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We ended 2012 on a wonderful note!

The past two or three years have been quite meh for me. 2011 was the worst. Ever. 2012 made up for that and then some!  We traveled so much.  Camped more than we ever have.  Cooked more, and different, meals at home, and just had a great year together in general.  Yesterday we drove north to Bellingham, WA for a final day of photo taking and food in 2012.  Ok, so we mostly drove an hour north to get a tofu sandwich at the best co-op I’ve ever been to, but we still had fun along the way!


This little turnout is on Chuckanut Drive. The narrow road winds along the sound with fun views of the water. It was along this road that we walked to the beach where we saw the purple starfish earlier this year.


A winter day near Puget Sound.


We pulled over here to snap a photo of something across the road, but we noticed a plaque on the rock.


Dedicated to the memory of Governor Lister by the Ladies Improvement Club of Edison, Washington.


Western Washington University is located in Bellingham, WA. We were there before to check out their sculpture park. Eric found out that they also have an arboretum you can drive through. This canopy of trees greeted us as we started on the drive!


There was a parking lot at the top of the hill. There was also a tunnel and an observation tower. Both sounded like fun so even though it was cold and flurrying and went for the short hike.


I love the moss on the trees in Washington.


The tunnel was originally made for cars!


Made in 1923.


Eric is document the location of the photos he took with his Polaroid Land Camera.


And there’s our observation tower!


The view from the top wasn’t all that spectacular. It was cloudy and foggy, but I’m sure in the summer there’s a much better view!


On our way back to the car we walked through the tunnel. This was the other side. Note the clearance sign at the top of the tunnel.


There’s some of that lush moss I was talking about.


And the reason…one of the reasons…for driving to Bellingham! I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever consumed! I think we need to try to make these at home. They soak their tofu in tamari and ginger. There’s also lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and vegenaise on there. SO GOOD!


The co-op also makes these massive vegan truffles. We bought four of them so we could eat them today too! I found a pretty good recipe for truffles that I want to try very soon!


We drove around the city taking photos for a bit while the sun was out…a rare sighting this time of year! There’s an antique shop that we always stop at in Bellingham too. I found this goofy little wall hanging with a real photo background and two plastic deer with a tree. I loved it so it came home with me.


In Seattle, at midnight on New Years Eve, fireworks are set off from the Space Needle. About 8 minutes worth of fireworks are strapped to the needle and they are synchronised with music. One of the local news stations airs the fireworks so you can actually watch them from the comfort of your own couch. We popped open a bottle of sparking apple-grape cider around 7pm and we were in bed by 9pm. BUT we set our alarms for 11:50pm so we could get up and watch the fireworks. We had our kiss at midnight and promptly went back to our warm bed!

Happy New Year to you!  How did you celebrate the new year?

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Fun Film Friday- week 6


I took this photo with my Polaroid One Step camera using film from The Impossible Project.  I took this photo a few weeks ago while we were in central Washington.  This is in Frenchman Coulee on the Old Vantage Highway.  The coulee is on the right and the road is on the left.  Can you see Eric crossing the road?


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Sun + beaches + cameras = A Fan-Dabby-Dozy day!

Today it was sunny!  It’s a rare sight during the rainy winter months in the Northwest.  We took advantage of this and went for a drive to a few beach parks north of us.  We stopped at Kayak Point Park and a State Park on Camano Island.

The snow geese have arrived!

While driving through Stanwood, WA we spotted a kettle corn stand. We pulled over and dug through the car to find change. I’m really bad at keeping cash on me. Thank goodness for the quarter stash I found in my glove box!

Kayak Point Park.

Kayak Point wasn’t all that exciting so we quickly jetted to Camano Island. Look at that blue sky!

No one was living in this.

I love how barnacles just grow on anything and everything.

Barnacles galore!

Eric went in search of the best skipping rock.

The wind up.

And there it goes! Can you see the little rock in the air?

That’s a double skipper!

Of course since it was sunny we brought an arsenal of cameras with us! I think we both had three cameras with us. This was one of Eric’s Land Camera shots. How was your weekend?

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Fun Film Friday- week 2

This Polaroid Land Camera shot was taken in central Washington this past fall during a huge wildfire.  That’s not a foggy sky…that’s a smoky sky!  This photo was fun because when I was looking at the landscape I could barely see the sun through the smoke.  But in the photo the sun in black.  Pretty fun, huh?

Polaroid Land Camera- FP-100C film

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Seattle Sci-Fi and Music.

Eric and I took the day off of work today to have a fun day in Seattle! We decided to go to the Experience Music Project/Sci-Fi Museum near the Space Needle.

The was an Icons of Science Fiction exhibit at the Sci-Fi portion of the museum. There’s a Dalek from Dr. Who!

