summer summer summertime!

summer paid us a short visit this past week in seattle! it was wonderful! the kids were outside all day at the day care which was wonderful as well. the kids got to play outside and swim and i was able to sit in the sun. i have a nice little tan and freckles to prove it!

the high temperature this week was on average 85 i would say. ryan told me that THAT was our summer. we might have another week of high 80’s at the end of the summer, but that was basically it. that’s just weird since most of the summer in pennsylvania is humid with 80 degree temperature. eww.

eric, ryan, the kids and myself went to carkeek park last night. carkeek is right on the sound with a little playground and a great beach to hang out on we are usually at this park in the morning, but it was fun to see the park at night. it’s great that seattle has these little places that are kind of a get away from the city traffic and noise. the only bad thing about carkeek is that the park seems to have it out for ryan’s son taviri. every single time we’re at that park taviri falls, and that’s pretty much the only time he falls! last night was no exception of course…and he has the scraped elbow to prove it! there are also pesky crows who like to try to open your bags you take to the beach with you to steal your goods. move it biiiird! my parents will be flying to seattle next week and i’m sure we’ll be spending many mornings and/or nights at carkeek.

as it stands now, i’ll be in pennsylvania for roughly two months this summer. i’m pretty bummed about leaving seattle since the sunny weather is apparently here to stay. i’m also bummed to be leaving ryan, jaime and the kids. they’re a great little family and seeing them is usually one of my favorite parts of the day. it’s going to be a hard adjustment to not being seeing them almost everyday. it’s going to be extremely hard if eric can’t come back to pennsylvania with me too. sad smartz.

here are our photos from carkeek last night!!

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One thought on “summer summer summertime!

  1. Summer without smartz is not summer properly!

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