meet my niece, Tessa.


My sister puts up with me doing weird things to her.


Married and watching the sunset over Gettysburg.


Goodnight Pennsylvania!

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Annnnnd we’re back!

After a month of travel across the US we’re back on the west coast!

I wish I were still on the road, but I’m happy to be reunited with my little cat, Juniper.  She stayed at the house while we were away and we had a good friend come over every day to take care of her and to hang out with her.  She was so so happy to see us, but it kind of made me feel bad because she must have missed us so much from the way she’s been acting.  She was glued to me the first few days back at home.

So what we’re we doing traveling for a month?

  • We drove to Pennsylvania.
  • We got married complete with a 100% vegan wedding and 100 cupcakes made by me!
  • We drove to Chicago and honeymooned all the way to Los Angeles on old Route 66.
  • We drove up California State Route 1 along the Pacific Ocean.
  • We also saw some friends along the way and stopped at many many roadside attractions, oddities and museums.

Over the next few months I’m planning on posting photos from the trip and wedding.  I want to do a post for each of the main attractions we saw along with photos from all over Route 66.  I’m kind of excited to get back to blogging!  I felt burned out by it a few months before the trip, but I think maybe I just needed a break from it.


Wedding Day!

Our friend, D.J., performed the wedding ceremony.  The night before the wedding Eric and I went to a local amusement park in PA call Knoebels.  Eight friends who were in town for the wedding went to Knoebels with us and we had such a fun night!  My best friend Aaron and I went on a ride call the Tilt-A-Whirl with D.J.  The ride tilts and whirls you around and around in a circle on an incline.  As we were tilting and whirling around in the dark with bright lights flashing I declared that this was the best bachelorette party ever!  Girls night!…three girls and seven guys.


Grill it!

Most of the food at the wedding was homemade aside from the veggie burgers.  Eric and I took control of the grill and served our wedding guests.  Now we want to buy a grill for our house!  All I can think about are grilled veggie burgers, roasted corn and kabobs with pineapple on them!

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Food, finds and some PA DIY!

I managed to snap a few shots of some of the food I ate while in PA.  In central PA, where I was staying, there aren’t many options for vegans/vegetarians if you want to go out to eat.  Luckily there’s the college town of Lewisburg that has a cafe with two vegan lunch options.  Cherry Alley Cafe used to have some amazing burritos!  Vegan and all!  I was really disappointed to find that they did away with awesome-burrito.  They did have some vegan cookies though.  I used to always get their iced chai tea with soy milk too.  The barista there was actually kind enough to tell me that the chai mix isn’t vegan.  Boo!!  I’m assuming there’s dry milk in it.  Make your own chai mix, Cherry Alley!  Some spices and some grinding and BAM!…chai tea.

My mom did take me to a grocery store to stock up on some avocados, tofu and refried beans though!  I usually live on bean burritos when I travel!


Travel food. Beans, avocado and hot sauce.


Root beer Italian ice! Rita’s is an east coast thing. I miss it!


Cherry Alley does have fun tables. I made that same face when I found out the chai tea mix isn’t vegan.


Tofu wrap!


And a grilled vegetable panini. The so kindly put cheese on this even though I asked for no cheese. They made me another one, but Cherry Alley kind of let me down! The birch beer in the background did not though!


More Italian ice! This time it was lemonade.


My aunt usually makes me something vegan when I’m in Pennsylvania visiting. This time she made me chocolate chip blondies and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing! I DID NOT eat all of that by myself. Although I could have.


After Eric picked me up from the airport we went to Bamboo Garden. We always go to Bamboo Garden after he picks me up or we pick someone up from the airport. It’s a nice little tradition.


Bamboo Garden!


There’s an antique mall/flea market that I love in Lewisburg, PA called, The Street of Shops. I squealed inside when I saw these lamps there! You might remember that I found a similar turtle lamp in a thrift store a few months ago. I wanted to take all of them home, but I knew I couldn’t. I snagged that little dinosaur lamp in the back. I didn’t have room to take him on the plane with me so I packaged him up as well as I could and my sister shipped him back to me. The package should arrive early this week and I’m hoping his little glass back didn’t break!

Remember my turtle lamp?


My dad and I had some time to work on a project for the wedding! I wanted to make some glass Ball jar cups so the wedding guests can take them home with them. I found bright yellow and white straws to put in these guys.


Dad punched a hole in the lid.


And I drilled the hole out! We then fished rubber grommets through the hole that the straws will later be placed in.


We made 36 Ball jar cups in about 45 minutes! Fun PA DIY!