There were some interactive parts of the exhibit. This area had some little figurines on sticks and a green screen. There was also a camera that recorded the moves you made with the little figures and showed you what you were doing against a different background. Does that make sense?

I was using the shark looking figure and Eric had the fake Godzilla critter. At the end of our playtime Eric’s figurine jumped on the back of mine and rode off into the starry night sky together.

This little guy was the flying saucer in the 1959 movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

This needs no explanation!

Yoda’s necklace and cane. Eric was excited!

The Captains chair from Star Trek. Trouble With Tribbles as well.

The other exhibit at the Sci-Fi museum was the Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film exhibit.

You had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the exhibit. This was the wallpaper on the walls as you walked down. Super fun!

Jason Voorhees mask and machete from Friday the 13th.

Flying sphere from Phantasm II.

The Alien from Alien! You could see his little mouth in his big mouth too!

The design of the Lure of Horror exhibit was fantastic! There were two wall hangings that looked like this. The one was based around the movie It Conquered the World. Doesn’t it look like parts from a plastic toy that you have to put together?

This was another interactive exhibit. There was a bright light shining against a wall that would somehow give you an alien head…or alien features…when you stepped in front of the light. This is our shadow on the wall.

And on to the Experience Music Project! This is in the same building as the Sci-Fi museum, so you only have to paid admission once to see both museums!

There was a Nirvana exhibit on display. Seattle loves their Nirvana! There’s Kurt Cobain’s sweater! I still want my Kurt Cobain hair.

There’s a hall of guitars that is great to see if you are lucky enough to go to the EMP. The Nirvana display was interesting too because there were Polaroids and other photos that were Kurt’s of him and his band while he was younger. The other exhibit currently on display was, Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket.

The black leather jacket is so iconic that we now make vegan leather jackets to satisfy and need/want of a leather jacket. Right?

Cute girls and jackets.

A few jackets were on display. It was great to see how people would personalize their jackets.

Look at them! I think they’re wonderful! So many studs.

This may have been my favorite jacket. The detail on the jacket is great! The silver studs and paint are fabulous.

And we couldn’t be at the Seattle Center and not say hello to the International Fountain and the Space Needle! Thanks for a great rainy day Seattle!

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An autumn drive through central Washington!

Two tanks of gas, 17 hours of driving and 600 miles.

We left a little before 4am for our day trip to central Washington! Eric drove the first 2 hours of the trip…and I slept for most of that 2 hours!

We planned the trip so that we would begin exploring the areas we plotted out to explore when the sun came up! Here’s Dry Coulee!

The drive through Dry Coulee was on a mostly dirt road. Actually most of the roads we were on yesterday were dirt roads. We seriously put my Toyota Yaris to the test! I’ve taken that thing off roading through sage brush, on beaches and through sandy deserts in central WA!…and we’re not done yet!

Summer Falls State Park. We were the only people there which was rather peaceful! This was actually one of my favorite spots of the day! This was our first time here and I’d love to come back for a picnic in the summer!

Fall is here! In the Seattle area you’re mostly surrounded by pine trees so you don’t really have the fun leaf colors of fall! It was nice to see some yellow and red trees.

Old homestead.

Leaning barn. My camera was pulling out some wonderful blues in the sky!

Just a small broken down town.


We were driving on this old road when a truck came up behind me rather quickly. I’ll pulled over to let him go through. The kind men in the truck stopped…”Are you trackin’, or broken down, or lost?” “Nope…just driving around!”

An old schoolhouse. There are actually quite a few old homesteads, barns and schools in this part of the state. If you’re lucky enough to not be on the interstate you’re bound to see some!

The last golden field of summer.

Down there is the Columbia River.

After driving down that fun road to the Columbia River you had to take a small ferry to get to the other side! The ferry was free and could only haul about 6 cars at a time! How fun is that?!

There were 5 cars on the ferry when we took it. They go back and forth all day transporting cars. It was actually kind of fun to be on such a small ferry.

The water was calm and the sun was shining! We were lucky and had a sunny 70 degree day.

Bo’sn stown.

Columbia River.

There were only two cars waiting to take the ferry to the other side!

We had lunch at a nearby State Park. It was a great idea for us to buy a small camp stove for our travels. It’s nice to actually eat a meal (of Indian food!!) rather than just snack on food throughout the day.

One other couple was at the park with us, but again it was a quiet place to be.

There’s an overlook at the Coulee City Dam. There’s this weird structure there too.

Damn dam.

We drove through Barker Canyon to get to Banks Lake. Banks Lake exists because of the dam.

More fall leaves!

Eric with one of his many film cameras. Note Steamboat rock in the background.

Fun Barker Canyon sign!

