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On the Mother Road :: Part 4


Totem Pole Park in Oklahoma.


This park was great! It was one of my favorite things in OK!


See the turtle at the bottom?


There were all sorts of sculptures around the park including a fun picnic table.


Guarding the road.


I think this was a little gift shop. We were there early in the morning so it wasn’t open. ..if it even still is.


Good luck!


The next stop was the Catoose Blue Whale. This is probably one of the top three iconic things on Route 66!


Little benches and tables near the Blue Whale.


The Blue Whale!


Open wide.


You could actually climb up in the head of the whale. There’s Eric!


In the belly of the beast.


This used to be a popular swimming spot, but it didn’t look like water you’d want to swim in now. There were quite a few turtles swimming there though!


The Oasis Motel.


Thank you, Tulsa!


The Rose Bowl.


The Desert Hills Motel. What a gorgeous sign!


The Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza. Cyrus Avery is the “Father of Route 66.”


It was quite the lively sculpture.


Old Route 66.


The detail on the sculpture was wonderful.


There was even a grasshopper on the grill of the old Ford.


A 1920’s era bridge.


The Skyliner Motel. These motel signs sure beat Motel 6.


Another sneaky Meramec Caverns sign on a barn.


A rather beat down gas station.


66 sign on the wall of the gas station.


Round Barn in Arcadia, OK.


Inside the round barn. It was kind of trippy looking up at the ceiling.


Right outside of Oklahoma City is a town called El Reno. This is the spot were a giant tornado killed three storm chasers this past tornado season. Eric and I were fans of the show, Storm Chasers, so we were familiar with the men killed. We were only about a mile away so we decided to go pay our respects.


There was already a memorial setup for the storm chasers. We left some of our wedding flowers for the guys.


Tornado damage.


At least people can have a sense of humor.


No more billboards.


I was worried about running into a tornado while on the trip. We hit some rather bad storms, but thankfully no tornado. Tornado Alley is one place I do not want to live!


Calumet Chieftains.


Pony Bridge, Route 66.


The Glancy Motor Hotel!


This was a “hip” Route 66 museum. It wasn’t my favorite, because they seemed like they were trying to hard. You don’t have to try hard…you’re Route 66!


Big Bug!


Cotton Boll Motel.


I was a creeper and wanted a photo of the herd of cat on this front porch. They were so cute!


India food! We actually went there to find India food. And it was so good! They made it vegan for us too!


Western Motel.


Overgrown Route 66.


Harley and Annabelle’s in Erick, OK.


So many fun signs!


Harley and Annabelle’s.


No place like Texola.


There’s no other place like this place anywhere near this place so this must be the place.


My first time in Texas! And I will say that I was kind of upset I didn’t see one cowboy in chaps. Assless or otherwise.


Conoco Gas Station in Shamrock, TX.


Wide angle madness!

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In PA.


Pennsylvania welcomes you!


This is incredibly obnoxious. Silly Jesus! You can’t balance a plane on your head.


It was a super humid and hazy day in PA. We stopped by the Flight 93 memorial. It’s a really somber place. Flight 93 was the plane that crashed into a field in western PA on September 11, 2001. There’s a long walkway with some signage along the way. To the left is where the debris field from the plane is.


Names of those who died in the plane crash.


It’s a big ‘ol coffee pot.


An abandoned section of Pennsylvania Turnpike. This was used as a filming location for the movie “The Road.” Does it look familiar?


It was a little creepy in the tunnel.


Burt Reynold pleasure cave. Don’t mind if I don’t!




In Gettysburg I spotted a cat lounging on a wooden fence. Super cute! I actually made Eric turn around so I could take a photo with my telephoto lens.


In Gettysburg we spent some time driving around the Battlefield. This is one of Eric’s favorite places.


Morning overlooking Gettysburg.


Eric went on a Battlefield tour while I drove around and found this creepy stuff.


Cannons with the Pennsylvania Monument in the background.


It’s the Distelfink ya dingus!


Back in my hometown of Northumberland, Pennsylvania! My dad took me out for a ride in his new(ish) boat. I say new(ish) because he’s had it for a while, but this was my first time in it. He even trusted me enough to let me drive it. My mom hung on terrified in the back. Kidding! I wasn’t that bad.


Cupcakes for the wedding! Homemade in my childhood home.


Eric and I spent time at my parent’s house, his parent’s and my sister’s. We cooked some veggie dogs one night at Eric’s parent’s house.


Eric’s hometown of New Berlin, PA was having a parade and carnival while we were there!


This is where we’re from.


Someone has a nice bus.


He’s missing his chaps!


The kids watching the parade around us loved the fire trucks. They also loved the candy the firemen were throwing.


The carnival was small, but they had a carousel. You can’t go wrong with a carousel!


