Pennsylvania pumpkins and special visitors from Ithaca!

Ryan, Jaime, Arkaedi and Taviri from Ithaca, NY drove down to central Pennsylvania to visit with me on Saturday. They used to live in Seattle, but moved to Ithaca in 2010. Eric and I miss them so much! We saw them many times during the week hung out on the weekends. Ryan and Jaime have adorable children. We really do miss them and it was great to see them even if it was just for a few hours. I sat in the back between the car seats like I used to when travelling with Ryan and Jaime.

The Barker family!

Arkaedi picked out her pumpkin. We went to Ard's Farm Market in Mifflinburg for pumpkin picking festivities!

Taviri and I checked the pumpkins for holes and bugs.

It was actually a beautiful day for a hayride and picking pumpkins. It was a little windy though.

Here's my pumpkin!

Taviri inspected many pumpkins. I think he actually brought this one home with him.

My sister and brother-in-law Tim went to the pumpkin patch as well! Krista found a pumpkin too!

Jaime couldn't decide which pumpkin she wanted. She's so cute.

Mr. Barker was proud of his pumpkin.

Cute! I was happy that the kids still remembered me. They even drew some pictures. Taviri also grabbed my hand to walk through the parking lot. They make my heart melt!

Arkaedi was caught in a wind storm!

Here was our haul from the field. I sent my pumpkin home with the Barkers. I don't think I could have fit it in my carry on bag.

There was a massive inflatable slide at the farm. The kids of course wanted to go down it. I did too! But i did not.

Arkaedi wanted to go down the slide too but she wanted to go down with Jaime. Jaime didn't mind at all! Jaime and I were actually staring at the slide while Taviri was playing on it. I asked her..."I wonder if adults can go down it." At the same time we both said..."I want to go down it!!" Jaime looked at me and said..."I knew there was a reason we were friends!"

The kids wanted to feed the kids.

Taviri cuddled with me on the way to Cherry Alley in Lewisburg for some food and coffee.

Eric used to have his bookstore in that red brick building. The store was in the right side of the building.

I had spicy chai tea with soy milk at Cherry Alley.

I also had some called the "Hip-E-Rita." Dumb name but awesome food! It was a tofu burrito with beans, peppers, tomatoes and awesomeness!

Eric used to live in that tiny tiny apartment on the top of the other buildings. Super tiny but super cute!

The apartment had a great view.

That night I had chinese food with Krista, Tim and my parents. The folks working at the restaurant were super nice about checking ingredients for me. They told me what sauces I couldn't eat....which ended up to be all of them. But the cook did make me something special. "I make you something like we eat in China. Salt, pepper, water. Not too much but very good!" Very good it was!

Later that night I met up with Mandy, a friend since high school, and her husband Bryan!

I love her! It was great to see them too! I think it had been two years since I last saw them!

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One thought on “Pennsylvania pumpkins and special visitors from Ithaca!

  1. Ryan beggar

    Yay! Fun and fun! Arkaedi told me today that outside was “a cow! Like in pennSA-Vain-ya!”

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