And this is Barker Canyon!

We made a friend on the way out of the canyon.

Just munching on some prickly weeds!

That cow was mud bogging!

The desert is quite lovely this time of year! The dry grass is such a great color.

Most of the farm animals  we encounter on these backroads are on open ranges so we get very close to them because they are usually literally right on the road. They always seem to be curious of us and I’m always almost ready to dig some apples out of the snack bag for them.

If you look very closely you can see Eric standing in front of that huge rock!

Yeager rock!

Eric picked a flower for me!

We both take photos with vintage Polaroid Land cameras. Fuji makes film that works in them which is great!…but when you peal the exposed photo away from the negative you have two wet pieces of film that have to dry. This has been a problem until we figured out a solution for ourselves! We huge a line with some paper clips on it over the back seat of the car! This was out first time testing it out and it was a success!

This was probably the worst road we’ve every driven on. We were way far out in the desert when the road suddenly turned to sand. Yaris= ATV.

At the end of the road we were greeted by a better road and Moses Coulee!

You would expect this scenery in Arizona or Utah, but no, we’re in Washington!

Somewhere out there is the ghost town of Spencer. A few years ago Eric, our friend Calder, and an older gentleman that Eric is friends with, and myself hiked out there to find Spencer! We found it along with broken bottles, plates and pieces of an old stove!

And don’t think I’d forget to have at least one photo of our travel mascot!

A lovely old ad on an old barn!

We get dirty and we have a great time doing it! Happy and safe travels!

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Weekend trippin’.

It’s early to bed tonight!  Tomorrow Eric and I plan to be on the road at 4am… yes AM!!…to drive to central Washington for the day.  You might remember that we attempted this a few weeks ago, but had to return home because of wildfires.  They seem to be under control now so we should have a sunny 70 degree day!
We’re armed with a slew of film cameras and my trusty Canon!  This might be the last big sunny trip of the year.  BOO!!  I can’t wait to share the day with you when we return!
Happy weekend to you!  Any big plans?

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The trip that wasn’t.

Yesterday after work Eric and I planned on going camping for the night in central WA. We waved bye to Juniper in the window of the door and hit the road!

The sky around Everett seemed cloudy the past few days, but it wasn’t cloudy. And it wasn’t foggy. It was smoke that was rolling through from some wildfires.

We thought it would be ok to camp where we were going so we just kept on truckin’.

The smoke was noticeably thicker as we neared the Cascade mountains.


This was around 3pm. It was rather freaky to think that it was smoke and not fog as one may assume.

In the town on Wenatchee we did spot this fun restaurant.

I rolled down the windows a few times and it smelled like one giant campfire. I guess that’s what wildfires are really?

We decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea to camp in the smoke, so we would drive a little closer to where we planned on camping. If the smoke was still really thick we would turn around and go camping next weekend.

The smoke did make for some interesting shot with the Polaroid Land camera, which I will share with you in a future post!

The smoke DID clear a little bit, but you still couldn’t see long distances like you usually can in this area of Washington.

Someone has a teepee!

This is a fun old road Eric and I drive on when we’re in this part of WA. We never see other cars on it…which is a good thing because I don’t know if two cars would fit on it at this point!

Long and twisty road.

There’s an old car wreck on this road too. It’s interesting that the car has stayed there all this time!

We made the decision to turn around and head for home. The smoke would still be there the next day and it just wouldn’t be as enjoyable as camping on a day without smoke.

200 miles there…

and 200 miles back! What a day! We worked for 8 hours and then drove for 8 hours! I guess that’s how we like to travel though.

After the defeat of yesterday, we thought we should go to Seattle for some sun and vegan Thai food at Araya’s!

We also bought some goods from Wild Prairie Bakery in Ballard! Chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting!

And since my ass isn’t big enough I came home with this!  Happy Saturday indeed!

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Day trip to Frenchman Coulee and Taunton- part 2

After some fun at the gem shop we finally made it to Frenchman Coulee! We found this waterfall which you can also see from the other side of the coulee.

And this is the view we had of the coulee!

Our jackalope mascot, Roama (also known as Timber Rattler), ventured to the coulee with us.

More lovely desert flowers.

So dainty!

Wonderful yellows!

And look at those deep purples!

These might be my favorite desert flowers.

When traveling you should always take a roll of toilet paper with you! I discovered a sad porta-potty without toilet paper and I was super happy to have this guy with me!

There are sand dunes in the coulee. You can see them in the distance. The hike back to the sand dunes was roughly one mile. We gathered up our cameras and water and got walkin'!

There was a rough path going to the sand dunes and trails leading to places where climbers like to go.

More dainty flowers.

Flowers and sage brush.

These are rather pretty.