The wheel of doom! I’m not sure what it was actually called…I’m just telling you what it SHOULD be called.


My best friend, Aaron, is a pastry chef and he so kindly helped me decorate the cupcakes for the wedding. He brought massive pastry bags and piping tips for the icing. He even gave me the tips to bring home with me!


The night before the wedding we went to a local amusement park called Knoebels with some out of town friends. Fun, food and fantasy! Our friends Ryan and Jaime have two adorable kids. Arkaedi and Taviri were enjoying going around in circles most of the night.


All of us road the little train. In front of me is Jason, Aaron, Matt and DJ. Jason has some fantastic tattoos!…and he’s vegan!


And behind us are Arkaedi, Taviri, Ryan and Jaime!


I think we all had a fun night together! My friends!


And here’s a peak at our wedding day! And my very pregnant sister. She’s so cute! She had that baby five days after the wedding! I’m flying back to PA in September to meet my niece, Tessa.


My sister puts up with me doing weird things to her.


Married and watching the sunset over Gettysburg.


Goodnight Pennsylvania!

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Annnnnd we’re back!

After a month of travel across the US we’re back on the west coast!

I wish I were still on the road, but I’m happy to be reunited with my little cat, Juniper.  She stayed at the house while we were away and we had a good friend come over every day to take care of her and to hang out with her.  She was so so happy to see us, but it kind of made me feel bad because she must have missed us so much from the way she’s been acting.  She was glued to me the first few days back at home.

So what we’re we doing traveling for a month?

  • We drove to Pennsylvania.
  • We got married complete with a 100% vegan wedding and 100 cupcakes made by me!
  • We drove to Chicago and honeymooned all the way to Los Angeles on old Route 66.
  • We drove up California State Route 1 along the Pacific Ocean.
  • We also saw some friends along the way and stopped at many many roadside attractions, oddities and museums.

Over the next few months I’m planning on posting photos from the trip and wedding.  I want to do a post for each of the main attractions we saw along with photos from all over Route 66.  I’m kind of excited to get back to blogging!  I felt burned out by it a few months before the trip, but I think maybe I just needed a break from it.


Wedding Day!

Our friend, D.J., performed the wedding ceremony.  The night before the wedding Eric and I went to a local amusement park in PA call Knoebels.  Eight friends who were in town for the wedding went to Knoebels with us and we had such a fun night!  My best friend Aaron and I went on a ride call the Tilt-A-Whirl with D.J.  The ride tilts and whirls you around and around in a circle on an incline.  As we were tilting and whirling around in the dark with bright lights flashing I declared that this was the best bachelorette party ever!  Girls night!…three girls and seven guys.


Grill it!

Most of the food at the wedding was homemade aside from the veggie burgers.  Eric and I took control of the grill and served our wedding guests.  Now we want to buy a grill for our house!  All I can think about are grilled veggie burgers, roasted corn and kabobs with pineapple on them!

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Food, finds and some PA DIY!

I managed to snap a few shots of some of the food I ate while in PA.  In central PA, where I was staying, there aren’t many options for vegans/vegetarians if you want to go out to eat.  Luckily there’s the college town of Lewisburg that has a cafe with two vegan lunch options.  Cherry Alley Cafe used to have some amazing burritos!  Vegan and all!  I was really disappointed to find that they did away with awesome-burrito.  They did have some vegan cookies though.  I used to always get their iced chai tea with soy milk too.  The barista there was actually kind enough to tell me that the chai mix isn’t vegan.  Boo!!  I’m assuming there’s dry milk in it.  Make your own chai mix, Cherry Alley!  Some spices and some grinding and BAM!…chai tea.

My mom did take me to a grocery store to stock up on some avocados, tofu and refried beans though!  I usually live on bean burritos when I travel!


Travel food. Beans, avocado and hot sauce.


Root beer Italian ice! Rita’s is an east coast thing. I miss it!


Cherry Alley does have fun tables. I made that same face when I found out the chai tea mix isn’t vegan.


Tofu wrap!


And a grilled vegetable panini. The so kindly put cheese on this even though I asked for no cheese. They made me another one, but Cherry Alley kind of let me down! The birch beer in the background did not though!


More Italian ice! This time it was lemonade.


My aunt usually makes me something vegan when I’m in Pennsylvania visiting. This time she made me chocolate chip blondies and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing! I DID NOT eat all of that by myself. Although I could have.


After Eric picked me up from the airport we went to Bamboo Garden. We always go to Bamboo Garden after he picks me up or we pick someone up from the airport. It’s a nice little tradition.


Bamboo Garden!