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I’m still here!

I’m here! And so is spring!  I’ve been gone, but don’t think I haven’t been doing exciting things.  Last week I took a trip to Pennsylvania.  I didn’t tell my sister I was flying in so she was quite surprised!  My sister is pregnant now so it was soo good to see her!  I felt the baby kick too.  It’s really exciting.  I can’t wait to be an aunt.  We spent quite a bit of time with my parents and my brother-in-law too.  We went out to eat, bought some Italian ice AND had a surprise baby shower for my sister!  I have tons of photos to share with you over the next few weeks.


Bright sun and blue skies!

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One big and bright Birthday blanket!

A box arrived on my front porch from my sister today. Inside was a magnificent surprise! She crocheted me this awesome blanket! I actually knew that she was making the blanket because I picked out the yarn for it over a year ago.

I love obnoxious colors! She spent so much time of this blanket! I’m almost afraid to use it. Juniper was the official blanket inspector.

Juniper was walking with her toes spread apart because she was afraid to step on the holes between the flowers on the blanket. Cute baby kitty.

I don’t have the patience to complete a project like this, but I sure am glad my sister does!

Do you like my yellow headboard? I have a vintage bedroom set that is accent with those yellow panels. I love it so much! It’s incredibly heavy and awkward to move. I hope I never have to part with it.

My brother-in-law, Tim, made me this box where I can now store my jewels and gold pieces. It’s actually the perfect size for my necklaces!

And no package from Pennsylvania is complete without some Middleswarth chips and my sister’s famous salsa! Thanks again!!

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Thriftin’ Thursday!

Today after work I took a quick jaunt to the thrift store. I came home with some awesome finds!

I found this great western shirt! Look at that embroidered and hand painted yoke! Gorgeous ya’ll!

I also found these little gems! There are two identical pieces of embroidered fabric. I was looking for small pieces of fabric to make pockets out of for my bag I’m working on. These are perfect for the bag! Yee-haw!

I came across this Pennsylvania plate at the thrift store. I was excited to see it because Pennsylvania is my home state!

But what?….that PA plate is a Lazy Susan!! OMG. Great find!

I grew up in a town called Northumberland that is really close to Sunbury and Lewisburg. Lewisburg is near and dear to my heart. I used to spend almost every night in that town with Eric.

I bought a shirt for our trip in a few weeks. I don’t own many sleeveless shirts because I live in the rainy NW. This is one of the few times in my life you’ll see me without sleeves. I’m still trying to be comfortable in my Smartz-body. I have body issues.

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Happy Father’s Day Papa Martz!

Happy Father’s Day Dad! And Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there! I hope everyone had a great day. I may be on the other side of the country but I send my love back east!

Sister, Dad, little Smartz.

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Postcard fun!

I’ve been trying to organize my growing postcard collection.  I’ve scanned and uploaded many of them to my Flickr account.  You can find them here!

I’ve separated the postcard into the following categories…jackalopes, squirrels, chipmunks, map postcards, and just postcard collection.  Postcard collection is just a mix of all of my vintage postcards.

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Eric gave me this one for Christmas. This is a place that we visited on Route 6 in Pennsylvania.


This one shows a diving horse the from diving horse days in Atlantic City. Dangerous for both horse and rider this always fascinated me as a child.


This one sadly has tape residue on the top of it, but I just had to have it! It's a couple sitting in the water at Asbury Park, New Jersey. Eric and I also traveled here quite often while living on the east coast. Our first day trip together was actually to Asbury Park! We snuck in the old boarded up casino by the ocean with some twelve year olds.


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What’s inside that mystery box?

Soon after I arrived home from work I heard a *thumpclangclang* on the front porch. My first thought was..."Oh. The mailman must be throwing packages again." Well I was right. But this is what I saw when I looked out the front door.


This box has taken a beating.


Quite the beating! But what's inside?


It's from my sister in Pennsylvania!


When I peeped through this little hole I was super SUPER excited!! My sister mailed me my old computer chair from Pennsylvania! I couldn't take it with me when I moved to Seattle three years ago so I gave it to her but she has reunited us!


You can't really tell from that jumbled mess, but that is a chair!


Tim, my brother-in-law even sent an Allen wrench along with the chair so I could put it back together! So very kind of you Tim!


This chair is comfortable to sit in, but even better than's blue. Sparkly blue!


I was sad that I had to leave this in Pennsylvania.


There she is! I put the chair back together as fast as I could and sat in it an soon as I was able to! Thank you Krista and Tim!

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