Sage brush as far as you can see!

This was looking back towards the car. You can see a tiny speck in the distance that is the car.

Happy hikers!

And there are the sand dunes!

That is much steeper than it looks!

The sand dunes are way bigger than they appear from the road. Eric went hiking towards two other dunes in the area.

I brought my Polaroid camera with me to take some desert shots.

We had gorgeous weather for this trip!

I decided to hike to the top of the dune.

It was a steep hike! I was huffing and sweating when I made it to the top.

Steep! Get movin' legs!

View from the top!

I sat down for a rest on the top of the sand dune.

Sandy ripples.

We noticed this line of greyish dirt along the trail. Can you guess what it is?

It's Mt. St. Helen's ash!!

After leaving the coulee we ventured to the town of Taunton.

We traveled on a very small back road with open ranges. We didn't pass another car the whole time, but we did pass a mama cow and her baby!

Baby stood up and stretched.

Baby was also kind of suspicious of us. Little baby decided to hide behind mama.

And this is Taunton! There was never a town here, but there was a substation for the railroad.

Here's the substation.

It's been abandoned for quite some time.

The substation is in rather bad condition.

It's pretty trashed inside.

Eric and I love investigating old buildings!

Why not?

Chop shop?

These stairs lead to the lower level of the substation. That stuff along the wall is bird droppings! It was rather smelly and dirty so we opted to not go downstairs.

Best wishes to you substation!

People had carved their names into the side of the hill behind the substation. I used a pocket knife and did the same!

Thanks for following along with us! We had a great trip with great weather and photos! We're already planning for our next day trip! See you on the road!

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Day trip to Frenchman Coulee and Taunton- part 1

Yesterday Eric and I went on our first day trip to central Washington this year! I love the Washington desert! I took about 230 photos and I’ve whittled it down to 125 or so to share with you. I’m going to split our day into two separate blog entries so you’re not overwhelmed with photos! Also, Eric and I have a travel blog called Hey I’m Over Here. Click the link to visit our travel blog for even more fun and photos from our trip. We have a Facebook page for our travel blog too! Feel free to like us to stay up to date on our adventures!

We headed east on I-90 through Snoqualmie Pass. As you can see they still have a ton of snow in the pass. And that snow isn't piled up snow from plowing...that's just normal snow fall that hasn't melted!

These are ski cabins for rich people. I bet they don't dig themselves out.

In Easton, Washington we spotted this guy. Eric's a train guy so we stopped for some photos.

We were even able to walk inside of the train car!

This was also in Easton.

Roslyn, Washington. This is where Northern Exposure was filmed!

Roslyn had some fun murals. I think this one looks like Ron Swanson from the show Parks and Rec!

Marlon Brando.

Back on the road we spotted some windmills. Over the past few years Washington has been installing more and more of these in the central part of the state.

We were chasing down this train to snap a shot of it with Eric's Holga camera. A stop sign in the middle of nowhere made us abort the operation.

More windmills. There was a visitors center for the Wild Horse Wind Farm. Apparently that's what they're calling the windmills. We stopped by to check it out though.

These things are huge!

The drive to the visitors center was three miles out of the way, but we've driven longer distances to see less exciting things!


In the distance to the right you can see Mt. Rainier. And in the distance to the left you can see a tiny bit of Mt. St. Helens!

Mt. Rainier.

Mt. St. Helens!

It was warm and sunny and windy on the top of the hill.

Hedgehog cactus! See them there in the middle of those rocks?

Look how big the propellers are! Scary big I might say!

We brought Mighty O donuts along with us on the trip! It was donut time after we got back to the car from the visitors center.

Here's the Columbia River! There used to be a ferry here so you could cross the river. That was many many moons ago and now there's a big fancy bridge to take you to the other side.

This is looking down the Columbia. The fancy bridge is way off in the distance.

Old ferry waiting lines.

We drove a short distance to a higher elevation, but in the same area, to go to the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. Those chunks on the ground are actually petrified wood!

Petrified wood and desert flowers.

Looking up the Columbia again. Those trees at the bottom left is where the ferry used to pick up the cars.

We had petrified wood here AND petroglyphs!

These are not their original location though.

These were originally a few miles north of here.

Someone decided to build a dam and if these were still in their original location they would currently be under water. Dams are destructive.

These are just awesome!

More chunks of petrified wood.

The Ginkgo Gem Shop is right beside the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. They have a store, but behind the store they have a bunch of rocks and petrified wood that you can sort through and buy!

Petrified wood! We have a piece of petrified birch wood we bought a few years ago.

And of course the gem shop has some dinosaurs in front of their building!

Dinosaur friends!

A lovely day, no?

Come back for part 2 tomorrow!

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