There’s an antique mall/flea market that I love in Lewisburg, PA called, The Street of Shops. I squealed inside when I saw these lamps there! You might remember that I found a similar turtle lamp in a thrift store a few months ago. I wanted to take all of them home, but I knew I couldn’t. I snagged that little dinosaur lamp in the back. I didn’t have room to take him on the plane with me so I packaged him up as well as I could and my sister shipped him back to me. The package should arrive early this week and I’m hoping his little glass back didn’t break!

Remember my turtle lamp?


My dad and I had some time to work on a project for the wedding! I wanted to make some glass Ball jar cups so the wedding guests can take them home with them. I found bright yellow and white straws to put in these guys.


Dad punched a hole in the lid.


And I drilled the hole out! We then fished rubber grommets through the hole that the straws will later be placed in.


We made 36 Ball jar cups in about 45 minutes! Fun PA DIY!

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And they’re off!

Yesterday I mailed out a mailbox full of wedding invitations! Our mailbox was bursting at the seams! I picked out the color of the envelopes. Is that obvious. It was either turquoise or lemon yellow. Dark turquoise with light turquoise dots it is!




We screen printed the actual invitations. You’ll get to see those after they start arriving in the mail. I don’t want to give away the surprise!


I bought huge modern art stamps for the envelopes. They are some of the biggest stamps I’ve seen. Not as big as some international stamps I’ve seen though. Overall US postage stamps are pretty lame compared to the rest of the world.


Modern art love! And just love!

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Yesterday I started to feel not so hot and kind of sick.  By the end of the day I was congested and laying in a crumpled mass on the couch.  Today I’m about the same.  Although I am feeling spacey from the sinus medicine I took a few hours ago.  I was upstairs washing some dishes a few minutes ago and I felt like I was having an out of body experience.  It also felt like it took a really really long time to wash the few dishes I was working on.

On a brighter note today…my boots and dress for the wedding arrived today.  The boot are ok.  Just ok.  The sizing is off and the boots are tight if I wear socks.  I tried them on with stockings and they fit, but I’m not sure if they’re worth keeping if I can’t wear socks with them.  I get cold feet!  Also, the dress.  The dress.  I checked my measurements and I measured the length of the dress compared to my body and I thought it would work.  I mean, the dress looked great on the 6 foot size 2 model so why wouldn’t it fit the same way?  I seriously look like a dumpy ballerina in the dress.  The front of the dress hangs open too far so guests at the wedding would also have a peep show.  The dress does fit, but where the skirt sits on my hips and the way it puffs out…I do look like a dumpy ballerina.  It was actually a depressing mail day.  I think the dress and the boots have to go back.  I even talked to my mom tonight and I didn’t tell her about the dress.  I didn’t want to think about it.  I thought I had one less thing to deal with for the wedding and now I have to start over looking for dresses.  I’ve look at about 30 billion dresses and I think I’ll have to look at 30 billion more before finding something that works.

A good thing did happen today!!  I finished reading my second book of 2013.  Mindy Kaling’s book is soo good!  I feel like I get her.  I bet she would get me.  Mindy!…We should hang out!

P.S. Did you notice that I gave my blog a little facelift?  I’m not quite sure if I’m done fiddling with it, but she looks so fresh!

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary!  Happy wedding day to them!

Ma and Pa!

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Happy wedding day Jeff and Jamie!

Last night our dear friends Jeff and Jamie were married!

The wedding was in Seattle in a quiet neighborhood.

Eric has known Jeff since they were 18ish.

Jamie is always smiling and has a great laugh!

There was lemonade, watermelon and various baked goods.

VEGAN PIIIIEEEE! Strawberry rhubarb and oh so good!

Jeff and Eric! There are many things I like about both Jeff and Jamie. I’ve known Jeff for about 6 years and I must say that one thing I like most about him is that he approves of my choices in shoes and loud patterns. Eric gives me “that look” sometimes and I know that means check yo’self Smartz! Jeff looked down at my feet yesterday and complimented me on my shoes. Thank you Jeff!

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Buck and Abbie get married!

Tonight Eric and I went to a wedding. Our dear friend and co-worker, Buck, was marrying his lovely lady, Abbie.

We signed the bottle of wine. And that big ‘ol slab of wood.

The wedding was outside and I don’t think you could have asked for better weather in May! The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.

This was the first wedding I’ve ever been to for a non-relative.

This is also the first wedding Eric and I have been to together.

There’s Buck!

The gals in the wedding party were gorgeous and the gentlemen in the wedding party were quite dapper.

There’s Abbie!

Buck and Abbie make a cute couple.

I think Buck got a little teary eyed.

Mr. and Mrs.!

Buck brought the bus to the wedding.

I hope Buck and Abbie had a fantastic evening and I with them safe travels on their honeymoon!

I made Juniper take a photo with me.

I bought some fancy boots for the wedding!

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